Enfield Armory Kitchen and Latrine Renovation Enfield Armory Location: 1635 King Street, Enfield, CT

Agency: State Government of Connecticut
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Posted: May 10, 2019
Due: Jun 19, 2019
Solicitation No: BI-Q-672C
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Organization Administrative Services, Construction Services
Project/Solicitation # BI-Q-672C / 1913BIQ672C
Solicitation Type Invitation to Bid
Due Date 06/19/2019
Includes SBE/MBE Requirements YES
Qualified Partnership NO
Summary Enfield Armory Kitchen and Latrine Renovation Enfield Armory
Cost Estimate $1,540,102. - $1,621,159.
Sq Ft
Location 1635 King Street, Enfield, CT
Project Contact
Contact Name Mellanee Walton
E-Mail mellanee.walton@ct.gov
Phone (860) 713-5794
FAX (959) 200-4899
WebSite http://portal.ct.gov/DAS/Services/Doing-Business-with-the-State/State-Building-Construction
Additional Description

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Advertisement No.:
Section 00 11 16
Invitation To Bid
Page 1 of 4
Advertisement Date: May 10, 2019
Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Construction Services (CS)
Office of Legal Affairs, Policy and Procurement
450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 1302, Hartford, CT 06103-1835
Find Invitations to Bid
on the State
Contracting Portal:
Go to the DAS website www.ct.gov/das
Click on “State Contracting Portal”;
Select “Administrative Services, Construction Services”;
Select the appropriate Invitation to Bid.
Instructions for
On-Line Bidding:
Follow the instructions in 6001 Construction On-line Bidding Instructions.
For questions, call 860-713-5794.
Date and Time of
Bid Opening:
Time: 1:00 PM
This Invitation to Bid is for the following Project:
Construction Costs: Greater Than $500,000
Bidding Limited To: Contractors Prequalified by DAS for General Building Construction (Group A)
Threshold Limits: This Project DOES NOT exceed Threshold Limits.
(C.G.S. §29-276b)
Project Title: Enfield Armory Kitchen and Latrine Renovation
Project Location: 1635 King Street
Enfield, CT
Project Number: BI-Q-672C
Project Description: Interior renovations to include a new kitchen and latrine facilities
Work Includes But Is Not
Limited To The Following:
Cast-place-concrete, masonry, miscellaneous metals, rough carpentry, arch. woodwork,
insulation, roofing and sheet metal, fire stopping, joint sealing, doors, frames and hardware
drywall, ceilings and painting, visual display boards, toilet compartments and lockers,
plumbing, fire protection and HVAC, electrical and fire alarm systems, foodservice equipment
Date DAS Began Planning
Special Requirements: N/A
Cost Estimate Range: $ 1,540,102.
To $ 1,621,159.
Date Plans & Specs Ready: May 15, 2019
Plans and Specs Download: Plans and Specs are available for electronic download on the DAS State Contracting Portal.
CT DAS 5000 (Rev. 02.01.19)
Advertisement No.:
Section 00 11 16
Invitation To Bid
Page 2 of 4
Advertisement Date: May 10, 2019
Invitation to Bid (continued)
Contract Time Allowed: Calendar Days: 300
Liquidated Damages: $ 515.00
Per Calendar Day Beyond Substantial Completion.
$ 448.00
Per Calendar Day Beyond 90 days After Substantial Completion
Pre-Bid Meeting Date: May 24, 2019
Bidders are strongly encouraged to attend the Pre-Bid Meeting.
Bidders are required to attend a MANDATORY Pre-Bid Meeting.
Pre-Bid Meeting Time: 10:00
Pre-Bid Meeting Location: 1635 King Street, Enfield, CT – Enfield Armory
Pre-Bid Meeting Contact: DAS/CS Project Manager: Ronald Wilfinger
Phone No.: 860.713.5648
Pre-Bid Meeting Registration:
At the Pre-Bid Meeting, all prospective bidders shall sign his or her name on the
official roster and list the name and address of the company he or she represents.
For MANDATORY Pre-Bid Meetings, this shall be done no later than the designated
start time of the Pre-Bid Meeting. No attendee will be allowed to register after the
advertised start time. Bids submitted by contractors who have not properly
registered and attended the MANDATORY Pre-Bid Meeting shall be rejected as
non-responsive. See Section 00 25 13 Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda for additional
Subcontractor and/or Supplier Small
Business Enterprise (SBE) &
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
Set-Aside Requirements:
Bid Proposal Submission and
Other Bid Submittal Requirements:
Bid Upload and Bid Opening:
Bid Results:
See 00 41 00 Bid Proposal Form
See Sections 00 21 13 Instructions to Bidders, 00 41 00 Bid Proposal Form, and
00 41 10 Bid Package Submittal Requirements for Bid Proposal submission
requirements, including requirements for Affidavits, Certifications, Addenda, Pre-Bid
Equals and Substitution Requests, and other bidding documents.
Bids can be uploaded and edited electronically in BizNet UNTIL 1:00 p.m. on the
Bid Opening Date and thereafter shall be locked down and publicly opened in the
State Contracting Portal.
Within approximately two (2) days after the Bid Opening Date, the Bid Results will
be posted on the State Contracting Portal.
Guide to the Code of Ethics For
Current or Potential State
Contractors (for contracts greater
than $500,000):
Anyone seeking a contract with a value of more than $500,000 shall electronically
download the “Guide to the Code of Ethics For Current or Potential State
Contractors” from the of Office of State Ethics (OSE) website www.ct.gov/ethics,
then click on the “Publications” link:
Prevailing Wage Rates:
Prevailing wages are required on this project, in accordance with the schedule
provided in the bid documents, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.)
Section 31-53 (a) through (h), as amended.
Each contractor who is awarded a contract on or after October 1, 2002 shall be
subject to provisions of C.G.S. § 31-55a concerning annual adjustments to prevailing
Wage Rates will be posted each July 1st on the Department of Labor
website www.ctdol.state.ct.us. Such prevailing wage adjustment shall not be
considered a matter for any contract amendment.
To access Executive Orders: Go to www.ct.gov > Governor Ned Lamont > Executive Orders.
CT DAS 5000 (Rev. 02.01.19)
Advertisement No.:
Section 00 11 16
Invitation To Bid
Page 3 of 4
Advertisement Date: May 10, 2019
Invitation to Bid (continued)
Many Division 00 and Division 01 documents have been updated. Read all of the contents of the Project Manual
All Contractors are cautioned that any modifications or alterations made to either the Project Manual or any of
the forms and documents contained herein may be just cause to reject the bid!
See Section 01 50 00 Temporary Facilities and Controls.
For all DAS/CS construction projects disturbing one or more total acres of land area on a site regardless of
project phasing, the Architect/Engineer shall be responsible for filing a Department of Energy and Environmental
Protection (DEEP) General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater and Dewatering Wastewaters from
Construction Activities (DEEP-WPED-GP-015) registration and Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (SPCP)
through the online DEEP ezFile Portal prior to bidding.
Once the Contractor is under contract with DAS/CS, and prior to the commencement of any construction
activities, the Contractor (and all other contractors and subcontractors listed on the SPCP) shall assume
responsibility for storm water pollution control and conform to the general permit obligations and requirements by
signing the SPCP “Contractor Certification Statement” and License Transfer Form as directed by the
At completion of the project, the Contractor shall file a Notice of Termination (DEP-PED-NOT-015) with the DEEP
in order to terminate the Construction Stormwater General Permit. A project shall only be considered complete
after all post-construction measures are installed, cleaned, and functioning and the site has been stabilized for
at least three (3) months following the cessation of construction activities.
See Section 00 21 13 Instructions to Bidders (Subsection 3.13) and Section 01 11 00 Summary of Work
(Subsection 1.11).
For compliance with C.G.S. § 4b-95 and 49-41, DAS/CS requires every Contractor (and its Subcontractors) who
has been awarded a DAS/CS construction contract to log on to the State of Connecticut web-based platform,
BizNet, each month and enter payments they have received from the state, from the Contractor, or from a
higher tier Subcontractor (as applicable).
The process is described as follows: The state will pay the Contractor on a monthly basis for work performed
(and purchases made) by it and its Subcontractors. The Contractor will input the payment date and amount they
receive from the state on a monthly basis. The Contractor’s first-level Subcontractor (Tier 1 Subcontractor) will
input the payment they receive from the Contractor. The second-level Subcontractor (Tier 2 Subcontractor) will
input the payment they receive from the Tier 1 Subcontractor. And so on.
Contractors awarded a DAS/CS construction contract shall contain a provision in their subcontract
agreements requiring their Subcontractors to enter payment receipt from the Contractor in the State of
Connecticut web-based platform, BizNet, for work performed or purchases made in relation to state projects.
Detailed instructions can be found in the DAS/CS publication, “6002 Instructions to
Contractors/Subcontractors for Entering Payments in BizNet”, available for download by going to the DAS
Homepage (www.ct.gov/DAS) and selecting Doing Business With The State > State Building Construction >
Publications and Forms > DAS Construction Services Library > 6000 Series.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Commissioner of the CT Department of Administrative Services reserves the right to do any of the
following without liability, including but not limited to: (a) waive technical defects in the bid proposal as he or she deems best for
the interest of the State; (b) negotiate with a contractor in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 4b-91; (c)
reject any or all bids; (d) cancel the award or execution of any contract prior to the issuance of the “Notice To Proceed”; and (e)
advertise for new bids.
CT DAS 5000 (Rev. 02.01.19)
Advertisement No.:
Section 00 11 16
Invitation To Bid
Page 4 of 4
Advertisement Date: May 10, 2019
Invitation to Bid (continued)
All Project Questions, Bid Questions, and Pre-Bid Equals and Substitution Requests must be submitted
fourteen (14) Calendar Days prior to the Bid Due Date.
All Project Questions and Pre-Bid Equals and Substitution Requests must be emailed (not phoned) to the
Architect/Engineer with a copy to the Construction Administrator and the DAS/CS Project Manager listed below.
Architect/Engineer: ID3A, LLC
Email: sdemko@id3architecture.com
Construction Administrator: Ronald Wilfinger
Email: Ronald.Wilfinger@ct.gov
DAS/CS Project Manager: Ronald Wilfinger
Email: Ronald.Wilfinger@ct.gov
All Bid Questions must be emailed to the DAS/CS Associate Fiscal Administrative Officer listed below.
DAS/CS Associate Fiscal
Administrative Officer:
Mellanee Walton
Email: Mellanee.Walton@ct.gov
CT DAS 5000 (Rev. 02.01.19)
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