Design Servivces for The 2020 Water Master Plan Update Project

Agency: City of Manhattan Beach
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Posted: Jul 21, 2020
Due: Aug 24, 2020
Solicitation No: E1248-20S
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Design Servivces for The 2020 Water Master Plan Update Project
  • Department: Public Works, Public Works - Engineering
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  • RFP Number: E1248-20S
  • Start Date: 07/21/2020 8:00 AM
  • Close Date: 08/24/2020 5:00 PM

The City of Manhattan Beach seeks an experienced Consultant to assist the City with the Design Services for The 2020 Water Master Plan Update Project. Please review RFP E1248-20S for further details and proposal requirements.

Additional Information:

City Project Manager: Tim Birthisel , PE (310) 802-5368

Project Location: Citywide

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Please contact the Engineering Division Secretary if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Liana Urrutia

Engineering Division Secretary

(310) 802-5353

Attachment Preview

RFP NO. E1248-20S
Prem Kumar
City Engineer
Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
3621 Bell Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Tim Birthisel
Project Manager
July 2020
Error! Unknown document property name. City of MB Form
Approved for Use 2/15/20
Design Services for the
2020 Water Master Plan Update Project
1. Instructions to Proposers
Proposers are to read and understand all of the information contained in this Request for Proposal
(RFP). The proposal shall address all the items outlined in this RFP. The provisions of this RFP
along with the proposal submitted will be part of the contract documents for this project. The City’s
Project Manager for this project is Tim Birthisel.
2. Anticipated Schedule of Events
Availability of Request for Proposal
Last Day to Submit Questions
Proposal Submission Deadline
Staff Review of Proposals
Interview(s) with Top Ranked Consultant(s) (If Needed)
City Council Award
Contract Execution
Notice To Proceed
3. Project Information
8/11/20 at 12:00 PM
8/24/20 at 5:00 PM
2 weeks (minimum)
November 17, 2020
November 18, 2020
December 2, 2020
Project Area
The City of Manhattan Beach is located within the southwestern coastal portion of Los
Angeles County in what is commonly referred to locally as the “South Bay” area. The City
is bounded on the north by El Segundo, on the east by Hawthorne, on the east and south
by Redondo Beach, on the south by Hermosa Beach, and on the west by the Pacific
Ocean. The City is a beach community with approximately 2.1 miles of beachfront. The
City has a total land area of 1,788 acres (3.88 square miles). The City is bound by
Rosecrans Avenue on the north, Aviation Boulevard on the east, Artesia Boulevard on the
south and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Sepulveda Boulevard (State Highway 1) runs
north-south through the middle of the City.
City of MB Form
-2-Approved for Use 2/15/20
The City currently operates and maintains an extensive water conveyance system,
including approximately 106 miles of water pipelines. The water system is operated by
the City of Manhattan Beach and includes a ground level forebay reservoir with 2.0 mg
constructed capacity (Block 35 Ground Level Reservoir), a partially buried forebay
reservoir with 7.5 mg constructed capacity (Peck Reservoir), elevated tank with 0.3 mg
capacity (Block 35 Elevated Tank), Four (4) booster pump stations, one imported water
supply connection to 45-inch diameter Metropolitan Water District of Southern
California’s (MWD) West Basin Feeder, two (2) groundwater wells and pumps,
emergency connection to 12-inch diameter City of El Segundo transmission main,
emergency connection to 24-inch diameter California Water Service transmission main.,
and two pressure zones.
In 2010, the City completed the previous Water Master Plan, and in 2015 the City
completed an Urban Water Management Plan. The City implemented improvements
identified as high priority in the 2010 Water Master Plan and provides annual flushing of
the existing water mains. The 2010 Water Master Plan, and 2015 Urban Water
Management Plan are available for review as an Appendix reference documents.
4. Scope of Services and Deliverables
The tasks listed below are not intended to comprise a complete list or are the only tasks required
for the Project. The consultant shall submit a comprehensive and detailed scope of services
required to complete the Project. The Consultant shall provide the following services; including,
but not limited to:
4.1 Project Management
Consultant shall prepare a project schedule and conduct monthly update status
meetings. Consultant shall develop a schedule using MS Project to include, but not
limited to, delivery milestones, 2-week City review periods must be allocated for all
deliverables provided to the City, public outreach meetings, etc. Project schedule
shall be updated monthly and submitted prior to monthly Progress Meetings.
Consultant shall conduct monthly Progress Meetings at the City with City Staff to
update staff on the status of specific tasks, pertinent deliverables, etc.
4.2 Data Collection and Review
4.2-1 Review Record Documents
Consultant shall review available pertinent records that will assist in the preparation of
the water master plan. At a minimum, review all City provided reports, data, and maps
as indicated in the RFP in addition to reviewing available construction drawings to obtain
pipe sizing, pipe lengths, and pipe elevations.
4.2-2 Identify Study Area Characteristics
Collect available information and summarize the area's characteristics, including
topography, land use, and demographics. This information will be based on the most
recent records available from the City and other sources. Existing aerial topography and
City of MB Form
-3-Approved for Use 2/15/20
photographs will be helpful in identifying existing land uses. The City will provide, if
available, all aerial topography and photographs.
4.2-3 Review of Land Use and Future Development
Work closely with City staff to identify the different types of present and projected future
residential and commercial development for planning horizons to the year of 2030 within
commercial and residential zones. Particular emphasis will be on areas undergoing
redevelopment that will change either the domestic demand or the fire flow requirements
including areas where older pipelines or water services will need upgrading due to
increasing square footage or density of single-family residences. A land use map will be
created to properly allocate demands to the computer model nodes. Identify major point
source water demands. This information will be obtained from the City's water use
records. Consultant shall review the 2010 Water Master Plan population projections and
demands, and will review current population trends, and assess the need for population
projection adjustments. Obtain information and meet with City Planning Department
officials to discuss recent changes in land use and potentially upcoming significant
development projects, and other sources, to project future growth to the Year 2030.
4.2-4 Condition of Existing Water Facilities
Consultant shall evaluate existing facilities focusing on pipelines and Block 35 reservoir
and pump station, assuming all other facilities will be rehabilitated in 2021. Consultant
shall gather existing record information and review existing conditions for each facility to
accurately model the existing system. Consultant shall confirm the accuracy of record
drawings vs existing field conditions to accurately model these facilities.
Facilities records that will be reviewed for accuracy will be water storage facilities,
booster stations, disinfection systems, wells, and inter-ties with other agencies.
Consultant shall provide detailed evaluation of current intertie to El Segundo and Cal
Water and determine if capacity is adequate or if more interconnections are needed.
Consultant shall review yearly flushing data reports for observed low flows, size
deficiencies, and areas of compromised flow due to decreased pipe cross section.
Consultant shall make recommendation as to the need for the City in identifying
locations where pipe "coupons" could be taken to evaluate the condition of the pipe.
As part of the Block 35 electrical equipment assessment, consultant shall provide a
recommendation based on age, type, electrical load and hours for future replacement.
Existing groundwater wells and associated pumping system will be evaluated based on
review of existing videos, inspection records and performing an on-site visual inspection
to make recommendation as to their usefulness. Additionally, operational data up to 2
years will be reviewed and analyzed to assess the existing operational conditions. Any
kind of testing, testing of materials and/or geotechnical investigations are not included in
this scope of work. Present findings and recommendations and include appropriate
photographs, as required in the Water Master Plan.
City of MB Form
-4-Approved for Use 2/15/20
4.3 Water System Hydraulic Model
4.3-1 Hydraulic Modeling Software
The Water System Hydraulic Model shall be GIS-compatible and compiled using hydraulic
modeling software by Innovyze, or approved equal. The Consultant shall provide adequate
licenses to run and edit the hydraulic model and pay for the following year of subscription
and maintenance fees. The Consultant shall provide training (3 half day training over a
period of time) to City staff on how to run the model to demonstrate various flow and
system configuration scenarios. The City is in possession of the following H2O Map model
files from the 2010 Water Master Plan. However, the City has no ability to verify that these
files are functional, usable or accurate as the City does not have the H2O Map software.
These files are available for review and the consultant is fully responsible for reviewing
them for their accuracy or for use as part of the project.
4.3-2 Hydraulic Model Deliverables
Work under this task shall include the following:
a. Determination of the elevation of major facilities through record drawings
or other means. Field topographic survey is specifically excluded. The City’s
centerline tie records, and LA County topographic mapping may be used as a
b. Develop physical and operational attributes within the hydraulic model
software for major system components including, but not limited to, pipelines,
wells, tanks, pump stations, PRVs, valves, and hydrants.
c. Develop demand data and scenarios for Fire Flow (FF), Maximum Day
Demand (MDD), Average Day Demand (ADD), MDD+FF, and Peak Hour
Demand (PHD) for both steady state and extended period simulations within the
hydraulic model.
d. Develop water quality modeling scenarios using extended period
e. Calibration of model using field verification and empirical methods.
Consultant shall validate the model by performing pressure gauge readings and
fire flow tests where necessary, and shall provide as reference all pressure
readings and fire flow testing data in the Master Plan Report appendix including
a map showing locations of testing. Consultant shall make as many iterations as
may be required with the model to calibrate it to no more than 5 to 10 percent
deviation from observed system energy grade line and flow rate values. The
Consultant shall make as many runs as necessary to fully analyze the system
and complete the required studies and evaluations required for the Project. The
Consultant shall use the model to analyze, evaluate, test and plan upgrades for
the system. The following flow scenarios shall be included in the exercise:
Average day demand;
Maximum day demand plus fire flows;
Peak hour demand;
City of MB Form
-5-Approved for Use 2/15/20
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