Information Technology Support Services

Agency: State Government of Hawaii
State: Hawaii
Type of Government: State & Local
  • D - Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services
Posted: Nov 18, 2019
Due: Dec 18, 2019
Solicitation No: RFP# HMS-238-IT-20-25
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General Information

Department Solicitation Number RFP# HMS-238-IT-20-25
Jurisdiction Executive
Department Human Services
Division Vocational Rehabilitation & Services to the Blind
Category Goods & Services
Type of Notice Competitive Sealed Proposal (RFP)
Solicitation Title Information Technology Support Services
Solicitation Description The Department of Human Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Disability Determination Branch (DDB) is requesting proposals from qualified applicants to provide information technology support consultation services to the DDB. The Disability Determination Branch (DDB) makes medical determinations on disability claims filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) under the Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs.
Release Date 11/18/2019
Offer Due Date & Time (HST) 12/18/2019 02:30 PM
Islands Oahu
Comments --
Files ATTACHMENTS _1-4 RFP_ HMS-238-IT-20-25.pdf
RFP_ HMS-238-IT-20-25.pdf
Commodity Code(s) 541511 Computer software support services, custom

Attachment Preview

Applicant Name
The applicant’s proposal must contain the following components in the order shown below.
1. Proposal Application Checklist
2. Offer Form, Page OF-1.
3. Professional Qualifications For
Letter of Interest as it relates to the Evaluation criteria (Experience,
4. Knowledge, & Ability to meet the needs of the Agency)
5. Current Vitae with copy/proof of license and/or certifications
Format or
Attachment 1,
Section 3.10.1,
Attachment 2,
Section 3.10.2,
Attachment 3,
Section 3.10.3,
Section Three
(3), RFP
Section Three
(3), RFP
Place an “X”
for items
COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTATION (one of the two options below):
OPTION #1: Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) “CERTIFICATE OF
VENDOR COMPLIANCE” that shows Compliant Status (for Hawaii DOT, IRS,
Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs (if applicable), and
Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations.)
Section Three
(3), RFP
OPTION #2: If you choose not to register for and/or furnish a Hawaii Compliance Express Certificate of Vendor
Compliance, you must go to each of the Agencies below and provide the paper copies of:
a) State of Hawaii Department of Taxation of TAX CLEARANCE
Section Three
(3), RFP
b) State of Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations APPLICATION
c) State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
Section Three
(3), RFP
Section Three
(3), RFP
Applicant should submit ONE original packet + TWO (2 copies) to the purchasing agency.
Information Technology Support Services
RFP# HMS-238-IT-20-25
Vikki Nakamura
Disability Determination Branch
Department of Human Services/Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
State of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Dear Procurement Officer:
The undersigned has carefully read and understands the terms and conditions specified in the
Specifications and Special Provisions attached hereto, and in the General Conditions, by
reference made a part hereof and available upon request; and hereby submits the following
offer to perform the work specified herein, all in accordance with the true intent and meaning
thereof. The undersigned further understands and agrees that by submitting this offer, 1)
he/she is declaring his/her offer is not in violation of Chapter 84, Hawaii Revised Statutes,
concerning prohibited State contracts, and 2) he/she is certifying that the price(s) submitted was
(were) independently arrived at without collusion.
Offeror is:
Sole Proprietor Partnership
*State of incorporation:
Joint Venture
Hawaii General Excise Tax License I.D. No.
Federal I.D. No.
Payment address (other than street address below):
City, State, Zip Code:
Business address (street address):
City, State, Zip Code:
Respectfully submitted:
Telephone No.:
Authorized (Original) Signature
Fax No.:
Name and Title (Please Type or Print)
E-mail Address:
Exact Legal Name of Company (Offeror)
**If Offeror is a “dba” or a “division” of a corporation, furnish the exact legal name of the
corporation under which the awarded contract will be executed.
RFP# HMS-238-IT-20-25
ATTACHMENT 3: Checklist of Professional Services
Indicate the specific Professional Service specialty for which you have experience and wish to be
considered for:
Policy and Planning Attach a list of policy and planning services your firm can provide (e.g., IT
strategic plans, IT governance, defining current/future business environments, conducting IT audits
and/or verification and validation, etc.).
Security Attach a list of security protocols, encryption standards, and security services your firm
has experience with such as (e.g., intrusion prevention, secure messaging, wireless security, firewall,
system security management, network access control, secure content management, etc.).
Systems Analysis Attach a list of application areas and development environments to which your
firm has experience including experience with needs analysis, requirements gathering, process
reengineering, feasibility studies, and other systems analysis.
Applications Software Attach a list of application areas and application development
environments, and associated technologies your firm has expertise in, including application
performance management software tools, experience implementing vendor-developed packaged
software, and integrating vendor-supplied software with other applications.
Operating Systems Attach a list of server implementation and support services your firm has
experience with (e.g., server configuration, testing, server consolidation, hardware/ software platform
migration, server operational support, etc.). Also list the hardware and operating systems your firm has
expertise in, including managed services.
Network Services. Attach a list of the IT network services your firm has experience with (e.g.
design/engineering of physical network infrastructure, networking system implementation, network
monitoring and troubleshooting, network forensics, etc.). List the tools your firm has available.
Data Management Attach a list of database platforms your firm has expertise in.
May specify the types of database related services your firm has expertise in (e.g., data architecture,
database design, database administration, data warehouse, business intelligence/decision support, etc.).
May specify experience in areas of database design, database administration, longitudinal data systems,
business intelligence, geographic information systems (GIS), data storage management, data transfer,
data synchronization, big data solutions, and the use of application tools and best practices to optimize
data accuracy.
Systems Administration Attach a list of both server and client hardware and software
systems/platforms your firm can configure and support. Support includes planning and coordinating
installation, testing, operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc.
Customer Support Attach a list of customer and user support services your firm provides for
training and/or supporting users with custom or packaged applications and/or desktop platform
technical support (e.g., on-line training material, training plans, user documentation, technical
documentation, content development, help desk, etc.). Also attach a list of “development-support”
services your firm provides to assist application development in the following areas, application
programming, application server migration, server OS migration and product selection assistance.
RFP# HMS-238-IT-20-25
1. The RFP is issued pursuant to Subchapter 6 of HAR Chapter 3-122, implementing HRS §103D-303.
2. The procurement process begins with the issuance of the RFP and the formal response to any written
questions or inquiries regarding the RFP. Changes to the RFP will be made only by Addendum.
3. Proposals shall be received on HePS. The register of proposals and Offerors’ proposals shall be open to
public inspection after posting of the award.
a. All proposals and other material submitted by Offerors become the property of the State and may
be returned only at the State’s option.
4. The Procurement Officer, or an evaluation committee approved by the Procurement Officer, shall
evaluate the proposals in accordance with the evaluation criteria in Section Four.
5. Proposals may be accepted on evaluation without discussion. However, if deemed necessary, prior to
entering into discussions, a "priority list" of responsible Offerors submitting acceptable and potentially
acceptable proposals shall be generated. The priority list may be limited to a minimum of three
responsible Offerors who submitted the highest-ranked proposals. The objective of these discussions is
to clarify issues regarding the Offeror’s proposal before the BAFO is tendered.
6. If during discussions there is a need for any substantial clarification or change in the RFP, the RFP shall
be amended by an addendum to incorporate such clarification or change. Addenda to the RFP shall be
distributed only to priority listed Offerors who submit acceptable or potentially acceptable proposals.
7. Following any discussions, Priority Listed Offerors will be invited to submit their BAFO, if required. The
Procurement Officer or an evaluation committee reserves the right to have additional rounds of
discussions with the top three (3) Priority Listed Offerors prior to the submission of the BAFO.
8. The date and time for Offerors to submit their BAFO, if any, is indicated in Section 1.4, RFP Schedule and
Significant Dates. If Offeror does not submit a notice of withdrawal or a BAFO, the Offeror’s immediate
previous offer shall be construed as its BAFO.
9. After receipt and evaluation of the BAFOs in accordance with the evaluation criteria in Section Four, the
Procurement Officer or an evaluation committee will make its recommendation. The Procurement Officer
will award the contract to the Offeror whose proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to the
State taking into consideration price and the evaluation factors set forth in Section Four.
10. The contents of any proposal shall not be disclosed during the review, evaluation, or discussion. Once
award notice is posted, all proposals, successful and unsuccessful, become available for public
inspection. Those sections that the Offeror and the State agree are confidential and/or proprietary should
be identified by the Offerors and shall be excluded from access.
11. The Procurement Officer or an evaluation committee reserves the right to determine what is in the best
interest of the State for purposes of reviewing and evaluating proposals submitted in response to the
RFP. The Procurement Officer or an evaluation committee will conduct a comprehensive, fair and
impartial evaluation of proposals received in response to the RFP.
12. The RFP, any addenda issued, and the successful Offeror's proposal shall become a part of the contract.
All proposals shall become the property of the State of Hawaii.
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