City Facility Security Camera Project

Agency: City of Manhattan Beach
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 63 - Alarm, Signal, and Detection Systems
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
Posted: Sep 3, 2020
Due: Sep 17, 2020
Solicitation No: Addendum
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City Facility Security Camera Project
  • Department: Public Works, Public Works - Engineering
  • Category: Public Works Projects, General, Facebook RSS Feed, Twitter RSS Feed
  • RFP Number: Addendum #1 E1249-20S
  • Start Date: 08/05/2020 8:00 AM
  • Close Date: 09/17/2020 4:30 PM

The City of Manhattan Beach seeks an experienced Consultant to assist the City with the Professional Design Services for City Facility Security Camera Project. Please review RFP E1249-20S for further details and proposal requirements.

Additional Information:

City Project Manager: Mamerto (Mo) Estepa , PE (310) 802-5325

Project Location: Various City Facilities (Locations identified in RFP)

Engineer's Estimate: $27,500


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Please contact the Engineering Division Secretary if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Liana Urrutia

Engineering Division Secretary

(310) 802-5353

Attachment Preview

RFP NO. E1249-20S
Prem Kumar
City Engineer
Department of Public Works
Engineering Division
3621 Bell Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Mamerto (Mo) Estepa Jr., PE
Project Manager
August 2020
RFP #E1249-20S
City Facility Security Camera Project
Professional Design Services
for the
City Facility Security Camera Project
1. Instructions to Proposers
Proposers are to read and understand all of the information contained in this Request for Proposal
(RFP). The proposal shall address all the items outlined in this RFP. The provisions of this RFP
along with the proposal submitted will be part of the contract documents for this project. The City’s
Project Manager for this project is Mamerto (Mo) Estepa Jr., PE.
2. Anticipated Schedule of Events
Proposers shall note that a pre-proposal meeting was not established for this proposal solicitation
due to the fact that the requested scope of work is industry standard and abundant amount of
project information is provided in the RFP on the City’s website.
Availability of Request for Proposal
Last Day to Submit Questions
Proposal Submission Deadline
Staff Review of Proposals
Interview(s) with Top Ranked Consultant(s) – (If Needed)
City Council Award
Contract Execution
Notice To Proceed
08/27/20 at 5:00 PM
09/10/2020 at 5:00 PM
2 weeks (minimum)
Week of 10/05/20
3 weeks
Week of 12/14/2020
3. Project Information
Project Area
The City of Manhattan Beach is located within the southwestern coastal portion of Los Angeles
County in what is commonly referred to locally as the “South Bay” area. The City is bounded on
the north by El Segundo, on the east by Hawthorne, on the east and south by Redondo Beach,
on the south by Hermosa Beach, and on the west by the Pacific Ocean. The City is a beach
community with approximately 2.1 miles of beachfront. The City has a total land area of 1,788
acres (3.88 square miles). The City is bound by Rosecrans Avenue on the north, Aviation
Boulevard on the east, Artesia Boulevard on the south and the Pacific Ocean on the west.
Sepulveda Boulevard (State Highway 1) runs north-south through the middle of the City.
The following facilities will be included as part of the project:
RFP #E1249-20S
City Facility Security Camera Project
Manhattan Beach City Hall (1400 Highland Avenue)
Manhattan Beach Fire Department (400 15th Street)
Manhattan Beach Police Department (420 15th Street)
Joslyn Community Center (1601 North Valley Drive)
Live Oak Park (1901 North Valley Drive)
Manhattan Heights Community Center (1600 Manhattan Beach Boulevard)
Public Works Facility (3621 Bell Avenue)
The City of Manhattan Beach (City) is a full service City with a population of over 36,000. The City
Department of Public Works is soliciting proposals from experienced and qualified consultants for
the City Facility Security Camera Project (Project). The City wishes to implement a video
monitoring system (VMS) at seven (7) City facilities and requires assistance in identifying the
appropriate scope of work, budget, and schedule for implementing a VMS at those facilities.
Recently, the City’s Safety Committee recently conducted a threat assessment at City Hall. One
of the recommendations from this assessment was to install security cameras, to address safety
concerns and assist in monitoring City Hall. As an extension to this recommendation,
management directed staff to consider six (6) additional facilities for security cameras.
Currently, the City uses an NVR camera system on the 1st Floor level of City Hall and within the
Police Department. Additionally, the City uses the S2 Security ecosystem to manage the access
control system for several City facilities.
Project Description
The purpose of this project is to identify the scope of work, budget, scheduling and next steps
required from the City to install a complete security camera system, in-place and fully-functioning
at the following City facilities: City Hall, Police Department, Fire Department, Live Oak Park,
Joslyn Community Center, Manhattan Heights Park, and Public Works Facility. The scope of
work should be appropriate to meet the City’s current video monitoring needs, yet flexible to
expand if the City wishes additional security cameras at any of the facilities. The City’s budget for
installing the security camera system at the seven (7) facilities is $300,000.
4. Scope of Services and Deliverables
The Consultant shall complete the tasks listed below.
Task 1 Information Gathering
a. Meetings with City Staff
Schedule, coordinate, and facilitate individual and group interviews with key
personnel from the departments listed below. The purpose of the interviews is
to gain feedback on security concerns and proposed security camera locations
at the facilities shown in Appendix E: Map of Locations. Assume a minimum of
three (3) individual interviews and one (1) group interview per department.
- Management Services
- Police Department
- Fire Department
RFP #E1249-20S
City Facility Security Camera Project
- Parks & Recreation
- Information Technology
- Community Development
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Public Works
- Purchasing
Deliverable: A summary of the feedback gained from the staff meetings shall
be included in the final report to the City as an appendix.
b. Survey of Existing Facilities
Survey the seven (7) City facilities identified in Appendix E: Map of Locations
to locate existing camera location(s); existing CAT-6, fiber optic, and/or power
runs and IT equipment pertinent to the facility’s security and/or video
management system.
Deliverable: A diagram showing the information collected for each of the
project facilities shall be included in the final report to the city as an appendix.
Task 2
Security Camera System Solution
a. Recommended Security Camera System
Develop a recommended security camera system that is appropriate for each
project location. The system should optimize the City’s video monitoring
capabilities within the project budget, while being scalable to provide the City
with the flexibility to add additional security cameras in the future.
The City prefers that the security system should have the following features:
o Non-proprietary equipment;
o Cameras capable of functioning in daylight and the dark; and
o Capability of viewing videos via internet and phone apps.
Deliverable: Recommended security camera system will be described and
detailed in the final report.
b. Equipment List
Identify all the equipment required for the security camera system at each
facility to function.
Deliverable: Equipment list that includes manufacturer and model and/or
performance specification for the equipment to be installed at each facility.
These lists will be included in the final report.
c. Proposed Locations for Security Cameras & Equipment
RFP #E1249-20S
City Facility Security Camera Project
Identify on a plan and with photographs the proposed security camera and
equipment location(s) at each facility.
Deliverable: Plans and photographs will be included in the final report.
d. Cost Estimate
Identify a ROM cost estimate for installing the security camera system at each
Deliverable: Cost estimates will be included in the final report.
e. Schedule
Identify a schedule required to complete the installation of the security camera
system at each facility.
Deliverable: Schedule for each facility will be included in the final report.
f. Next Steps
Recommend the next steps that the City should take to ensure competitive
bidding for the purchase and installation of the security camera systems at the
seven City facilities. Will a consultant need to be engaged in order to design a
complete set of plans and specifications? Can a fair, competitive bid be
obtained with providing an equipment list, and list of locations? What conditions
are important to include in the specifications?
Deliverable: Recommendation on the City’s next steps will be included in the
final report.
g. Final Report
Produce a final report that summarizes the City’s security camera needs,
existing facility conditions, and recommendations. Compile the deliverables
from Tasks 1 & 2 as indicated above.
Deliverable: The Consultant will submit to the City a final report that meets the
requirements indicated in Task 1 and Task 2 (a-f).
5. Proposal Submittal Requirements
General Requirements
Proposers must submit five (5) printed copies and one electronic copy of the proposal for the
Project addressed (for delivery purposes only) to the Office of the City Engineer. The City will
receive such proposals at the main entrance to the Public Works Facility, 3621 Bell Avenue,
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 10, 2020.
In response to COVID-19, City facilities, including Public Works Facility, are closed to the public.
Therefore, proposals for this project will only be accepted by the City Project Manager present
outside the main entrance door of the Public Works Facility during the period of time stated above.
Proposals will NOT be accepted prior to the period of time stated above. No mailed proposals will
be accepted.
RFP #E1249-20S
City Facility Security Camera Project
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