Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) for the 2020-21 Winter Season

Agency: State Government of Ohio
State: Ohio
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 68 - Chemicals and Chemical Products
Posted: May 4, 2021
Due: May 19, 2021
Solicitation No: 018-22
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018-22 Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) for the 2020-21 Winter Season 5/19/2021 Maintenance Mgmt 018-22Pricing

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Invitation No.: 018-22
Location: Statewide
Commodity: Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) for the 2020-21 Winter Season
State of Ohio, Department of Transportation
Office of Contract Sales, Purchasing Services
Jack Marchbanks, Ph. D., Director
Bid Submission Deadline (Bid Opening Date):
May 19, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. eastern time
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Invitation No. 018-22
ITB 018-22 Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) for 2021-22 Winter Season
Section 1: Purpose
The purpose of this invitation to bid (ITB) is to establish a contract for Rock Salt (Sodium
Chloride) quantities to be delivered to the Ohio Department of Transportation (also referred to as
“ODOT” and “Department”) as well as participating Political Subdivisions (e.g. townships,
cities, universities, counties, Turnpike, etc.) throughout the 2021-22 winter season.
ODOT and Political Subdivisions are collectively referred to as the “Receiving Agencies” in
the sections below.
This solicitation contains an embedded Minority Participation Requirement. (Section 10)
Section 2: Contract Duration
The effective duration of the awarded contract shall be from the date of execution by the
Director through April 30, 2022.
Section 3: Minimum and Maximum Salt Quantities
All Receiving Agencies, delivery locations, and salt quantities incorporated into the requirements
of this ITB are located on the Department’s provided Excel pricing page (link to file included on
front cover).
Receiving Agencies included in this ITB shall be required to purchase a minimum of at least
90% of their total salt quantities requested from their awarded salt supplier. Conversely, parties
shall be able to purchase up to 110% of their total requested salt quantities from their awarded
salt supplier.
For ODOT, the minimum and maximum provisions (90/110%) will be applied based on the
total amount of tonnage (statewide) a bidder has been awarded through this ITB.
Subject to Section 9 below for Political Subdivisions, the minimum and maximum provisions
(90/110%) will be applied based on the total tonnage requested for each individual Political
Subdivision. Each Political Subdivision will be responsible for purchasing the minimum amount of
90% of their requested tonnage under this contract; again, subject to Section 9 below.
Section 4: Rock
Specifications 4.1: Material
All Sodium Chloride (Rock Salt) provided by an awarded vendor (salt supplier) through this
contract shall conform to ASTM Specification D632 Type I, Grade 1, with the following
a. Moisture Content:
Rock Salt provided through this contract must exhibit 2.0% or less moisture content upon delivery
to the Receiving Agency. Lots of road salt delivered testing beyond the 2.0% maximum allowable
moisture content may be subject to deficient material penalties (calculated deductions) as outlined
in Sections 4.2 and 4.3 below. Delivery vehicles exhibiting signs of excess moisture may be
rejected, at the discretion of the Receiving Agency, at the point of delivery.
Invitation No. 018-22
b. Gradation:
Rock Salt provided by awarded bidders through this contract must conform to the following Type 1,
Grade 1 ASTM gradation requirements upon delivery to the Receiving Agency: Lots of road salt
delivered failing the gradation requirements above will be subject to either rejection at the point of
delivery or deficient material penalties (calculated deductions) as outlined in Sections 4.2 and 4.3.
c. Chloride Content:
Rock Salt delivered through this contract must exhibit the following chloride content:
Chemical Composition: 4 Total Chlorides (NaCl, CaCl2, and MgCl2 as NaCl based on dry
weight) with not less than 95 percent total chloride content upon delivery to the receiving
Lots of road salt delivered failing to meet the chloride content requirements above may be
subject to deficient material penalties (calculated deductions) as outlined in Sections 4.2 and
4.3 below.
d. Anti-Caking Additives/Agents:
All rock salt delivered must be treated with sufficient amounts of anti-caking
additives/chemicals so as the rock salt will remain in a free flowing, usable condition
(without the presence of clumping) while stored in the receiving agency’s storage
e. Foreign Matter:
Rock salt delivered exhibiting signs of foreign matter will be subject to rejection by the
Receiving Agency at the point of delivery. If the load is accepted by the Receiving Agency,
the Receiving Agency will provide photo evidence to the salt supplier that foreign matter
(materials) was received. Loads that are accepted by the Receiving Agency with foreign matter
(materials) will be assessed up to a 20% penalty to be deducted off the invoice for the cost of the
defective load(s).
f. Rock Salt Required:
A mined rock salt is required to be supplied through this contract. The Department will not
accept bids for solar or top-mined sodium chloride.
g. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):
Bidders should submit with their bid, material safety data sheets (OSHA #20 or equivalent)
detailing the rock salt material being bid by mine location.
h. Rejected Materials
Invitation No. 018-22
Any delivery to the Receiving Agency that has been rejected shall not be re-directed to any other
location listed on the current contract. Reasons for a load being rejected are described, but not
limited to those, in Section 4.1.
4.2: Deficient Materials Deductions
The Department reserves the right to test the material quality of rock salt delivered by an
awarded bidder (and its trucking agents) for conformity to material specifications and
requirements included in this contract. Receiving agencies may periodically, and at a
frequency of their own discretion, conduct sampling and testing (either independently or by a
third party) of delivered rock salt lots for conformity to moisture content, gradation, and chloride
content requirements. For ODOT, sampling and testing of rock salt lots are conducted by
Department personnel trained on ASTM sampling and testing procedures. The actual testing of
rock salt samples are performed by either the District Testing Engineer or properly trained
subordinates of the District Materials Management/Testing office. The results of any performed
tests by ODOT are final and not subject to appeal by the Vendor. Materials failing to conform to
sodium chloride (rock salt) material specifications shall be subject to a deficient materials
penalty (calculated deductions). See Section 8.2 regarding material penalties and invoicing.
The Receiving Agency will prepare a material quality and testing reports for samples taken.
Material quality and testing reports indicating to the Receiving Agency deficient materials have
been received will be sent to the awarded vendor in writing along with the applicable calculated
deductions that are being assessed against the salt supplier. This documentation will be
EMAILED by the Receiving Agency to the Vendor within:
21 calendar days of the sample being tested for Moisture Content
21 calendar days of the sample being tested for Gradation
21 calendar days of the sample being tested for Chloride content.
The Vendor may contact the Receiving Agency to inquire about initial results of tests. Any
information shared about results prior to the written notice is not official. This may occur prior to
the written notice of applicable calculation deductions.
The Department reserves the right to acquire samples from stockpile locations or other locations
where the bidder’s salt is stored above-ground at any time.
Deficient Material Deduction Calculations by Type of Material Deficiency
The Department reserves the right to assess against a salt supplier deficient material
deductions for non-conforming rock salt materials received based on the following deductions
outlined for each material specification failure:
A. Moisture Content Deductions
Deductions (penalties) for rock salt lots sampled and tested that are not in conformance with
Section 4.1(A) moisture content requirements will be calculated and assessed against the
awarded vendor (salt supplier) as follows:
I. Tested moisture content of delivered rock salt lot equaling 2.0% or less:
Rock salt lot delivered is moisture compliant and no calculated deduction will be assessed.
II. Tested moisture content of delivered rock salt lot greater than 2.0% but less than or
equal to 3.0%:
The following calculated deduction will be applied:
Calculated Deduction = $300.00 + [(Price/Ton) x (Lot Size) x (% Moisture of Salt Tested2.0%)]
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