Various State Parks Bathhouse Renos & Campgr. Upgrades

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Posted: Aug 11, 2019
Due: Sep 11, 2019
Solicitation No: RFP 199-18266 (A28)-1
Publication URL: To access bid details, please log in.
RFP 199-18266 (A28)-1
  • Various State Parks Bathhouse Renos & Campgr. Upgrades
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:30 days
  • Closing: 9/11/19 4:00 PM
  • Issued: 8/11/19 7:00 AM
  • Last Amended:
  • Buyer:Cliff Harris
  • 804-371-2799

  • Issued By:Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Type:Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Category:Professional Services
  • Work Location: Bear Creek Lake State Park, Cumberland, VA Claytor Lake State Park, Dublin, VA First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, VA Westnroreland State Park, Montross, VA
  • Web Address:
  • Pre-Bid Conference:
  • Open Responses:
  • Description:A/E services for the renovation of bathhouses and campground upgrades at various state parks.

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RFP #2-19 - 18266-A28 Renovate Bathhouses - Upgrade Campgrounds.pdf (199.55 KB) Request for Proposals 08/06/19 Solicitation
Vendor eVA Registration Requirements.pdf (13 KB) Vendor eVA Registration Requirements 08/06/19 Solicitation
dgs-30-004_03-19_ae_data_forms.xlsx (127.43 KB) Architectural/Engineering Firm Data, Forms AE-1 through AE-6 08/06/19 Solicitation
Bear Creek Proposal Package 18266-A28.pdf (185.68 KB) Bear Creek Proposal Package 08/07/19 Solicitation
Claytor Lake Proposal Package 18266-A28.pdf (220.89 KB) Claytor Lake Proposal Package 08/07/19 Solicitation
First Landing Proposal Package 18266-A28.pdf (240.98 KB) First Landing Proposal Package 08/07/19 Solicitation
Westmoreland Proposal Package 18266-A28.pdf (302.63 KB) Westmoreland Proposal Package 08/07/19 Solicitation

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(Rev. 04/15)
Page 1 of 7
Issue Date: August 11, 2019
RFP #2-19
Title: A/E Services for the renovation of bathhouses and campground upgrades at various Virginia
State Parks.
Project Code: 199-18266 (A28)
Issuing Agency & Address:
Commonwealth of Virginia
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Design and Construction Section
600 E. Main St. 24th Floor
Richmond, VA. 23219
Location of Work:
Bear Creek Lake, Claytor Lake, First Landing and Westmoreland State
Period Of Contract:
Single project services
All inquiries for information should be directed to:
Cliff Harris
Phone #: (804) 371-2799
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Design and Construction Section
600 E. Main St. 24th Floor
Richmond, VA. 23219
Sealed proposals for furnishing the services described herein will be received until 4:00 p.m. local time on
Wednesday September 11, 2019. Proposals must reach the above address by the deadline stated.
In compliance with this Request For Proposals, which includes the attached Table of Contents and all
provisions and appendices attached and referenced therein, and subject to all the terms and conditions set forth
herein, the undersigned offers and agrees to furnish the services described in the RFP cited above and submit
this signed proposal which includes this completed and signed page, the completed and signed Forms AE-1,
AE-1A, AE-2, AE-3, AE-4, AE-5 and AE-6 and other data as required by the RFP. It is understood that this
proposal and the scope of services may be modified, by mutual agreement in subsequent negotiations.
Name and Address of Proposer:
Date: ____________________________
(Signature in Ink)
Typed Name: _______________________
Title: ____________________________
FEIN/SSN # _______________________
Telephone No. ( ) _______________
(Rev. 04/15)
Page 2 of 7
PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE: A pre-proposal conference will be held on Thursday August 22, 2019 at
Westmoreland State Park’s Visitor Center at 10:30 am. The site will be open for 2 hours for review by the
consulting teams (10am 12 noon). This is the only opportunity for the proposing firms to visit the site.
Attendance at the pre-proposal meeting is mandatory. Meet at the Westmoreland Visitor Center 1850 State
Park Rd. Montross, VA 22520
Section No.
Applicability of the A/E Manual
Information Available
Scope of Services
Participation of Small, Woman Owned and
Minority Owned Businesses
Proposal Requirements
Evaluation and Award of Contracts
Page No.
eVA Vendor Registration: The offeror shall be a registered vendor in eVA. See the attached eVA
Vendor Registration Requirements.
NOTE: Electronic copies of A/E Data Forms AE-1 through AE-6 (DGS-30-004) and the eVA
Vendor Registration form (DGS-30-384) are available for download at the following website:
(Rev. 04/15)
Page 3 of 7
The A/E Manual as defined in the Commonwealth of Virginia Construction and Professional
Services Manual, current edition, as amended, shall apply to the contract awarded pursuant to this RFP
and is incorporated by reference herein in its entirety.
Proposer's attention is directed to Chapter 2, Definitions, for definitions of terms used in this RFP. The
terms "Agency" and "Owner" are used interchangeably in the material referenced in this RFP and mean
the public body issuing this solicitation for services and with whom the successful A/E Proposer will enter
into an agreement. For purposes of clarity and uniformity in this RFP, only the term "Agency" will be
used herein.
Proposer's attention is also directed to the Terms and Conditions of the A/E Contract (CO-3a).
The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals for the purposes of entering into a contract through
competitive negotiations for the professional services of an Architectural firm and team not limited to
but including Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, and Civil Engineering disciplines, authorized to do
business in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with experience in recreational use bathhouse renovations and
infrastructure systems for existing campground facilities at various State Parks. The A/E will be required
to develop plans to renovate existing bathhouse facilities and associated campground upgrades to bring
the facilities up to current state park standards.
The A/E shall provide professional services for the project described in Part V of this RFP consistent with
the A/E Manual, as revised, and latest directives issued by the Division of Engineering and Buildings
concerning construction and professional services for new and renovated State buildings.
The four state parks mentioned have been selected to have their existing campground bathhouses
renovated to bring them up to the new standards set by VA State Parks. The project will be to develop
renovated floor plans of the bathhouses featuring fully handicap accessible family use shower rooms and
gang restrooms within the existing bathhouse site. Selected parks will also have their campgrounds
renovated to provide a handicap camping site at each and to upgrade the campground’s water and
electricity bringing water and electric to each existing campsite. The A/E will be responsible to develop a
complete construction project that meets all the applicable codes and permits.
Map showing approximate site locations with a picture of each of the bathhouses scheduled for
The successful applicant will be responsible for the permitting, designs, and construction management for
the projects. The project is for architectural design, and include erosion and sediment control, parking,
and utilities.
The selected A/E shall furnish all expertise, labor and resources for complete design and construction
(Rev. 04/15)
Page 4 of 7
period services for the project in accordance with the requirements of the A/E Manual. The following
generally highlights the services that the A/E will be required to perform:
A. Refine, clarify, and define the Agency’s project description, data, and requirements as necessary
to develop a Schematic design of the project which meets the Agency’s requirements and is
within the stipulated “design-not-to-exceed” construction cost. Respond to all DEB/Building
Official and other agency review comments and resolve outstanding design issues at the various
phases by taking appropriate action in the design of the project.
B. Develop a Preliminary Design submission consistent with the requirements of the A/E Manual.
Respond to all BCOM/Building Official and other agencies (to include but not limited to AARB,
VDH, DEQ, & DHR) review comments and resolve outstanding design issues prior to
submission of construction documents.
C. Provide complete construction contract documents with professional seals and signatures in
accord with the procedures of the A/E Manual. Documents must be complete and ready for
bidding not later than 210 days from executed contract.
D. Assure that the construction contract documents are in conformance with generally accepted
architectural and engineering practices and comply fully with all applicable codes and regulations
including, but not limited to, the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, and the accessibility
standards referenced in the CPSM.
E. Provide specifications which reflect current requirements, standards and product availability.
F. If necessary, develop and prepare construction documents for an Erosion and Sediment Control
Plan and a Stormwater Management Plan. Obtain approvals from required Agencies.
G. If necessary, coordinate entrance design with and obtain approval from the Virginia Department
of Transportation office having jurisdiction.
H. Coordinate the design of utility connections with local utility provider and obtain necessary
approvals. Agency will pay filing fees and connections charges, as required.
Prepare A/E cost estimates for the project per the A/E Manual.
Represent the Agency by presenting necessary oral and/or graphic presentations to State
Agencies such as the Art and Architectural Review Board, the Division of Engineering and
Buildings or any other group having interest in the project.
K. Complete all forms and documents in formats required by the A/E Manual and process in accord
with the Agency's instructions.
L. Provide services to assist the Agency in the bidding and award of the construction contract.
M. Provide services for the construction phase, as required by the A/E Manual, for the administration
of the contract.
(Rev. 04/15)
Page 5 of 7
Under Executive Order 20 (2014), Cabinet Secretaries and all executive branch agencies are directed to
continue and advance the following on a race and gender neutral basis: exceed a target goal of 42% on
discretionary spending with small businesses certified by DSBSD (the Virginia Department of Small
Business and Supplier Diversity).
A. Proposals shall be signed by an authorized representative of the A/E. By submitting a proposal,
the proposer certifies that all information provided in response to this RFP is true and accurate.
Failure to provide information required by this RFP will ultimately result in rejection of the
B. Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward, concise
description of the A/E's capabilities for satisfying the requirements of the RFP. Emphasis should
be on completeness and clarity of content.
C. The Respondent’s proposal shall include: the completed and signed RFP cover page 1; and the
completed and signed Forms AE-1, AE-1A, AE-2, AE-3, AE-4, AE-5 and AE-6; One (1)
manually signed original and [three (3) copies] of the proposal shall be submitted to the Agency.
Each copy of the proposal shall be bound in a single volume where practical.
D. All documentation submitted with the proposal shall be included in that single bound volume.
Elaborate brochures and other representations beyond those sufficient for presenting a complete
and effective proposal are neither required nor desired.
E. Any information thought to be relevant, but not specifically applicable to the enumerated scope
of Work, may be provided as an appendix to the proposal. If publications are supplied by the
proposer to respond to a requirement, the response should include reference to the document
number and page number. Publications provided without such reference will not be considered
relevant to the RFP.
F. To reduce the effort and expense of responding to RFP's, provide uniformity in the type
information requested, and enhance the review and evaluation process, the standard Forms AE-1
through AE-6, ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING FIRM DATA (DGS-30-004), shall be used
by A/E's responding to State agency RFP's.
G. Descriptions of these forms and instructions for completing the forms are included in the A/E
Manual. Forms AE-1, AE-1A, AE-2, AE-3, AE-4, AE-5 and AE-6 is available for download at
the website.
A. Evaluation Criteria: Proposals shall be evaluated by the Agency using the following criteria:
1. Expertise, experience, and qualifications of the A/E’s primary designers for the services
described in Section V, Scope of Services.
2. Expertise, experience and qualifications of any special consultants proposed for
providing the services described in Section V, Scope of Services.
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