Manhattan Beach Boulevard & Peck Avenue Traffic Signal Improvement Project

Agency: City of Manhattan Beach
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Posted: Jun 30, 2020
Due: Aug 19, 2020
Solicitation No: E1246-20S
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Manhattan Beach Boulevard & Peck Avenue Traffic Signal Improvement Project
  • Department: Public Works, Public Works - Engineering
  • Category: Public Works Projects, General, Facebook RSS Feed, Twitter RSS Feed
  • RFP Number: E1246-20S
  • Start Date: 06/16/2020 9:00 AM
  • Close Date: 08/19/2020 5:00 PM

The City of Manhattan Beach seeks an experienced Consultant to assist the City with the Professional Design Services for the Manhattan Beach Boulevard & Peck Avenue Traffic Signal Improvement Project. Please review RFP E1246-20S for further details and proposal requirements.

Additional Information:

City Project Manager, Helen Shi, PE, TE , (310) 802-5354

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Please contact the Engineering Division Secretary if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Liana Urrutia

Engineering Division Secretary

(310) 802-5353

Attachment Preview

City of Manhattan Beach
Department of Public Works
3621 Bell Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Phone: (310) 802-5350 Fax: (310) 802-5351 TDD: (310) 546-3501
RFP NO. E1246-20S
RFP #E1246-20S
Prem Kumar
City Engineer
Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
3621 Bell Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Helen Shi
Project Manager
June 2020
MBB & Peck Av. Improvement Project
Professional Design Services
for the
Manhattan Beach Boulevard & Peck Avenue Traffic Signal
Improvement Project
1. Instructions to Proposers
Proposers are to read and understand all of the information contained in this Request for Proposal
(RFP). The proposal shall address all the items outlined in this RFP. The provisions of this RFP
along with the proposal submitted will be part of the contract documents for this project. The City’s
Project Manager for this project is Helen Shi.
2. Anticipated Schedule of Events
Proposers shall note that a pre-proposal meeting was not established for this proposal solicitation
due to the fact that the requested scope of work is industry standard and abundant amount of
project information is provided in the RFP on the City’s website.
Availability of Request for Proposal
Last Day to Submit Questions
Proposal Submission Deadline
Staff Review of Proposals
Interview(s) with Top Ranked Consultant(s) – (If Needed)
City Council Award
Contract Execution
Notice To Proceed
8/5/20 at 12:00 PM
8/19/20 at 5:00 PM
2 weeks (minimum)
Week of 9/7/20
October 20, 2020
3 weeks
Week of 11/30/20
3. Project Information
Project Area
The City of Manhattan Beach is located within the southwestern coastal portion of Los Angeles
County in what is commonly referred to locally as the “South Bay” area. The City is bounded on
the north by El Segundo, on the east by Hawthorne, on the east and south by Redondo Beach,
on the south by Hermosa Beach, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The City is a beach
community with approximately 2.1 miles of beachfront. The City has a total land area of 1,788
acres (3.88 square miles). The City is bound by Rosecrans Avenue on the north, Aviation
Boulevard on the east, Artesia Boulevard on the south and the Pacific Ocean on the west.
Sepulveda Boulevard (State Highway 1) runs north-south through the middle of the City.
RFP #E1246-20S
MBB & Peck Av. Improvement Project
The City of Manhattan Beach (City) is a full service City with a population of over 36,000. The City
Department of Public Works is soliciting proposals from experienced and qualified engineering
firms (Consultant) for the Manhattan Beach Boulevard & Peck Avenue Traffic Signal Improvement
Project (Project). The City seeks a Consultant experienced in the intersection and traffic signal
system design to work closely with Public Works staff to ensure the project is executed in a timely
manner. The consultant selected for the project will be required to provide all necessary traffic
engineering, civil engineering and surveying services to take the project from inception to
Currently, the traffic signal for the intersection of Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Peck Avenue
is operated under two-phase signal and pedestrians are accommodated as concurrent
movements to the vehicular traffic. Due to its proximity to Meadows Elementary School and
Middle School, and limited sight distance due to a vertical curve immediately west of the
intersection, the left turn arrows would also improve school pedestrian safety by eliminating left
turns across crosswalks on the north and south legs of Peck Avenue.
In addition, the intersections of Peck Avenue with Manhattan Beach Boulevard and 11th Street
are at different elevations, connected with a slope of up to approximately 20%, with its 11th Street
intersection at a higher elevation and Manhattan Beach Boulevard intersection at a lower
elevation of the slope. Nearby residents have witnessed incidents involving large sized vehicles
being stuck at the south leg of the intersection of Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Peck Avenue
due to the sloped interface and not enough warning signs.
The intersection of Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Peck Avenue is located in an urbanized
residential area close to several schools with moderately heavy school-aged pedestrian activities,
Botanical Garden, Community Center and near the City’s largest park. The design and
subsequent construction should take into account the need for the safe walking environment
particularly due to the presence of school children, school traffic, and lowest possible impact on
the livelihood of the residents, visitors and the commuters on Manhattan Beach Boulevard which
is a major thoroughfare in the City.
Project Description
The purpose of this project is to provide protected westbound and eastbound left-turn signal
phases. The scope of the project includes replacement of all 5 existing traffic signal poles and
installation of 8 new poles, two with mast arms for left turn arrows, which would require new traffic
signal electrical wiring/conduit and modifications or replacement of the existing traffic signal
cabinet with Advanced Transportation Controllers (ATC) and Video (Detection) Management
Systems (VMS) capable of communicating via advanced fiber network along with Battery Backup
Systems. The City also prefers to migrate to video detection of all approaches instead of in ground
loop detection.
The curb ramps were recently replaced by another project to meet ADA standards, however due
to the nature of the proposed project causing damage to the ramps, the new ramps must meet
current ADA standards. If it cannot meet current ADA standards, a memorandum must be
prepared by a CA Registered Civil Engineer documenting why it cannot meet current ADA
standards and what is done to achieve compliance to the maximum extent practicable. Any
related miscellaneous curb & gutter, driveway approach, restriping, markings, signage including
large vehicle restriction signage, landscape/irrigation restoration will also be a part of the scope
RFP #E1246-20S
MBB & Peck Av. Improvement Project
of work of this project. The boundary area affected by removal of old striping will require call out
of a Type II Slurry Seal and new striping, signage and markings where applicable in order to
ensure the final completed work looks clean, “new” and safe.
The Consultant must also provide recommended solutions and subsequent design to mitigate the
occurrences of large vehicles stuck at the south leg of the intersection due to the adverse grades.
Perhaps, consideration should be given to remove portions of the existing cross gutter so it can
be widened and its cross section profile be flattened. This will also require grinding of the existing
adjacent asphalt roadway and repaving it at a varying depth perhaps to the center of the
intersection to lower the street cross section profile to facilitate the slope transition. Alternatively,
based on cost to benefit analysis, restriction signage at the various approaches may be required
to prohibit the large sized vehicular access of Peck Avenue south of Manhattan Beach Boulevard.
The City will make all record documents (maps, plans, ordinances, resolutions, studies, etc.)
available to the Consultant. City staff will provide guidance and assistance necessary to obtain
the information required for completion of the project.
4. Scope of Services and Deliverables
The Project Manager/Engineer proposed for this project must be a registered Civil Engineer in
the State of California with sufficient expertise in intersection design, intersection traffic signal
design, pavement rehabilitation, construction plans and specification development.
4.1 Project Management
The Consultant shall prepare a project schedule and conduct monthly update status meetings.
The Consultant shall develop a schedule using MS Project to include, but not limited to,
delivery milestones, 2-week City review periods for all deliverables provided to the City, public
outreach meetings, etc. Project schedule shall be updated monthly and submitted prior to
monthly Progress Meetings. The Consultant shall conduct monthly Progress Meetings to
update City staff on the status of specific tasks, pertinent deliverables, etc. The Consultant’s
project manager shall attend pre-bid and pre-construction meetings prior to construction. All
project meetings shall be included in the overall fee proposal. The Consultant shall coordinate
with other agencies, utilities and affected property owners related to this project.
4.2 Background Research
Research and obtain available as-built plans (inclusive of all utilities, communications, etc.) to
be depicted on the plans, construction records, City’s water/sewer/storm drain plans,
topographic survey, survey ties, City benchmarks, basis for bearings and stations, existing
right-of-way (to be clearly depicted on the plans), City standards, and improvements within
and adjacent to the project area. The Consultant shall keep a log of all documents obtained
for the project. Some existing utility record drawings, street improvement drawings and street
profile drawings will be provided by the City to the Consultant for reference guidance.
4.3 Field Check and Data Collection
The Consultant shall conduct site visits to identify existing conditions in and around the project
work area, and review all available documentation related to the intersection of Manhattan
Beach Boulevard and Peck Avenue. Perform thorough field inspection of utilities and private
property improvements in public right-of-way encroachment areas. Compare all field
investigation findings with existing plans. Evaluate the existing conduit conditions. Open traffic
RFP #E1246-20S
MBB & Peck Av. Improvement Project
signal boxes to determine extent of potential replacement. Identify, coordinate and pothole all
proposed traffic signal pole foundation location to the depth necessary to confirm clearances
of any utility conflicts. Soil samplings must be obtained to determine the proposed pole
foundations are adequate for the site conditions accompanied by a geotechnical mini report.
Identify and pothole any potential utility conflicts to determine if relocation is necessary.
4.4 Utility & Agency Coordination
The Consultant shall prepare and mail preliminary utility notices on City letterhead to obtain
maps and other documents to identify existing utility locations on the plans. The utility notices
are as follows: 1st Utility Notice – Preliminary Project Notice and Request As-built Maps; 2nd
Utility Notice – Review and Identify Potential Conflict and Need to Relocate; 3rd Utility Notice
– Notice to Relocate; and 4th Utility Notice – Final Notice to Relocate Immediately, if
applicable. The Consultant shall document via a regularly updated log sheet, and call or meet
the utility companies, as necessary, until a written response form is received from each
potential conflicting utility. The Consultant shall coordinate with affected utility companies to
depict any necessary utility modifications. The City has available contact information for
affected utilities, if needed. It may be assumed that the detailed design for new or relocated
utilities will be prepared by the affected utilities, and construction of the same will be the
responsibility of the affected utility.
4.5 Preliminary Design
Review and field check information, quantitatively analyze the intersection operational
data and identify potential design issues and feasible solutions.
Read, review and understand all aspects and goals of the City’s General Circulation
Element and other plans, as these plans pertaining information of street system
classifications and functionality.
Provide plan layouts for conceptual review to be incorporated into the final design.
Provide a complete survey of the project area, establishing horizontal and vertical
control for the project.
Although the goal is to complete the improvements within the existing right of way
project footprint, identify any right-of-way acquisitions, including temporary
construction easement, to provide for the necessary build-out and preservation of
existing improvements, project footprint and scenic character of the area.
Include potholing where necessary to tie down any potential utility conflicts.
The Consultant shall analyze the existing intersection operation capacity, intersection
and street profile and field observation data to determine the future improvement,
including left-turn signalization. The Consultant shall identify and review the existing
and proposed land use patterns within the City along with the surrounding tributary
areas. Population and development patterns shall be investigated for the present day
and future growth (See City website for documentation on City General Plan).
The Consultant shall conduct left-turn signal warrant analysis, and intersection sight
distance analysis, etc. The Consultant shall evaluate and optimize the left-turn pocket
length based on the collected field data.
Prepare and submit a report identifying the ultimate roadway improvements, striping
plan, signal plan, street lighting plan, intersection layout and signage plan, as well as
the recommended ultimate repair strategy. The Consultant shall prepare and provide
RFP #E1246-20S
MBB & Peck Av. Improvement Project
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