Transportation Demand Management and Municipal Parking RFP

Agency: City of Buffalo
State: New York
Type of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Posted: Dec 11, 2020
Due: Mar 12, 2021
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Bid Title: Transportation Demand Management and Municipal Parking RFP
Category: Parking Department
Status: Open

Publication Date/Time:
12/11/2020 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/12/2021 11:59 PM
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Mayor Byron W. Brown
City of Buffalo New York
Division of Purchase
Room 1901
65 Niagara Square
Buffalo, NY 14202
PHONE (716) 851-5222
DATE ISSUED: December 11, 2020
The City of Buffalo, under the leadership of Mayor Byron W. Brown, is committed to
creating a downtown which is vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable, these principles have been
expressed by residents and included in documents such as The Future of Mobility: Remaking
Buffalo for the 21st Century ( A vital component
of this vision is that downtown must be convenient for all to access and use through a variety
of travel modes.
Buffalo has had a history of managing transportation separately with roles divided up among
a number of organization including the current parking ramp operator BCAR, transit by the
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee,
GO Bike Buffalo, NYS Department of Transportation, City of Buffalo Engineering and
others. Which leads to an inefficient use of land that does not support the vibrant walkable
neighborhood called for in the City’s downtown plan the Queen City Hub., nor does it
support other modes of transportation such as mass transit.
The City of Buffalo aspires to manage the existing public downtown parking resources to
further the goal of a vibrant, inclusive, sustainable downtown.
The City of Buffalo Parking Department (hereinafter “the City”) is seeking proposals from
qualified organizations to provide services for the operation, maintenance, security, and
administration of the City’s Municipal Parking Facilities, as well as services to optimize the
mode share of commuters and visitors, reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to downtown
through transportation demand management initiatives, while providing a high level of
service to all users.
The transportation system of today may not meet the needs of the future. As stated in The
Future of Mobility: Remaking Buffalo for the 21st Century “Automated vehicles, advances
in micromobility such as dockless e-scooters, on-demand partnerships with microtransit, and
dynamic parking pricing are already starting to change how we move about cities.” Focusing
on all types of mobility can help create equitable urban development and inclusive public
Approximately 30% of city households do not have access to a car, by ensuring that all
modes of transportation are considered and that vehicular traffic, in particular single
occupancy vehicles, are not the only focus of Downtown access strategies the City of Buffalo
can further its goal of creating a great city that priorities equity and a high quality of life.
The City’s parking assets have been well maintained and cared for. The City looks to
continue this standard and use the revenues generated from its parking assets to continue a
well-run and maintained system while also supporting transportation demand management
initiatives. In keeping with the Mayor’s Race for Place ( initiative
the City of Buffalo is looking for a plan and management structure that supports these goals.
It is anticipated that the parking facilities operator will partner with or directly provide
services which are normally associated with a Transportation Management Association
In selecting a management firm to perform the daily operations of the municipal parking
system while implementing transportation demand management strategies, the City will seek
a firm that can support the vitality of downtown through:
1) Marketing of parking through traditional means, but also through the application of
new technologies, to increase user awareness of available parking spots for peak and
non-peak users
2) Offering creative transportation demand management solutions to facilitate mode
share changes and reduction of single occupancy vehicles
3) Incorporation of non-typical revenue sources, e.g., added customer services,
advertising, dedicated commercial space located in parking structures.
4) Increasing in payment options, e.g., web-based payments.
5) Reduction in operating expenses through modernization and/or centralization of
systems and processes and conversion to automated facilities
6) Deploying new technology for parking and transportation, e.g., apps, real time
parking space management.
7) Developing ways to increase utilization of periphery parking lots.
8) Regularly engaging city departments, transportation agencies, and not-for-profits to
develop and coordinate transportation demand management strategies.
3.1 General Invitation
The City invites all interested parties to submit proposals for the services described herein.
The City will receive all proposals in person or via mail by no later than March 12, 2021
11:00 AM EST. All proposals shall be sealed, clearly labeled on the front of the package
and delivered to:
City of Buffalo
William Sunderlin, Director of Purchase
Purchasing Division
65 Niagara Square, Room 1901 City Hall
Buffalo, New York 14202
The outside of each sealed envelope or package should be labeled:
Proposal Enclosed
Proposals Due: March 12, 2021
Submitted by: __________________
The received time of proposals will be determined by the clock at the above noted location.
Proposals are solicited in accordance with the terms, conditions and instructions as set forth
in this RFP. Submission of proposals via telephone, facsimile, e-mail or any other method
not specifically provided for herein is prohibited. Proposals must be completed in
accordance with the requirements of this RFP. No amendments or changes to proposals will
be accepted after the closing date and time. No proposals shall be accepted after the stated
Any material misrepresentation made by an Offeror may void its proposal and eliminate the
proposal from further consideration. Any proposal that is based upon violation of federal,
state or local law, or deemed to be non-responsive will be eliminated from consideration.
The City shall not be responsible for any expenses or charges incurred by an Offeror in
preparing or submitting a proposal, or in their providing any additional information
considered necessary by the City in the evaluation of their proposal.
3.2 Schedule
Listed below is the anticipated schedule for all actions related to this RFP. In the event that
there is any change or deviation from this schedule, such change will be posted on the City’s
website at
Issuance of RFP
Written Questions from Offerors Due
Responses to Questions Posted on City Website
Pre-Proposal Conference
Proposals Due
Target Award Date
11:00 AM 3/12/2021
3.3 Pre-Proposal Conference
Offerors interested in providing these services are strongly advised to attend a pre-proposal
conference to be held on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2021 AT 11:00AM, via
teleconference. Any Offeror who would like to attend the pre-proposal conference must
email by 4:00 pm Monday February 22, 2021 to request the
teleconference information. The conference is intended to provide clarification of these
specifications, where needed, and to respond to all technical inquiries. Representatives may
not appear on behalf of more than one company. The teleconference will be recorded and
available for subsequent review upon request by an Offeror.
3.4 RFP Review, Additional Information and Questions
Each Offeror is responsible for carefully examining all RFP documents and thoroughly
familiarizing themselves with each of the City’s requirements prior to the submission of a
proposal to ensure that responses are in compliance with the RFP.
Each Offeror is responsible for conducting its own investigations and any examinations
necessary to ascertain conditions and requirements affecting the requirements of this RFP.
Failure to perform such investigations and examinations shall not relieve the Offeror from
its obligation to comply, in every detail, with all of the provisions and requirements
contained in the RFP.
Questions regarding the RFP shall be directed only to the City’s designee Davis Hough.
Any impermissible contact with any other City officer or employee regarding the RFP during
the procurement period or any other restricted period set forth by the City designee shall
result in the rejection of any such Offeror’s proposal. Offerors shall communicate in writing
only or during the Pre-Proposal Conference. No other communications with the City’s
designee regarding the RFP are permitted during the procurement period.
All written questions, requests for clarification or additional information must be sent by
email to Davis Hough: and must be received no later than
4:00pm, February, 5 2021. The subject line must identify the RFP by title. Offerors shall
not communicate with the City’s designee via any other method or outside of the time period
set forth herein.
The answers to questions received via email and the recording of the pre-proposal conference
will be posted on the City’s website at No other representatives of the
City are to be contacted regarding this RFP. The City accepts no responsibility for, and the
Offeror agrees not to rely upon, any verbal or written statements or representations from any
other person, whether or not employed by the City.
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