On-Call Data Drop / Cable Installation

Agency: Sedgwick County
State: Kansas
Type of Government: State & Local
  • N - Installation of Equipment
Posted: Dec 17, 2020
Due: Jan 26, 2021
Solicitation No: 20-0061
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RFB/RFP Due Date Description Document Pre-bid Conference
20-0061 1/26/2021 1:45:00 PM On-Call Data Drop / Cable Installation

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Purchasing Department
525 N. Main, Suite 823 ~ Wichita, KS 67203
Phone: 316 660-7255 Fax: 316 383-7055
RFB #20-0061
December 16, 2020
Sedgwick County, Kansas (hereinafter referred to as “county”) is seeking bids for On-Call Data Drop/Cable Installation.
If your firm is interested in submitting a response, please do so in accordance with the instructions contained within the
attached Request for Bid. Responses are due no later than 1:45 pm CST, Tuesday January 26, 2021.
All contact concerning this solicitation shall be made through the Purchasing Department. Bidders shall not contact
county employees, department heads, using agencies, evaluation committee members or elected officials with questions or
any other concerns about the solicitation. Questions, clarifications and concerns shall be submitted to the Purchasing
Department in writing. Failure to comply with these guidelines may disqualify the Bidder’s response.
Jaimee Witmer
Jaimee Witmer
RFB #20-0061
Sedgwick County….Working for You
Table of Contents
II. Submittals
III. Scope of Work
IV. Sedgwick County’s Responsibilities
V. Bid Terms
A. Questions and Contact Information
B. Minimum Firm Qualifications
C. Evaluation Criteria
D. Request for Bid Timeline
E. Contract Period and Payment Terms
F. Insurance Requirements
G. Indemnification
H. Confidential Matters and Data Ownership
I. Bid Conditions
VI. Required Response Content
VII. Response Form
VIII. Pricing Sheet
RFB #20-0061
Sedgwick County….Working for You
I. Purpose
Sedgwick County, located in south-central Kansas, is one of the most populous of Kansas’ 105 counties with a population
estimated at more than 514,000 persons. It is the sixteenth largest in area, with 1,008 square miles, and reportedly has the
second highest per capita wealth among Kansas’ counties. Organizationally, the County is a Commission/Manager entity,
employs nearly 2,800 persons, and hosts or provides a full range of municipal services, e.g. – public safety, public works,
criminal justice, recreation, entertainment, cultural, human/social, and education.
Sedgwick County is seeking bids for On-Call Data Drop/Cable Installation, in accordance with the specifications outlined,
for various Sedgwick County departments.
II. Submittals
Carefully review this Request for Bid. It provides specific technical information necessary to aid participating firms in
formulating a thorough response. Should you elect to participate, submit one (1) original AND one (1) electronic copy
(PDF/Word supplied on a flash drive) of the entire document with any supplementary materials to:
Jaimee Witmer
Sedgwick County Purchasing Department
525 N. Main, Suite 823
Wichita, KS 67203
SUBMITTALS are due NO LATER THAN 1:45 pm CST, TUESDAY, January 26, 2021. Responses must be sealed
and marked on the lower left-hand corner with the firm name and address, bid number, and bid due date. Late or
incomplete responses will not be accepted and will not receive consideration for final award.
Bid responses will be acknowledged and read into record at bid opening which will occur at 2:00 pm CST, on the due date.
III. Scope of Work
Minimum Requirements:
The county desires the most advantageous service(s) and product(s) available. The following specifications outline the
minimum requirements for this RFB. Minimum requirements are provided to assist vendors in submitting a thorough
response that meets the county’s objectives.
• Vendor
1. Have certified ability to perform the following Data Drop/Cable Installation services.
a. Inspection & Evaluation
b. Preventative Maintenance
c. Repair
d. Replacement
2. Provide service coverage on-call as needed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
3. Obtain permits where/as needed to complete project.
4. Arrange for access to work areas if and when necessary.
5. Schedule any shut down of service and/or utilities with assigned county staff where/as needed.
RFB #20-0061
Sedgwick County….Working for You
• Pricing
1. Submit a cost plus percent methodology for all Cabling/Data/Network related materials and rental equipment.
2. Provide Labor Rate to include any and all incidental costs such as per diem, travel, fuel charge, and the like.
3. The hourly labor rate will be paid only for the time at the job site (one hour guarantee), no travel time will be paid.
4. Rates will be based on the following:
a. Installer/Technician
Business Hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
b. Helper / Laborer
Business Hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
• Emergency Service
1. Respond and commence work within (2) two hours or less for emergency repairs. (Emergency repairs are any condition
that may be considered unsafe or hazardous or may cause property damage to the building.)
• Warranty
1. Provide applicable warranty information for replacement part(s) and/or service(s) provided. Warranties become
effective on the date of installation.
2. Provide 30 day warranty on service.
Product and Installation Specifications for Building Data Communication Cabling:
The following information is for the “Product and Installation Specifications for Building Data Communication Cabling”
version September 2020. The following specifications will be followed or adhered by the awarded contractor(s):
This document is the specification for the installation of Structured Cabling Systems at Sedgwick County. The data part
is suitable for the provision of high speed Ethernet communications for individual buildings. The principle use of this
practice is for the construction of new building, major renovations, or additions to cable plant.
1.1 General Scope
The practice basically follows the relevant EIA, TIA, CSA standards and architectures for commercial buildings. As such,
it is focused on the facilities required within a building not the inter-building facilities that are required to ensure a
comprehensive countywide network. For specifications of telecommunications rooms see the county document
“Communications Infrastructure Specifications, Standards and Practices” and for conduit sizes see the EIA/TIA 569B
The practice aims to ensure a cabling system that will give a predictable, consistent, and flexible subsystem with a
substantial lifetime for the applications that Sedgwick County needs. It specifies Cat 6 cable for the horizontal UTP
copper systems. The formerly specified Cat5e cable has been replaced by Cat6 cable. This practice specifies which OEMs
can be used. Recommended OEMs include, but are not limited to, Belden, Commscope, Panduit and Leviton. It will be
noted that for telecommunications rooms, there is single vendor approach for the piece parts such as racks, power
distribution units and cable management subsystems. This is done for consistency to make it easier for technicians to
service and expand the facilities in those rooms.
1.1.1 This document specifies the requirements for the installation of all horizontal UTP cabling and all copper/fiber
backbone cabling to support voice and data applications in a new or renovated space. It should be noted that Category 6
cabling is specified in the vertical riser in addition to fiber.
1.1.2 The cabling contractor shall supply and install a complete telecommunications cabling system based on a physical
star wiring topology that is designed in accordance with practices recommended by the Building Industry Consulting
Service International (BICSI) organization. Furthermore, the cabling contractor shall include all communication outlets,
terminating hardware, network racks, patch panels, cable management, patch cables (both fiber and Cat6), and selected
connectivity devices as outlined in this specification.
RFB #20-0061
Sedgwick County….Working for You
1.1.3 It is the responsibility of the cabling contractor to report any errors and/or omissions in this specification with their
1.2 Inquiries Bidders who find discrepancies or omissions in this specification, or who have any doubt as to the meaning
or intent of any part of this specification, shall direct their questions or other inquiries by email or facsimile to the System
Admin and Telecom Manager of Sedgwick County.
2.1 The equipment, material and installation shall conform to the latest version of the applicable codes, standards and
regulations of authorities having jurisdiction.
2.2 All components supplied and/or installed will support current applications and any future application introduced by
recognized standards or user forums that use EIA/TIA 568 component and link/channel specifications for cabling.
2.3 The specifications detailed in this document are accompanied by EIA/TIA and/or CSA requirements both for product
and installation practices. The following are communications standards documents that must be adhered to:
Generic Telecommunications Cabling for Customer
Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard
Components Standard
Balanced Twisted-Pair Telecommunication Cabling and
Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard
Pathways and Spaces
Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications
Administration Standard for the Telecommunications Infrastructure of
Commercial Buildings Product and Installation Specifications for
Building Data Communication Cabling 5
Commercial Building Grounding and Bonding
Requirements for Telecommunications
Color Coding of Fiber Optic Cables
Test Procedures for Fiber Optics, Cables and Transistors
FOCIS 3 Fiber Optic Connector Intermatability Standard
ANSI/ICEA S-83-596
Fiber Optic Premises Distribution Cable
ANSI/ICEA S-83-640
Fiber Optic Outside Plant Communications Cable
Standard for Installing Commercial Building
Telecommunications Cabling
RFB #20-0061
Sedgwick County….Working for You
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