RFP RV-207392 Electronic Health Records **SOURCING #128872**

Agency: Dallas Public Schools
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 70 - General Purpose Information Technology Equipment (including software).
  • D - Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Posted: Nov 9, 2023
Due: Nov 16, 2023
Solicitation No: RFP RV-207392
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RFP RV-207392 Electronic Health Records **SOURCING #128872**

Closing Date: 11/16/2023 **NEW**

Closing Time: 2:00 P.M.

Bid Package: RFP RV-207392 Electronic Health Records **SOURCING #128872**

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9400 North Central Expressway, Suite 1510, Dallas, TX 75231
Request For Proposal 128872
RV-207392 Electronic Health Records
Dallas ISD rev 1.0
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Request For Proposal 128872 RFP RV-207392 Electronic Health Records
Email RVILORIA@dallasisd.org
1 Header Information
1.1 General Information
First Advertisement Date/Issue Date
Second Advertisement Date
Pre-Proposal Meeting
Questions Deadline
Questions Response from the District
Solicitation Due
Anticipated Evaluation & Sel
Anticipated Approval/Award
08-OCT-2023 08:00:00
15-OCT-2023 08:00:00
23-OCT-2023 10:00:00
25-OCT-2023 15:00:00
27-OCT-2023 17:00:00
09-NOV-2023 14:00:00
14-NOV-2023 10:00:00
25-JAN-2024 17:00:00
A pre-proposal meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. CST via TEAMS video conference on October
23, 2023. Please submit (in writing) any questions regarding this RFP. Only written questions
will be considered. It is highly encouraged that all potential proposers participate and attend the
Join TEAMS Meeting: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/join-a-meeting
Meeting ID: 259 585 986 050
Passcode: TTXmFJ
1.2 Terms
Initial Term: 3
Renewal 1: 1
Renewal 2: 1
Any contract that results from this solicitation and upon Mutual Agreement of the awarded vendor and the
District, may be extended not to exceed a total of 5 years(s). If either party intends not to renew the Contract,
that party must give written notice to the other party no fewer than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the
then current term of the Contract. If the District fails to timely exercise any of the options to renew, all remaining
options to renew shall expire and terminate
1.3 Requirements
The term of this proposal shall be for a three (3) year agreement with two (2) successive one (1) year
extensions based on the long-range needs of the District and mutual consent of both parties not to exceed
five (5) years total.
The Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD or District) is soliciting offers for the goods and/or
services specified in this document.
1. Questions concerning this solicitation document should be addressed, in writing, to Rosa Viloria, Buyer at
2. Questions must be submitted by the deadline to allow sufficient time for responses prior to receipt/opening
3. Responses to questions other than administrative questions will be provided to all potential offerors by
means of an addendum to the solicitation.
All vendors are encouraged to participate even if vendors are the sole source providers.
This proposal is being issued in accordance with Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations (2CFR) Part 200
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 128872 RFP RV-207392 Electronic Health Records
and ESSER (Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief) requirements to procure vendors who provide
goods purchased by Dallas ISD using federal dollars. This proposal may be used with local, state, federal,
and grant-funded programs.
This Request for Proposal (RFP) will be for a qualified vendor to provide a comprehensive electronic medical
record system for Health Services and staff in campus clinics. The system will be an advanced on-line, real-
time system that provides input, update, and retrieval of information as well as effective batch mode
1. The Dallas ISD evaluation committee will review the submitted proposals and then select a short list of
finalists (no more than five (5) expected) to present their solutions onsite to the evaluation committee to
demonstrate capabilities of the proposed display solution.
2. The selected finalists will be notified of the anticipated demonstration schedule on November 16, 2023.
3. Demonstration versions of all software proposed by the selected finalists will be required.
4. Each finalist will have approximately two (2) hours for their onsite demonstrations.
5. The anticipated demonstrations are scheduled from November 27, 2023 through December 1, 2023;
proposers are encouraged to keep these dates available.
6. The evaluation committee from various departments selected by the end-user will participate in the
demonstration audience.
1. Detailed supporting documents for the Price Offer Summary (Price Schedule) must be included with the
Circle one from the response values below:
Yes, I agree
No - I Do not agree . The District shall consider a NO response a basis for non-award and/or cancellation
and/or termination of any award
1. Immunizations - System is configured with current State immunization requirements. Provides for all
immunizations (recommended and required). Space is available for future requirements.
2. Immunizations - Calculate the status of each student's immunization as to meet immunization
requirements (delinquent, exempt, and complete). Calculations for each immunization must be based on
State requirements and will involve age, date of birth, grade level, and appropriate interval between
3. Exemptions - Provide a method to indicate the type of exemptions for medical, conscientious, and
provisional and their expiration dates.
4. Immunizations - Provide an indicator for series completed with booster date and code or date of
completion of series. Immunization logic will allow for State/CDC immunization schedules & intervals from
birth through 18 years of age.
5. IMMTRAC - IMMTRAC interface. Ability to interface with the State Immunization database.
6. Immunization State Report - Captures all immunization data required for State reports at the campus,
learning community and districtwide levels. Changes to immunization data fields are updated annually per
Federal and/or State requirements or recommendations.
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 128872 RFP RV-207392 Electronic Health Records
7. Immunization updates and adjustments are accomplished during non-peak times with minimum disruption
to users.
8. Immunization Countdown - Ability to query and print out immunization information for districtwide
monitoring. Selectable by the school, learning community, and districtwide indicating compliance
percentages. Report should include the number of incompletes for each immunization and the total of all
incomplete immunizations.
9. Immunization letter - Print a pre-designed letter to parents indicating student immunization history with
immunizations due. Letters will include the student's name, ID number, mailing address, grade, homeroom,
or teacher/course; nurse's name, school phone number, date immunizations become delinquent, and the
due date to submit information to the nurse. Letters can be attached to the individual student record.
Selection of printing English, Spanish or other language according to home language code (may require
different alphabetic characters for some languages).
10. Immunization letter - Letters can also be printed for all students on the exception (delinquent) list. Can be
printed individually, by grade, by class, by school. Grade and date can be adjusted to reflect a future grade
or date. Immunization letters also to include a concise, complete history of immunizations, exemptions, and
11. Print a master list of students with immunization information at the same time of the pre-designed letter
to parents is produced to allow the school nurse to retain a hard copy of the letter data sent to parents.
12. State Required Screening - Provide for future federal, state, or local required screening. Provide for
documentation of all State required screening. All screenings will include referrals, follow-up contacts, and
referral completions. Must also include mass entry of screenings by grade, homeroom, selected list, etc.
Specifics required for each screening type:
a. Vision (pass, fail, glasses/contacts, acuity in each eye, Hirschberg, cover test, color test, near vision,
gross vision, plus lens, test types, others as needed)
b. Hearing (test types, hertz, decibels, each ear, immittance, OAEs canals, otoscopic, inserts, hearing
c. Spinal (screening results, previous treatment, rescreen)
d. Acanthosis (marker, weight, height, two blood pressure readings, doctor follow -up and treatment
dates). Templates can be added and configured at the District level.
13. Screening worksheet - Class roster with information on all required screenings - hearing, vision acuity,
acanthosis, spinal, height, weight, dental, BP, color, Hirschberg, +lens, and comments. (Used as a
worksheet and data entry sheet for screening).
14. Screening State Reports - Produce districtwide, division, learning community, and campus level reports
by grade, advisor, homeroom, or name of hearing, vision, scoliosis, and acanthosis (AN) in the format of the
State required reporting at the end of each year with subtotals in each area and grand total and using any
selected date or date range. Screening reports must reflect the actual numbers of students screened and
accurately reflect failures, referrals made and completed, and referrals within a date range.
15. Health Appraisal (Physical Exam) - Ability to store appraisal detail information (dental, scalp, skin, etc.)
selectable by student alpha, grade, referral date, and referral completed. Must be able to access/report data
districtwide with appropriate security. Templates can be added and configured at the District level.
16. Growth Charts - Cumulative growth chart data with percentiles (to include conversion of data from
previous student system) Body Mass Index (BMI) charts, and Blood Pressure (BP) graphs. Ability to print for
parent's review or referrals.
17. Height/Weight/BP/BMI/AN Referral - Ability to store, print, and filter information entered by field, student,
school, learning community, and districtwide. Report must include a summary of data by grade, school, and
districtwide level - number screened, positive AN, referred, seen by a physician, treated, etc. Can be run by
a school, division, and districtwide.
18. Medication/Special Procedure - Provide for documentation of all orders for medications and special
procedures which includes dates of the request, documentation of physician and parent signature, physician
address and phone number and parent contact information. Documentation log of administration of
medication/special procedure with date/time, administrator. Include inventory, scheduling of daily
medications and quick entry. Medications and special procedures should populate to clinic visits and
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 128872 RFP RV-207392 Electronic Health Records
individual student record. Templates can be added and configured at District level.
19. Medication/Special Procedures - Ability to store special procedures/medication information selectable by
name, diagnosis, procedure, and responsible person.
20. Medication/special procedures - Ability to print information related to student medications/special
procedures at school selectable by name, date range of request, ID, grade, long-term school, short term
school, home, and PRN. Include demographic information, method of administration, dosage, precautions,
physician and parent information, and diagnosis.
21. Other Health Data - Provide for the gathering of other health data including TB testing, chest X-ray,
health history, health appraisal, pregnancy visits, physical exam, dental screenings, pediculosis, height,
weight, blood pressure, injury incident reporting, communicable disease surveillances, and clinic visits. This
should include referral tracking. Health history and pregnancy monitoring templates for ease of entry. Include
space for progress notes. Templates can be added and configured at District level.
22. Clinic log - Provide a query of student office visits for medications, special procedures, safety/accident
reporting by date range, procedure/medication, condition, and student. Templates can be added and
configured at District level.
23. Clinic log - Provide a clinic log to track interactions with students/staff including scheduled and
unscheduled medications/special procedures, injury/incident reporting, with codes for various activities.
Allow for tracking of individual student visits as well as for viewing of visits by a date range.
24. Clinic Log - Printout by number of students seen in clinic daily for illness/health maintenance, minor
trauma, major trauma, employee health, other clinic activities and other adult. Report selectable by date
range totals and by school, learning community and districtwide totals.
25. Health Promotion - Provide for a log of health promotion and wellness activities for groups and
individuals to include rosters of participants as well as type of activity.
26. Progress/Comments - Provide for comments in the both the clinic daily log and in student health history.
27. Health Conditions - Ability to report on any medical condition code by school, learning community,
districtwide and zip code.
28. Health Conditions - Ability to store, display, and list students with health problems according to medical
codes in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act/Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act (HIPPA/FERPA).
29. Individual Health Plan (IHP) - Provide an IHP with the option to select from a list of standardized
templates for the most common conditions. Templates can be added and configured at the District level.
30. Individual Health Plan - For students with a known health problem develop an IHP with selected
demographic information, diagnosis, North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) codes, action
taken, and outcomes. Ability to store NANDA-approved diagnoses.
31. Individual Health Plan - Printout of IHP positive list of all students with health condition codes by student
alpha or grade by student. The report should include summative data.
32. Individual Health Plan Exception Report - Printout of IHP exception list (identifies students for whom IHP
has not been updated for a user-specified period of time). See current reports for information required on the
33. Medicaid - Ability to store/print information on the current Medicaid status of students.
34. Insurance - Ability to store/print information related to students' insurance status including provider
35. All data for School Health and Related Services (SHARS) billing is available to the District in a file or
extract (by user) for use in billing if another electronic billing system is used. Need Prescription
administrations, special procedure administrations, and monitoring visits by the nurse.
36. MAC - MAC (Medicaid time study) documentation and billing available.
37. Hospital/Homebound - Ability to store and print student details and summary information related to
placement in hospital/homebound program.
38. Health Data - Allow tracking of all health data from Early Childhood through 12th grade.
39. Provide for online medical dictionary and drug reference information resource.
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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