Medical Linen Services

Agency: Department of the Air Force
State: California
Type of Government: Federal
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Posted: Jan 11, 2018
Due: Jan 22, 2018
Solicitation No: FA9301-18-Q-0005
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    Jan 10, 2018
    4:04 pm
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
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Added: Jan 10, 2018 4:04 pm
See attached PWS and Wage Determination for details.

This acquisition is a 100% Small Business Set-Aside.

Solicitation number: FA9301-18-Q-0005

This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. This is a request for quotes (RFQ). This solicitation also uses the simplified acquisition procedures contained in FAR Part 13. All responsible sources may submit a firm-fixed price (FFP) quote which shall be considered by the agency.

The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2005-96 and DFARs Change Notice (DPN) 20171228, AFFARS (AFAC) 2017-1003. The Government intends to award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer is the lowest priced, technically acceptable. NAICS is 812320 with a Small Business size standard of $5.5 million dollars. FSC/SVC code is S209.

AFTC/PZIOA, Edwards AFB, CA is seeking Medical Linen Services for the next 4 years. This is the request for quotation (RFQ). Award will be made to the lowest price, technically acceptable offer. This is an "All or None" acquisition; incomplete quotes will not be considered.



1.1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. The Contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, transportation, and supplies, except as specified herein as government-furnished , to provide laundry service, including pickup and delivery at Edwards AFB, 412th Medical Group for the items listed in Appendix B, "Identification, Standard Packaging and Method of Finish." Performance shall be in accordance with the scope of this Performance Work Statement (PWS) and other specifications or provisions of the contract. Pick-up and delivery points are listed in paragraph 2.2.


1.2.1. PICK UP AND DELIVER Y. The Contractor shall pick up soiled laundry and deliver clean laundry. Paragraph 2.2. specifies the times and places for pickup and delivery. The Contractor shall package laundry for delivery as indicated in Appendix B.

1.2.2. UNSERV ICEABLE ARTICLES. The Contractor shall return all unserviceable, torn, stained and non-repairable articles in a separately marked bundle to the Military Treatment Facility (MTF), after laundering the articles.

1.2.3. STATE OR LOCAL DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH REQUIREMENTS. Compliance with all certifications or labeling requirement s, arising from state or local Department of Health regulations, is the responsibility of the Contractor. Facilities must be inspected by Joint Commission Accredited Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) or Accreditation Association for ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) for compliance with healthcare regulations pertaining to laundry operations. Soiled Linen Collection. Personnel who have contact with soiled laundry should wear gloves. Other appropriate PPE is based on the exposure of the worker s skin and clothing.

l.1.3.3 Handle soiled linen as minimally as possible.

l.1.3.4 To prevent microbial contamination of the environment and personnel, all soiled linen is handled in the same manner with no separation of wet soiled, dry soiled or isolation linen. Soiled linen is placed in linen bags on a rolling hamper at the point of use in MTF, not hand carried by personnel down the corridors to the hamper. MTF housekeeping personnel will ensure bags will not be more than 2/3 full. Full linen bags will be closed and placed in a designated collection place for transport by contractor. Once closed, soiled linen bags are not opened except by contract laundry personnel at the laundry facility. General linens sent to and received from contractor may be estimated on the basis of weight rather than item count. MTF issued personal retention clothing items will be ticketed separately (by item) and received back in the same manner for certification purposes. If any linen or laundry item is missing from a delivery, the contractor shall, on the same day the shortage occurs, issue an IOU (shortage) ticket to be redeemed by the end of the next regularly scheduled delivery. All accountable items not delivered within three (3) days from the original scheduled delivery date will be considered as lost. The contractor shall reimburse the Government or individual owner the replacement cost of the item or $50.00, whichever is less. The contractor is responsible for all lost or damages to Government property in their possession. The contractor shall establish claims procedures, post these procedures, and/or print the procedures on the back of the customer's copy of the laundry ticket. The contractor shall be responsible for loading & unloading all laundry and linen items

1.1.4. VEHICLE INTERIOR. Soiled items and clean items shall not be transported in the same vehicle at the same time. All clean items are to be protected from contamination and soiling during transit to the MTF. After transporting dirty/soiled and contaminated laundry, the vehicle interior shall be cleaned and sanitized before loading the clean articles. Use separate delivery carts for exchange of clean and soiled linens. Clearly identify these carts for this purpose and never interchange them.

1.1.5. WORKMANSHIP AND SANITATION. Delivered finished articles shall conform to the generally accepted industry standard s of quality of cleanliness, finish, and appearance. All work performed shall be done under sanitary conditions. The items shall be free of all visible dirt, debris, dampness, odor, mildew, cleaning chemical residue, and has uniform appearance, not only in the sense of being free from soil and stains, but also free from bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, including pathogens or disease-producing organisms. Towels (white & white with blue stripe) will be bleached to maintain whiteness in appearance. All Chemicals used to clean linen must be in compliance with regulatory guidance.

1.1.6. REPERFORMANCE OF LAUNDERING. Any items found to not meet the requirements of paragraph 1.1.5. shall be re-cleaned at no additional cost to the Government. Such items (found by the MTF personnel as packages are opened) will be identified by the Government to the Contractor's representative at the next scheduled pick up after the unsatisfactory condition is discovered. After they are re-cleaned, the Contractor shall pack these items separately and identify by marking "Attention MTF Representative".

1.1.7. PACKAGING. Packaging of sized items will be bundled with same sizes only. The packaging will be as indicated in Appendix B. The packaging will be double wrapped, to prevent opening at time of delivery.

1.1.8. CONTAMINATED LAUNDRY. Contaminated laundry will be provided to the Contractor in easily identifiable bags. The Contractor is responsible for properly handling "soiled linen". Note: All soiled linen will be considered "contaminated" and handled appropriately.


Perform a n c e Objecti v e

PWS Para.

Performance Threshold

Pick up so iled l aundry / linen


100% Items cleaned in not to exceed 48 hours

Clean soiled laundry / line n


No more than (2) valid customer complaints per month

Maintain count on linen items picked upped and delivered

By weight for general linens

Maintain count on linen items picked upped and delivered

100% accounting of personal retention clothing items

Laundry is delivered free of all visible dirt, debris, dampness, odor, mildew, cleaning chemical residue, and has uniform appearance.


100% of t h e ti me

Laundry is properly packaged


100% of the time

2.1. UNPLANNED INTERRUPTIONS TO SERVICE. In the event of Labor Strike or interruption of service, 4 l 2th Medical Group will be given highest priority for service.

2.2. PICKUP AND DELIVERY SCHEDULE. All pickup and deliveries shall be accomplished between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. but no later than 9:30. (Pacific Standard Time). All items will be dropped off or picked up at the 412th Medical Group, Building 5525, and Main clinical area. Pick-up and delivery will be performed on Monday & Thursday. EXCEPTION: pick-up or deliveries shall not occur on recognized holidays as described in paragraph 2.3, but on the following work day.

2.3. RECOGNIZED HOLIDAYS. The Contractor is not required to provide service on Federal Holidays (except in emergency situations) the holidays are:

? New Year's Day - 1 January

? Martin Luther King Day - 3rd Monday in January

? President's Day - 3rd Monday in February

? Memorial Day - last Monday in May

? Independence Day - 4 July

? Labor Day - 1st Monday in September

? Columbus Day -2nd Monday in October

? Veteran's Day - 11 November

? Thanksgiving Day - 4th Thursday in November

? Christmas Day - 25 December

Note: If these holidays fall on Saturday, the preceding Friday will be observed. If these holidays fall on Sunday, the following Monday will be observed. The Department of Labor Wage Determination shall prevail over the listed dates. If a holiday falls on a scheduled pick¡©up/delivery day, the Contractor shall be responsible for rescheduling pick-up/delivery for the first day available in accordance with the schedule in paragraph 3.1 following the holiday observance.

2.4. ESTIMATED TOTAL ANNUAL WEIGHT PER YEAR. Estimated total annual weight per year is 20,000 pounds. Price is to include pickup and delivery.


3.1. EQUIPMENT. The Government shall provide a scale for weighing laundry. A phone will be available for local emergency calls. Plastic bags will be provided for contaminated items.

3.2. CONTRACTOR FURNISHED ITEMS AND SERVICES. Except for those items or services specifically stated above to be Government-furnished, the Contractor shall furnish: all personnel, management, a delivery vehicle or means of transportation, all packaging and marking material, delivery tickets, applicable licenses/permits necessary to clean linen, and a facility equipped and ventilated so as to prevent dissemination of contaminants. The ventilation system should include adequate intake filtration, exchange rate, and exhaust in accordance with local, state, and federal requirements. The Contractor's facility shall be subject to inspection of sanitary conditions at any time by an authorized representative of the Government.


4.2. EDWARDS AFB PASS/DOCUMENTATION. The Contractor shall be required to apply for and obtain vehicle and/or individual identification media at the 412th Edwards AFB Pass and Registration Section. The Contractor is responsible for accountability of all such media. The media shall be retrieved by the contractor and surrendered to the Pass and Registration Section within 24 hours, upon completion and/or termination of an individual's employment for the Contractor. The loss of any media and items shall be reported as soon thereafter as possible to the issuing activity and the MTF point of contact, not exceeding 24 hours.

4.3. EDWARDS AFB ACCESS. The Contractor shall comply with all 412th Edwards AFB and Air Force policies regarding entry to the installation, rules of the road, compliance during contingency operation and photography prohibition. Contractors are authorized entry to the installation for the purpose of work under this contract only and are not authorized in other facilities or areas without prior Government authorization. The Contractor shall be responsible for scheduling escorts by contact the facility manager/requestor of the restricted/controlled area and safeguarding all Government property, including any keys issued.

4.4. Due to safety/security requirements, Contractor personnel working in 4 l 2th Medical Group compound areas shall be required to read, write, speak and understanding English.

4.5. Contractor personnel may be turned away from entering the base, at no cost to the contractor, due to security reasons beyond the Government's control. The contractor is not authorized to enter any controlled/restricted areas.


5.2. QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN. The Contractor shall establish, maintain and enforce a complete quality control program to assure the requirements of the contract are completed as specified and will provide one copy of the program to the Contracting Officer and one copy to the MTF representative no later than the start of the period of performance. In addition, an updated copy must be provided to the Contracting Officer and MTF representative as changes occur. The plan shall include procedures to implement all requirements of the contract which will include process controls of the laundering processes, along with the following:

5.2.1. INSPECTION STANDARD. An inspection system covering all the services required by this contract which must specify the areas to be inspected on either a scheduled or unscheduled basis, how often inspection will be accomplished and documented , and the title of the individual(s) who will perform the inspection.

5.2.2. PERFORMANCE STANDARD. The methods of identifying and preventing defects in the quality of service performed before the level of performance becomes unacceptable. This will include procedures for a method of inspection to assure proper temperatures, bleaches, bluing, chemical rinse, (sour) detergents and other additives are adhered to.

5.2.3. DOCUMENTATION. Records of all inspections conducted by the Contractor and necessary corrective action(s) taken. This documentation shall be made available to the MTF representative or Contracting Officer during the term of the contract.

5.2.4. QUALITY ASSURANCE. The Government will evaluate the Contractor's performance in accordance with the "Inspection of Services" clause. The MTF representative will reject, to the Contractor, individual deliveries of laundry. The Contractor will sort the lot to remove defectives, as necessary, and then represent the lot as a new lot to the MTF representative for inspection.

5.2.5. The Government reserves the right to inspect the contractor's facility and observe in¡© process work to assure performance is in accordance with contract requirements.

5.2.6. PERFORMANCE EVAULATION MEETINGS. The Contractor 's project manager may be required to meet with the MTF representative and the Contracting Officer, as necessary, during the performance of the contract. However, if the Contractor requests, a meeting may be held whenever written notice of a contract discrepancy or a customer complaint is received. The written minutes of these meetings shall be signed by the Contractor's project manager, Contracting Officer, and the MTF representative. Should the Contractor not concur with the minutes, the Contractor shall state, in writing, any areas of non-concurrence to the Contracting Officer within 10 calendar days of receipt of the signed minutes.

5.2.7. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. The contractor shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and standards that are or may become applicable to contractor's activities in performance of this PWS.


As used throughout this Performance Work Statement the following terms shall have the meaning set forth below:

GOVERNMENT QUALITY ASSURANCE. Those actions taken by the Government to assure services meet the requirements of the PWS and to contract clauses relating to quality and performance.


Government employee responsible for surveillance of contractor performance.

CONTRACTOR QUALITY CONTROL/ASSURANCE. The actions taken by a contractor to control the production of services to meet the requirements of the PWS.

LAUNDERING. The process by which soiled fabric items are cleaned and treated. The term includes cleaning by mechanical action in appropriate temperature water with solutions of detergents and other additives. These additives include repellent treating, bleaching, bluing, rinsing, chemical rinse (sour, fabric softener, and any other agent for controlling the growth of microorganisms, such as molds and bacteria), starching, ironing, and pressing. The appropriate products and procedures are to be determined by the contractor for the various types of fabric and nature of soil.

CLEAN. Finished articles are dry and free from visible soil, lint, and objectionable odors. Spots and stains are removed without damaging the fabric and have been treated.

UNSERVICEABLE ARTICLES. Those articles no longer usable for the purpose intended.

REPAIRABLE ITEMS. Those articles with minor rips, tears (less than four inches), open seams, holes, missing button s, and broken zippers.

MEDICAL TREATMENT FACILITY (MTF). Those activities providing outpatient and/or inpatient health care services for authorized personnel.

CONTAMINATED LINENS. All linen originating from the MTF will be considered contaminated for handling purposes.

Clauses and Provisions

































All quotes are to be sent via email to or mailed to AFTC/PZIOA, 5 South Wolfe Ave., Edwards AFB, CA 93524-1185, Attention: Jenna A. Jacobson. The phone number is 661-277-2094. Responses are due into the office no later than Monday, 22 JAN 2018 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

Jenna Jacobson

Contract Specialist

5 South Wolfe Avenue

Edwards AFB, CA 93524


Late submissions will not be accepted.

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