Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
State: North Carolina
Type of Contract: Awards
Type of Government: Federal
  • 63 - Alarm, Signal, and Detection Systems
Posted: Sep 21, 2017
Solicitation No: SPE4A617X0804
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Award Number: SPE4A6-17-D-6883
Award Dollar Amount:
Contract Awardee:
Solicitation Number :
Notice Type :
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
J&A Statutory Authority :
FAR 6.302-1(c) - Brand name
Contract Award Date :
September 20, 2017
Contract Award Number :
Synopsis :
Added: Jul 17, 2017 9:06 am

This agency proposes to issue letter solicitation SPE4A6-17-X-0804 for a five year long-term strategic contract for a new Long Term Contract initiative which includes the following NSNs:

CLIN 0001 - 6340-01-020-4191 - 19F, EAGLE F-15 AIRCRAFT, SENSING ELEMENT

CLIN 0002 - 6340-01-435-0755 - 06F, HERCULES C-130 AIRCRAFT, SENSING ELEMENT

CLIN 0003 - 6340-01-505-1819 -17N, HAWKEYE E-2C AIRCRAFT, SENSING ELEMENT

Three NSNs are targeted for this multi LTC initiative for solicitation SPE4A6-17-X-0804. It is anticipated that the following part numbers will be requested for pricing for the initial contract award as cited below:

Northrop Grumman (CAGE 26512), part number 160C955920-33 and .Kidde Technologies (CAGE 73168), part number 35534-2-400 for CLIN 0001

Simmonds Precision Products, Inc (CAGE 89305), part number 058095-6 and Kidde Technologies, (CAGE 73168), part number 35830-211-310 for CLIN 0002

Northrop Grumman (CAGE 26512), part number 35620-2-575 and .Kidde Technologies (CAGE 73168), part number 35620-2-575 for CLIN 0003

The proposed action is intended to be awarded as Unrestricted, Other Than Full & Open Competition. The award effort for this acquisition for these NSNs have been awarded for prior Long Term Contracts and transactional awards.

The proposed contract will be for a total of three years of performance to include a base year and two option periods. Letters expressing interest in subcontracting provided to the contracting officer will be forwarded to the identified OEM. This solicitation is proposed to be IAW FAR PART 13.5 for commercial acquisitions. The proposed contract will be an Indefinite Delivery Purchase Order (IDPO). The NSNs cited above have been identified for this current action for the initial effort. If other NSNs are subsequently added, as defined by the terms of the contract, they will be synopsized separately.

This will be a sole source awarded contract provided no alternate offers are approved for this item. Best value selection methods will be used only if other sources are approved. The Government will award a single award contract for this action. The solicitation will be posted on Federal Business Opportunity (FBO) on July 17, 2017 as a Combined Synopsis. No Surge applies. The issue date will be July 17, 2017 and the closing date is July 31, 2017.

These items are identified with Federal Supply Class of 6340 for Alarm, Signal & Security Detection Equipment, NAICS- 334290

CLIN 0001 - 6340-01-020-4191 - Estimated Annual Quantity (EAD) 40, Delivery - 53 Days ARO

CLIN 0002 - 6340-01-435-0755 - EAD QTY - 10, Delivery - 81 Days ARO

CLIN 0003 - 6340-01-505-1819- 280 EAD QTY 40, Delivery - 96 Days ARO


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Solicitation 1
Posted Date:
September 20, 2017
Description: Posting J & A for solicitation SPE4A6-17-X-0804 and purchase order SPE4A6-17-D-6883
Contracting Office Address :
8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, Virginia 23297-5000
United States
Place of Performance :
WILSON, North Carolina 27896-8630
United States
Primary Point of Contact. :
LaCountess D. Coleman,
Acquisition Specialist
Phone: (804)279-5922
Fax: (804)279-2051
Secondary Point of Contact :
Arla Allen,
Contracting Officer
Phone: (804)279-6133
Fax: (804)279-6172

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