Cameron Peak & East Troublesome Fire Suppression Repairs

Agency: Larimer County
State: Colorado
Type of Government: State & Local
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Posted: Jan 21, 2021
Due: Feb 19, 2021
Solicitation No: P21-05
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2021-02-19 P21-05 Cameron Peak & East Troublesome Fire Suppression Repairs
Les Brown, Purchasing Agent

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P.O. Box 1190, Fort Collins, Colorado 80522-1190, 970.498.5955,
Cameron Peak & East Troublesome Fire Suppression Repairs
2:00 p.m.
The Board of Larimer County Commissioners will only be accepting proposals electronically submitted via
the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System ("RMEPS") portal, at, up to
2:00 P.M. (MT), on February 19, 2021 at which time they will be recorded, but not publicly opened, to consider
contracting with one (1) or more qualified Contractor(s) to repair the fire suppression efforts that took place on
non-federal lands during the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome Fires. These repairs include dozer line fire
suppression activities. This work will be completed on non-federal lands where consent has been given by
landowners to make these repairs. This project is FEMA reimbursement through the FEMA Major Disaster
Declaration and the Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) Declaration. There is no guaranteed minimum
amount of work to be ordered; work will be on an as-needed basis. Prices and terms shall remain in effect until
a contract has been executed.
RFP documents are available online at Rocky Mountain e-Purchasing at, and
on the Larimer County Purchasing’s Bids and Proposals web site at
All questions regarding this proposal must be emailed to Les Brown, Purchasing Agent, at Questions are due no later than 10:00 a.m. (our clock) February 5, 2021. No
questions will be accepted after the date and time referenced above. All questions received will be answered
via Addendum only. Addenda will be published at both Rocky Mountain e-Purchasing at and on the Larimer County Purchasing’s Bids and Proposals web site at
NOTE: Unauthorized contact with a County employee other than the Purchasing Agent regarding this RFP
may result in disqualification of your Proposal.
Starting March 30, 2020 Larimer County only accepts Proposals submitted via the Rocky Mountain E-
Purchasing System (RMEPS). Proposals submitted by any other means will not be accepted. Proposers
must be registered with RMEPS in advance in order to submit a proposal; registration is free. Larimer County
strongly recommends Proposers register with RMEPS well in advance of the submittal deadline to ensure they
have adequate time to upload and submit their proposals.
Proposers will not be compensated for generating, producing, or duplicating any proposal materials associated
with this RFP, and it is the sole responsibility of the Proposer to ensure all required documents are submitted
through RMEPS by the submission deadline. Proposals will be time-stamped by RMEPS upon receipt;
RMEPS does not allow for uploading or submitting documents after the Proposal due date and time has
passed, so please allow adequate time to upload and submit your Proposal prior to the deadline. After
uploading proposal documents, Proposers must click the SUBMIT button. Larimer County will not
accept uploads that are “saved” but not “submitted”. To verify that a Proposal has been submitted
successfully, Proposers may contact RMEPS Support or verify, via the Proposal Management tab in the
Proposer’s account, that the documents are not in “Draft” status.
Larimer County does not have access to, or control of, the Vendor side of RMEPS. Please contact RMEPS at
1-800-835-4603 for vendor support.
Proposers are required to submit one (1) non-redacted proposal. All parts of the proposal should be
combined and submitted as one (1) single .pdf file; proposals comprised of multiple separate files are
not acceptable and your proposal may be rejected. Proposers may choose to also provide one (1)
redacted .pdf proposal (as one single file), excluding any information that is not subject to disclosure under
the Colorado Open Records Act (“CORA”). Statements that the entire proposal is confidential will not be
honored. After the Notice of Award has been issued, all information submitted in response to this request for
proposal (RFP) may be publicly disclosed if required under the CORA. If provided, the redacted electronic copy
will be used to satisfy CORA requests. Proposers that do not provide a redacted electronic copy will
have their non-redacted electronic copy used to satisfy CORA requests. Larimer County will endeavor to
keep the non-redacted proposal, separate and apart from the redacted proposal subject to the provisions of
CORA or Order of Court.
By submitting a proposal, the proposer agrees they may not rescind their proposal on or after the closing date
and time identified in the RFP or as modified by addendum. No delivery shall become due or be accepted until
an agreement has been completed either in the form of a formal executed contract, or a purchase order issued
by the Purchasing Director of Larimer County.
Proposals must be furnished exclusive of any Federal, State, or Local taxes.
No work shall commence nor shall any invoices be paid before the contracted vendor provides the requested
proof of insurance as outlined in the “Insurance Requirements”, and before such verification is approved by
Larimer County Risk Management.
Unless otherwise specified by contract, payment for work performed or goods sold to Larimer County can be
expected within 30 days after receipt of the invoice and satisfactory acceptance from the department receiving
the service or goods.
As of August 7, 2006, state and local government agencies are prohibited from purchasing services from any
contractor that knowingly employs illegal immigrants to help carry out publicly funded work. Pursuant to the
provisions of Colo. Rev. Stat. §8-17.5-102, contractors must certify that they are using the E-Verify Program or
Department Program to verify the employment eligibility of new employees. If a contractor awarded a contract
violates any requirement of Colo. Rev. Stat. §8-17.5-102 et seq., the state or local government agency may
terminate the contract and the contractor will be liable for damages to such agency. These requirements are
not applicable to foreign companies without employees working in the United States under this contract, or to
agreements relating to the offer, issuance, or sale of securities; investment advisory services or fund
management services; sponsored projects; intergovernmental agreements; or information technology services
or products and services.
Proposer certifies, warrants, and agrees that (he) (she) (it) has knowledge of the “Keep Jobs in Colorado Act”
codified at § 8-17-101, et seq. of the Colorado Revised Statutes and that Colorado labor shall be employed to
perform at least eighty percent (80%) of the work. See drivele/kjica for
more information regarding this Act, which applies to Public Works projects. The definition of Public
Works is found under the “Keep Jobs in Colorado Act Rules”, which is listed in the website listed above.
Frequently Asked Questions” about this Act may be found at:
Larimer County reserves the right to reject any and or all proposals, to further negotiate with any and/or
qualified proposers and to waive informalities and irregularities in proposals received, and to accept any
portion of the proposal if deemed to be in the best interest of Larimer County to do so. If, in the sole judgment
of the Board of County Commissioners, the proposals are substantially equal, the Board may grant the contract
to companies located in Larimer County, however this is not applicable in the case that Federal funds are
Larimer County, in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 252, 42
US.C. §§ 2000d to 2000d-4) and the Regulations, hereby notified all proposers that it will affirmatively ensure
that any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises (including
minority-owned or women-owned) will be afforded full and fair opportunity to submit a proposal in response to
this Request for Proposal and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, religion or
religious affiliation, sex, familial status, age, genetics, disability, or national origin in consideration for an award.
All businesses, organizations, and individuals contracting with Larimer County must comply with Title II of the
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended. For more information on these requirements and to read
the full Title II text, please go to the following web page:
No vendor awarded a solicitation shall be federally debarred. The proposer certifies that by signing the
contract, neither the proposer nor subcontractors, the organization nor its principals are suspended or
debarred or otherwise excluded from procurement by the Federal government. Such debarment shall be
checked through the System for Award Management, at
Other governmental entities may piggyback on the award of this solicitation, assuming the award vendor is
amenable, and should contact Larimer County Purchasing for any necessary procurement documents. The
entity shall deal directly with the award vendor concerning the placement of Purchase Orders, freight charges,
contracting and disputes, invoicing, and payment. Larimer County shall not be held liable or responsible for
any liability, claims, costs, damages, demands, actions, losses, judgments, or expenses incurred by the vendor
or any government entity relating to such use.
Larimer County intends to contract with one (1) or more qualified Contractor(s) to repair the fire suppression
efforts that took place on non-federal lands during the Cameron Peak and East Troublesome Fires. These
repairs include dozer line fire suppression activities. This work will be completed on non-federal lands where
consent has been given by landowners to make these repairs. This project is FEMA reimbursement through
the FEMA Major Disaster Declaration and the Fire Management Assistance Grant (FMAG) Declaration. There
is no guaranteed minimum amount of work to be ordered; work will be on an as-needed basis.
The Contractor at a minimum, will provide, perform, and/or furnish the following:
1. General Repair Objectives
1.1. Safety Ensure all suppression repair work is done in a safe and efficient manner.
1.2. Vegetation and Soils Avoid or minimize further vegetation disturbance and soil erosion to reduce
sediment movement.
1.3. Environmental Suppression repair efforts will not adversely impact animal species or water quality.
1.4. Noxious Weeds Minimize noxious weed spread along all constructed contain/confinement lines,
safety zones, and drop points to protect native vegetation. Also, ensure all vehicles and equipment
have been thoroughly washed prior to and after suppression repair activity.
1.5. Cleanup Remove suppression related material and dispose of off-site (equipment, debris, trash,
signing, flagging) in areas used by suppression personnel.
2. General Guidelines
2.1. Motorized equipment will be thoroughly cleaned by the vendor of any plant materials to prevent the
spread of invasive species.
2.2. In addition, all vehicles assigned to the incident will be cleaned by the vendor before the end of the
contract, to reduce the risk of transporting noxious weed seed to other areas.
2.3. Excavators with an opposable thumb are required to accomplish suppression repair of machined
lines/features unless approved in advance by Larimer County.
2.4. For areas that are brushed for line construction or burnout operations, slash and logs should not be
placed in streams or road ditches.
2.5. Suppression related slash should be moved a minimum of 50 feet from ditches and culvert inlets or
2.5.1. Chips should be blown away from streams, roads, and road ditches.
3. Dozer/Mechanical Equipment Suppression Activity Standards
3.1. Pull back berms and piles (logs, topsoil, and available slash) onto fire lines to blend with the natural
3.2. Leave a roughened surface to promote infiltration, erosion control and recovery of native plants and
3.3. All dozer line cuts and fills will be pulled back to resemble the natural contour.
3.4. All windrows created with trees and brush will be broken up and pulled back onto the fire line.
3.5. Areas where slash coverage is not adequate to control surface runoff and/or areas where slopes are
excessively steep (exceeding 20% grade), will require additional drainage features such as water bars
or a pitting method, increasing water infiltration.
3.6. Evenly distribute existing dead and down limbs and tops onto the repaired fire line as available.
3.7. Larimer County will identify areas where it is appropriate to thin adjacent trees with the excavator and
place the material on the needed areas without sufficient slash.
3.8. Redistributed slash should not exceed 12 inches above ground level.
3.9. If suppression activities disturbed stream banks or wetlands, the Contractor will consult the Larimer
County prior to performing any repair work.
3.10. Repair the physical environment to prevent subsequent erosion to allow for recovery/establishment of
vegetation; these areas will be identified on the Suppression Repair Map and the Suppression Repair
The proposer should indicate in the proposal any work intended to be performed by subcontractor or persons
outside of the firm. The proposer should name the subcontractors, if known, at the time of proposal submittal.
Larimer County is diligent about enforcing insurance requirements listed in all contracts. This diligence
means that the County expects that all submitted proposals will include an Evidence of Coverage Certificate
(EOC) that most closely meets the insurance coverage requirements listed (see example EOC below).
BEFORE submitting your company proposal, confirm with your insurance carrier that your company can meet
the insurance requirements published in the solicitation. Your company insurance coverages should be
correctly noted in the most current EOC. NOTE: All Larimer County contracts require that the Award Vendor
possess appropriate insurance at all times during the contract; these coverages are purchased at the
company's expense. The County’s insurance requirements may necessitate a company adding or increasing
coverage/limits, and those changes may impact pricing for the proposed project. These costs must be included
in your pricing at the time of submission and will not be permitted to be added later.
Upon Notice of Award, the Award Vendor will be required to submit a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) that
meets, at a minimum, the Insurance Requirements published in the solicitation (see example COI below). This
valid COI must be received by Larimer County within 10 calendar days of the Notice of Award and must
include Larimer County listed as Additional Insured and Certificate Holder. Work may begin after the COI has
been approved by Risk Management.
What Is An EOC/COI & How to Obtain A Copy
An Evidence of Coverage (EOC) certificate is a statement that shows a company's insurance coverage, limits,
and effective dates in addition to policy verification information. A Certificate of Insurance (COI) shows the
same information BUT is created specifically for the contracted company with who the named insured is doing
business. A COI also differs from an EOC in that it can provide Additional Insured coverage. An Additional
Insured endorsement protects the named Additional Insured (Larimer County) under the named insured's
(Awarded Company) policy - allowing the named Additional Insured to file a claim directly with the carrier of the
named insured.
There may be several points of contact at your company for obtaining an EOC and a COI. The employee at
your company whom regularly interacts with the company's insurance agent/broker to purchase insurance
coverages or renew coverages may be able to supply an EOC and request a specific COI. In some companies,
the employee in the Legal, Risk Management, or Human Resource Department responsible for handling
insurance claims may be able to obtain a copy of the current EOC or request a COI. If the company insurance
agent/broker has any questions, please have them reach out to the Larimer County Risk Management Division
at (970) 498-5963 or via email at
Evidence of Coverage EXAMPLE certificate - EOC.pdf
Certificate of Insurance EXAMPLE - COI.pdf
Failure to provide a properly formatted and valid Certificate of Insurance (COI) may create a delay in
starting work or negate any award of business. Let's work together to get work done!
Prior to commencement of any work, contractor/vendor shall provide a Certificate(s) of Insurance to Larimer
County Risk Management, 200 W. Oak St., #4000, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 or The
insurance required shall be procured and maintained in full force and effect for the duration of the Contract and
shall be written for not less than the following amounts, or greater if required by law. Certificate Holder should
be Larimer County at the above address.
1. Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability
1.1. State of Colorado:
1.2. Applicable Federal:
1.3. Employer's Liability:
$100,000 Each Accident
$500,000 Disease-Policy Limit
$100,000 Disease-Each Employee
1.4. Waiver of Subrogation
A signed Workers’ Compensation waiver must be provided if the contractor/vendor is not
required to carry Workers’ Compensation coverage per Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act
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