Agency: Rockdale County
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Posted: Nov 18, 2020
Due: Jan 7, 2021
Solicitation No: RFP #20-21
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RFP #20-21
A MANDATORY Pre-Proposal Conference and Site Visit will be held on Monday, December 7, 2020 at 2:00 P.M., local time at the Rockdale County Animal Shelter, 1506 Rockbridge Road NW, Conyers, GA 30012.
DUE: Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 2:00 P.M., local time. Please refer to the RFP for complete submittal instructions.
Bid Package

Attachment Preview

No. 20-21
November 18, 2020
Animal Control Shelter Expansion
958 Milstead Avenue
RFP No.20-21
Rockdale County is requesting Competitive Sealed Proposals for the Animal Control Shelter Expansion.
Instructions for preparation and submission of a proposal are contained in this packet. Proposals must be
typed or printed in ink.
Rockdale County provides equal opportunity for all businesses and does not discriminate against any
person or business because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or veterans status. This
policy ensures all segments of the business community have access to supplying the goods and services
needed by Rockdale County.
All questions concerning this RFP and all questions arising subsequent to award are to be addressed to the
Purchasing Division via email to Meagan Porch, Buyer, at or the
following address:
Rockdale County Finance Department
Purchasing Division
Attn: Meagan Porch
958 Milstead Avenue
Conyers, GA 30012
Phone: (770) 278-7557, Fax: (770) 278-8910
To maintain a “level playing field”, and to assure that all proposers receive the same information, proposers
are requested NOT to contact anyone other than the contact above until after the award of the contract.
Doing so could result in disqualification of the proposer.
Technical Proposal:
One (1) hard copy, one (1) original hard copy and one (1) Flash Drive in Adobe PDF format will be required
for review purposes. (Original must be clearly marked “Original” and the Copies clearly marked “Copies.”).
Flash Drives that are blank or have incorrect information on them will not be acceptable and may be
justification for disqualification. Check your Flash Drive(s) to ensure that they have the appropriate material
on it before submitting. All sealed Proposals and Flash Drives must be submitted to the Rockdale County
Finance Department, Procurement Division, P.O. Box 958, Conyers, GA 30012 no later than 5:00 P.M.,
local time, Thursday, January 14, 2021. An original copy of the Proposal and an original copy of the
Proposal Form must be emailed to no later than 2:00 P.M., local
time on Thursday, January 7, 2021. We are not accepting Proposals in person at this time.
Price Proposal:
One (1) hard copy of the price proposal form is required to be submitted in a separate sealed envelope
labeled “Proposal Form” when submitting by mail.
The Contract Term will be determined at a later date.
Sealed proposals will be received by mail to Meagan Porch at no
later than 2:00 P.M., local time, Thursday, January 7, 2021. Proposals received after this time will not be
RFP No.20-21
There will be a MANDATORY Pre-Proposal Conference held at The Rockdale County Animal Shelter,
1506 Rockbridge Road NW, Conyers, GA 30012, at 2:00 P.M., local time, Monday, December 7, 2020.
Any questions and/or misunderstandings that may arise from this RFP may be asked and answered at the
pre-proposal conference; however, oral responses are not authoritative. Proposers are encouraged to
review the RFP before attending the pre-proposal conference. Questions received after the pre-proposal
conference must be submitted in writing to or at the above address.
We will be social distancing and you are highly encouraged to wear a mask. Any contractor who intends to
submit a proposal is required to attend this meeting.
All questions and requests for clarifications concerning this RFP must be submitted to the Purchasing
Division via email to or at the above address no later than 2:00
p.m., local time, on Thursday, December 17, 2020. It shall be the proposers responsibility to seek
clarification as early as possible prior to the due date and time. Written responses from the County to the
questions it receives will be in an addendum and posted to the County’s website at, under Bid Opportunities. Questions or requests for clarifications received
after this deadline will not receive a response.
Answers to questions submitted that materially change the conditions and specifications of this RFP will be
issued in an addendum and posted to the County’s website at Bid
Opportunities. Any discussions or documents will be considered non-binding unless incorporated and
issued in an addendum.
It is the proposer’s responsibility to check the Rockdale County website at, Bid Opportunities for any addenda that may be issued, prior to
submitting a proposal for this RFP.
Policy #R-2015-08 includes the following language:
The Rockdale County Board of Commissioners only purchases energy star rated equipment
and appliances that are economically responsible and reduce resource consumption and
waste within federal, state, and local laws. The County will only purchase recycled copy,
computer, and fax paper with at least 30 percent recycled content.
A copy of the policy may be viewed and downloaded by visiting the website at Bid Opportunities, and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.
RFP No.20-21
This section is intended to obtain a full disclosure from the responder of all requirements related to the
use of Information Technology for the successful implementation and operational readiness of the
proposed solution. This disclosure should include all computer hardware, software, and network
connectivity requirements that are needed.
Software that provides built-in data archiving mechanisms for all documents and files, and that can also
be programmed to reflect State-defined retention schedules will receive preference.
Information must include:
Point of Contact for Technical follow up (Name, title, email address, phone number)
System Hosting (Cloud-based or Rockdale County Data Center)
Compute requirements (server, workstations, field devices Mfg and Model)
Storage requirements (Mfg and Model, estimated 1st year requirement, estimated rate of growth,
total capacity in Gb required for initial 2 years)
Platforms involved list all (Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.)
Scanners, cameras, monitors, printers (Mfg and Model)
Software requirements (utilities, DB scripts, applications, Name and Developer)
High-level diagram of the solution (Host, Storage, DBs, Applications, Interfaces to other
The Total Solution Cost should include all I.T. costs, plus (2) years of Maintenance (Support) Costs of
all applications and equipment.
Responses must contain Payment Terms based on project-defined deliverables that include Project
Plan Approval, Installation, Training, and Testing both Systems and End-to-End (E2E) testing.
All systems that have been designated as “live”, “in use”, or “in Production” must follow the Change
Management Procedures of the County in order for any subsequent changes to be approved,
scheduled, and implemented. These procedures call for testing and adequate proof of testing.
Time is of the essence and is an essential element of this Contract, and the Contractor shall pay to the
County, not as a penalty, but as liquidated damages, the sum of $100.00 for each calendar day that there is
default of completing the Work within the time limit named herein. If the Contractor abandons the Contract
before commencement of the Work or defaults in completion of all the Work after commencement thereof,
the Contractor shall be liable for such liquidated damages. These fixed liquidated damages are not
established as a penalty but are calculated and agreed upon in advance by the County and the Contractor
due to the uncertainty and impossibility of making a determination as to the actual and consequential
damages incurred by the County and the general public of Rockdale County, Georgia as a result of the
failure on the part of the Contractor to complete the Work on time. Such liquidated damages referred to
herein are intended to be and are cumulative and shall be in addition to every other remedy now or
hereafter enforceable at law, in equity, by statute, or under the Contract.
RFP No.20-21
Proposers must have a current business license from their home based jurisdiction and provide a copy of
that license with the submittal of their proposal response.
Proposals from any offeror that is in default on the payment of any taxes, license fees, or other monies due
to Rockdale County will not be accepted.
Any contractor submitting a Proposal must complete the Contractor’s Qualification Statement
and Questionnaire if provided in this package.
In evaluating Proposals, the County may seek additional information from any contractor concerning such
contractor’s proposal or its qualifications to construct the Project.
Proposers are to submit at least three (3) references from projects with similar experience using the
materials and process in this RFP.
As required by O.C.G.A. § 43-41-6, et seq., a Bidder responding to this Invitation to Bid must provide a
copy of its Georgia General Contractor’s License. The Georgia General Contractor’s License must be
issued in the name of the Bidder. All licenses must be current, valid, and issued in compliance with
applicable law. Failure to provide this license with the Bid may result in the proposed Bid being deemed
Careful consideration should be given before submitting confidential information to Rockdale County.
The Georgia Open Records Act permits public scrutiny of most materials collected as part of this
process. Please clearly mark any information that is considered a trade secret, as defined by the
Georgia Trade Secrets Act of 1990, O.C.G.A. §10-1-760 et seq., as trade secrets are exempt from
disclosure under the Open Records Act. Rockdale County does not guarantee the confidentiality of any
information not clearly marked as a trade secret.
The Offeror will provide financial information that would allow proposal evaluators to ascertain the financial
stability of the firm.
If a public company, the Offeror will provide their most recent audited financial report.
If a private company, the Offeror will provide a copy of their most recent internal financial
statement, and/or a letter from their financial institution, on the financial institution’s
letterhead, stating the Offeror is in good standing with that financial institution.
The Rockdale County Procurement Office and Evaluation Committee makes a recommendation for award.
The Board of Commissioners will make the actual award of the contract and has the authority to award the
contract to a company different than the company recommended by the Procurement Office and/or
Evaluation Committee.
This is a past performance/quality/price trade-off source selection in which competing offeror’s past and
present performance history and product quality will be evaluated on a basis approximately equal to price.
Award will be made to the responsible offeror whose proposal represents the best value after evaluation in
accordance with the factors listed below. Rockdale County Board of Commissioners may reject any or all
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