Request for Proposal for Independent Third Party Code Reviewer

Agency: State Government of Connecticut
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Posted: Sep 19, 2018
Due: Oct 4, 2018
Solicitation No: 1819-020
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Organization South Windsor Board of Education
Project/Solicitation # 1819-020
Solicitation Type Request for Proposal
Due Date 10/04/2018
Set-Aside NO
Qualified Partnership NO
Summary Request for Proposal for Independent Third Party Code Reviewer
Contact Name Chuck Warrington
Phone (860) 335-0055
Additional Description SOUTH WINDSOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS RFQ No. 1819-020 ITEM: Request for Proposals for Independent Third Party Code Reviewer of the new Eli Terry and Philip R. Smith Elementary Schools. The South Windsor Public Building Commission advertises Requests for Proposals (RFP) for Third Party Code Review of the new Eli Terry and Philip R. Smith Elementary Schools. The schools will be approximately 64,000 square feet and 56,000 square feet, respectively with a Total Project Budget of $69.9 million and a Total Construction Budget of $56.2 million combined. The RFP will be available at noon on September 19, 2018 on the South Windsor Public Schools website as well as the Connecticut Department of Administration contracting portal. Proposals are be due no later than 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 4, 2018. All inquiries may be submitted in writing to Charles Warrington of Colliers International at

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Eli Terry Elementary School
Philip R. Smith Elementary School
South Windsor Public Schools
Request for Proposal for Independent Third Party Code Reviewer
RFP No. 1819-020
September 19, 2018
Proposals are Due no later than October 4, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.
I. Project Description
The Town of South Windsor, acting through its Public Building Commission (PBC), welcomes qualified
firms to submit proposals for Independent Third Party Code Reviewer (“Reviewer”) for the new Eli Terry
and Philip R. Smith Elementary School projects. These projects are phase 2 of a three-phase
elementary school master plan adopted by the South Windsor Board of Education.
The Eli Terry Elementary School will be a new single story, 63,750 square feet structure. The project will
also include an add alternate to add two additional classrooms and associated corridor space estimated
to be approximately 2,400 square feet (see highlighted area on Exhibit E.) The structure will be
constructed of structural steel framing system supported by concrete spread footings and wall strip
footings. The exterior wall system consist of an exterior masonry façade backed by a sheathed cold-form
metal framing system and aluminum framed windows, curtainwalls and storefront systems. The roof will
consist of both PVC sloped roofs and EPDM flat roofing systems.
The Philip R. Smith Elementary School will be a partial single-story and partial two-story, 55,660 square
foot structure. The project will also include an add alternate to add three additional classrooms and
associated corridor space estimated to be approximately 4,200 square feet (see highlighted area on
Exhibit H.) The structure is similar to that described above for the Eli Terry Elementary School.
The architect is Moser Pilon Nelson Architects; the mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineer is RZ
Design Associates, LLC; the civil engineer is LRC Group, the Structural Engineer is Girard and
Company, LLP. These firms are collectively referred to as the “Design Professionals”. The construction
manager is Gilbane Building Company. The owner’s project manager is Colliers International Project
Management Northeast.
II. Scope of Work
Under Connecticut General Statute 10-292(c), this proposal is being solicited on behalf of the South
Windsor Building Official and South Windsor Fire Marshal as the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
The chosen consultant shall perform a code review on behalf of the AHJ. However, the AHJ is the final
authority on all interpretations and determinations regarding the code and will provide final sign off of the
project plans pending their full review of the third party code reviewer comments and subsequent
response and resolution by the design professionals.
The chosen Reviewer shall have experience with and shall perform a code compliance plan review
using the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services Office of School Construction Grants and
Review (OSCG&R) Plan Review Checklist(s).
The chosen Reviewer shall prepare and date a Plan Review Record (PRR) of the citations and
comments on his/her/its own letterhead or by using the ICC and/or NFPA Plan Review forms. All review
findings must then be promptly conveyed to the PBC, the Superintendent of South Windsor Schools and
the Design Professionals for their required revisions/corrections to the project documents. All citations
and comments shall be numbered and include the appropriate code section(s).
The Design Professionals shall revise and correct the project documents in accordance with the PRR
and prepare a written response specific to each item of the PRR describing the corrective action
completed. The Design Professionals shall attend, with the chosen Reviewer, a sign-off meeting to
review the required revisions with the PRR. The original set of drawing sheets and specifications
reviewed must remain intact and the Reviewer must bring them to the sign-off meeting along with the
signed/sealed corrected documents.
The PRR author(s) shall review the revised project documents and, when satisfied with the corrective
action, then sign-off on each individual item of the PRR. The PRR author(s) will be required to identify
how the problem was resolved, by noting either Documents Revised, or State Modification Received.
The Reviewer shall initial or provide a stamp on each revised drawing sheet, and each revised section of
the project manual.
III. Playground Equipment Review
This Request for Proposal is also requesting a separate fee proposal to review the proposed playground
equipment for each school. This review is anticipated to be performed in late 2019 or early 2020. The
fee proposal forms provide a separate line item to provide such review.
IV. Deadlines for Review
The Reviewer will have 30 calendars days from receipt of the complete set of plans and project manual
to complete their initial review. All reviews must be provided in Word or Excel form and provide a
location for the design team to respond. A copy of the review shall also be provided to the owner’s
project manager, Colliers International|Project Management Northeast, Attn: Charles E. Warrington, Jr.,
P.E., Email:
Upon receipt of modified plans and project manual, as well as written responses to the initial review, the
Reviewer will have a maximum of 7 calendar days to complete a re-review to ensure the comments
have been adequately addressed by the design team. Any subsequent reviews will require a maximum 7
day review time also. It is assumed for purposes of this proposal that a maximum of two subsequent
reviews is included in this scope of work.
The Reviewer may be required to attend an initial kick-off meeting with the AHJ prior to starting their
review. They may be required to attend a second meeting with the AHJ to review the original comments,
responses, and revisions. The Design Professionals and owner representative will attend both meetings
as well.
V. Qualifications
Companies, firms, individuals and other respondents to this RFP shall have a minimum of 10 years of
code consulting experience and have reviewed a minimum of 10 projects administered by OSCG&R.
Additional consideration may be given to those respondents who are also registered architects, licensed
building officials and/or licensed professional engineers in the state of Connecticut.
Price will not be the only criterion used to select the lowest responsible bidder. The Town will consider
other factors, such as experience with code review and the type and number of similar projects
completed, references and other considerations deemed to be in the best interests of the Town. Final
selection by the Public Building Commission is subject to approval by the South Windsor Building Official
and Fire Marshal.
VI. References
Each respondent shall provide a minimum of three references for projects similar in size and scope to
this project. Reference listing shall include the name, title, valid telephone number and email address for
each reference. Failure to provide a minimum of three references may result in rejection of the proposal.
VII. Submission of Proposals
In your proposal, include the credentials of the staff that will be performing the review, a list of recent
projects in which your firm has undertaken similar code reviews, along with your proposed fee. The fee
shall be provided as a lump sum and shall exclude federal, state, and local taxes.
Respondents are required to submit (two) hard copies of your sealed proposal no later than
October 4, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. to:
Mr. Matthew Montana, Chairperson
c/o Ann Walsh, Clerk of the Public Building Commission
South Windsor Public Schools
1737 Main Street, Room 205
South Windsor, CT, 06074
The sealed proposal envelope shall be labeled as such:
Sealed Proposals received after the above specified date and time will be rejected.
Postmarks prior to the submission deadline do NOT satisfy this condition. The Town will not accept
responses by e-mail or fax. Respondents are solely responsible for ensuring timely delivery. The Town
will NOT accept late responses.
The Town may decline to accept responses received in unmarked envelopes that the Town opens in its
normal course of business. The Town may, but shall not be required to, return such responses and
inform the respondent that the documents may be resubmitted in a sealed envelope properly marked as
described above.
An authorized person representing the legal entity of the respondent must sign the response and all
forms included in this RFP.
VIII. Termination or Amendment
The Town reserves the rights to amend or terminate this RFP, to reject any or all respondents, to
request additional information, to waive any informalities or non-material deficiencies in a response, and
to take any and all other action that, in the Town’s sole judgment, will be in its best interests. The Town
reserves the right to ask any respondent to clarify its response or to submit additional information that
the Town in its sole discretion deems desirable.
In addition, the Town may, before or after statement opening and in its sole discretion, clarify, modify,
amend or terminate this RFP if the Town determines it is in the Town’s best interest. Any addenda will
be posted to the CT DAS contracting portal. Each proposer is responsible for checking the DAS
website to determine if the Town has issued any addenda and, if so, to complete its proposal in
accordance with the RFP as modified by the addenda.
IX. Questions and Amendments
Questions concerning the process and procedures applicable to this RFP or the other requirements of
this RFP are to be submitted in writing (including by e-mail) and directed only to:
Charles E. Warrington, Jr., P.E.
Colliers International|Project Management Northeast
Respondents are prohibited from contacting any other Town employee, officer or official
concerning this RFP. A respondent’s failure to comply with this requirement may result in
The appropriate Town representative listed above must receive any questions from respondents no later
than 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. That representative will confirm receipt of a
respondent’s questions by e-mail. The Town will answer all written questions by issuing one or more
addenda, which shall be a part of this RFP, containing all questions received as provided for above and
decisions regarding same.
At least four (4) calendar days prior to response deadline, the Town will post any addenda on the State
of Connecticut DAS website, town website,
proposalsqualifications and the South Windsor Public School website . Each respondent
is responsible for checking the website to determine if the Town has issued any addenda and, if
so, to complete its response in accordance with the RFP as modified by the addenda.
X. Exhibits
A. Fee Proposal Form for Eli Terry Elementary School
B. Fee Proposal Form for Philip R. Smith Elementary School
C. Eli Terry Overall Site Plan
D. Eli Terry Renderings
E. Eli Terry Overall Floor Plan
F. Philip R. Smith Overall Site Plan
G. Philip R. Smith Renderings
H. Philip R. Smith Overall Floor Plans
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