Request for Proposals: Housing Related Research, Analysis and Reporting Services

Agency: State Government of Rhode Island
State: Rhode Island
Type of Government: State & Local
  • A - Research and development
Posted: Sep 20, 2018
Due: Oct 12, 2018
Solicitation No: RFP_Research_Consultant_9-20-18
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Request for Proposals
Housing Related Research, Analysis and Reporting Services
Earlier this year, RIHousing released a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for qualified vendors
to provide a range of Communication Services including services for Industry/ Market
Analyses and business planning. RIHousing did not receive a sufficient number of
applications from qualified vendors to provide Industry/ Market Analyses and business
planning and has also identified a need for broader research and analysis services. Therefore,
the Corporation is releasing a new RFP that encompasses the full range of research related
services we anticipate a need for vendors to assist with.
Through this RFP, RIHousing seeks to create a list of qualified vendors that can be retained
on an as needed basis to provide one or more of the below services:
A. Production of plans and reports required by the U.S. Department of Housing and
Urban Development (HUD) in conjunction with office of Community Planning and
Development programs including, but not limited to: Consolidated Plan, Analysis
of Impediments to Fair Housing, Annual Action Plan, Consolidated Annual
Performance and Evaluation Report
B. Industry/Market Analyses/Business Planning
C. Housing related research, analysis and policy recommendations
These services are set forth more fully in the Scope of Work Attachments A through C,
attached hereto.
Selected vendors will be placed on a Bidder List for a term of three (3) years, with two (2)
one-year extensions at the sole option of RIHousing. As the projects have not yet been
identified, vendors selected to participate in the Bidder List will enter into an “on-call” style
agreement. There is no guarantee of any level of spending activity to a vendor or vendors
selected for this Bidder List.
Vendors may bid on one, multiple, or all services listed in this Bidder List.
Electronic submissions of the proposal should be submitted to Christine Hunsinger,
Assistant Deputy Director for Policy and Research at
Proposals should be concise and include all attachments and work samples. Please submit
only project summaries or hyperlinks to full reports or projects. Do not attach copies of
entire reports or projects.
Proposals must be received no later than 5:00 EST p.m. on Friday, October 12, 2018.
Respondents are advised that all submissions (including those not selected for engagement)
may be made available to the public on request upon completion of the process and award
of a contract(s).
RIHousing is a self-supporting public corporation created in 1973 to address the housing
needs of low- and moderate-income Rhode Islanders. Its statutory purpose is to encourage
the investment of private capital, to stimulate the construction and rehabilitation of housing
for low- and moderate-income Rhode Islanders, to provide construction and mortgage
loans, and to make provision for the purchase of mortgage loans and otherwise as is
necessary to accomplish its purposes.
Please see the Scope of Work provided at Attachments A-C.
To the extent permitted by law, all works created by the successful bidder(s) under this RFP
shall be the exclusive property of RIHousing and shall be deemed “work made for hire”
under the United States Copyright Act. The successful bidder agrees to execute any
documents reasonably required by RIHousing to evidence RIHousing’s exclusive
ownership of the work products, and all intellectual property rights therein.
When responding to any of the Services detailed in the Scope of Work, proposals should
demonstrate firm experience as well as proposed approach and project cost examples for
each project. Please note that failure to provide any information requested in this RFP may
cause your submission not to be scored.
A. General Firm Information
1. Provide a brief description of your firm, including but not limited to the
a. Name of the principal(s) of the firm.
b. Name, telephone number and email address of a representative of
the firm authorized to discuss your proposal.
c. Address of all offices of the firm.
d. Number of employees of the firm.
B. Proposed Services
Please indicate by service name and attachment letter for which services your firm
is offering proposals.
C. Experience and Resources
1. Describe your firm and its capabilities. In particular, support your capacity to
perform the Scope of Work.
2. Indicate which principals and associates from your firm would be involved in
providing services to RIHousing. Provide appropriate background information
for each such person and identify his or her responsibilities.
3. Submit work samples relevant to each service.
4. Provide a detailed list of references, including a contact name and telephone
number for organizations or businesses for whom you have performed similar
5. Identify any conflict of interest that may arise as a result of business activities or
ventures by your firm and associates of your firm, employees, or subcontractors
as a result of any individual’s status as a member of the board of directors of any
organization likely to interact with RIHousing. If none, please provide a
statement to such effect.
6. Identify any material litigation, administrative proceedings or investigations in
which your firm is currently involved. Identify any material litigation,
administrative proceedings or investigations, to which your firm or any of its
principals, partners, associates, subcontractors or support staff was a party, that
has been settled within the past two (2) years. If none, please provide a
statement to such effect.
7. Describe how your firm will handle actual and or potential conflicts of interest.
D. Fee Structure
The cost of services is one of the factors that will be considered in selecting vendors
for the Bidder List. While the specific services required will vary by project and will
be paid based on a scope of work defined by RIHousing and pricing negotiated
between the corporation and the vendor, we are requesting information that will
allow RIHousing to evaluate the reasonableness of your fees.
1. For each service you are submitting for, please provide a cost proposal using the
corresponding sample projects as described in (i)-(iii) below.
(i) Attachment A: Production of plans and reports required by
HUD in conjunction with Office of Community Planning &
Development (CPD) programs
Firms should provide project approach and average project cost
examples for the development of the state Five Year Consolidated
Plan including:
Conducting a comprehensive housing market analysis
Assessing Rhode Island’s housing and homeless needs for 2020-
Providing recommendations for appropriate and effective
collaboration strategies with Public Housing Authorities in the
Providing recommendations on non-housing community
development strategies
Providing recommendations on addressing impediments to Fair
Housing Choice
(ii) Attachment B: Industry/Market Analyses/Business Planning
Firms should provide project approach and average project cost
examples for:
Research and evaluation to estimate the size of the Rhode Island
homebuying market and determine if the industry is stable,
growing, or volatile in the current economic climate.
Report detailing the view of the market, its size, and
(iii) Attachment C: Housing Related Research, Analysis and Policy
Firms should provide project approach and average project cost
examples for:
An analysis of factors contributing to the cost of affordable
housing development in Rhode Island and recommendations on
strategies to lower those costs. Selected firms would have access
to detailed development cost information on a range of
affordable housing projects financed by RIHousing.
2. For each service you are submitting for, please include the following
Provide an itemized breakdown of billing rates and hourly costs, list
of key personnel and their hourly rates, reimbursable expenses, etc.
for any services that you feel are relevant that may be requested in
addition to the services previously described.
Please provide any other fee information applicable to the
engagement that has not been previously covered that you wish to
bring to the attention of RIHousing.
E. Miscellaneous
1. RIHousing encourages the participation of persons of color, women, persons
with disabilities and members of other federally and State-protected classes.
Describe your firm’s affirmative action program and activities. Include the
number and percentage of members of federally and State-protected classes who
are either principals or senior managers in your firm, the number and percentage
of members of federally and State-protected classes in your firm who will work
on RIHousing’s engagement and, if applicable, a copy of your Minority- or
Women-Owned Business Enterprise state certification.
2. Discuss any topics not covered in this Request for Proposals that you would like
to bring to RIHousing’s attention.
F. Certifications
1. RIHousing insists upon full compliance with Chapter 27 of Title 17 of the
Rhode Island General Laws, Reporting of Political Contributions by State
Vendors. This law requires State Vendors entering into contracts to provide
services to an agency such as RIHousing, for the aggregate sum of $5,000 or
more, to file an affidavit with the State Board of Elections concerning reportable
political contributions. The affidavit must state whether the State Vendor (and
any related parties as defined in the law) has, within 24 months preceding the
date of the contract, contributed an aggregate amount in excess of $250 within
a calendar year to any general officer, any candidate for general office, or any
political party.
2. Does any Rhode Island “Major State Decision-maker,” as defined below, or the
spouse or dependent child of such person, hold (i) a ten percent or greater equity
interest, or (ii) a Five Thousand Dollar or greater cash interest in this business?
For purposes of this question, “Major State Decision-maker” means:
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