RFP CR-207346 (WAN) Wide Area Network Fiber (E-Rate Eligible) **SOURCING #115881**

Agency: Dallas Public Schools
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 70 - General Purpose Information Technology Equipment (including software).
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
Posted: Nov 6, 2023
Due: Jan 11, 2024
Solicitation No: RFP CR-207346
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RFP CR-207346 (WAN) Wide Area Network Fiber (E-Rate Eligible) **SOURCING #115881**

Closing Date: 1/11/2024

Closing Time: 2:00 P.M.

Bid Package: RFP CR-207346 (WAN) Wide Area Network Fiber (E-Rate Eligible) **SOURCING #115881**

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9400 North Central Expressway, Suite 1510, Dallas, TX 75231
Request For Proposal 115881
CR-207346 (WAN) Wide Area Network Fiber (E-Rate
Dallas ISD rev 1.0
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Request For Proposal 115881 CR-207346 (WAN) Wide Area Network Fiber (E-Rate Eligible)
Email CORROGERS@dallasisd.org
1 Header Information
1.1 General Information
First Advertisement Date/Issue Date
Second Advertisement Date
Pre-Proposal Meeting
Questions Deadline
Questions Response from the District
Solicitation Due
Anticipated Evaluation & Sel
Anticipated Approval/Award
05-NOV-2023 08:00:00
12-NOV-2023 08:00:00
27-NOV-2023 09:00:00
01-DEC-2023 16:00:00
08-DEC-2023 15:00:00
11-JAN-2024 14:00:00
18-JAN-2024 14:00:00
22-FEB-2024 18:00:00
A pre-proposal meeting will be held at 9:00 AM CST via TEAMS video conference on
Monday,November 27, 2023. Please submit (in writing) any questions regarding this RFP. Only
written questions will be considered. It is highly encouraged that all potential proposers
participate and attend the pre-proposal.
Join TEAMS Meeting: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/join-a-meeting
Meeting ID: 289 743 665 588
Passcode: gKWGmi
1.2 Terms
Initial Term: 3
Renewal 1: 1
Renewal 2: 1
Any contract that results from this solicitation and upon Mutual Agreement of the awarded vendor and the
District, may be extended not to exceed a total of 5 years(s). If either party intends not to renew the Contract,
that party must give written notice to the other party no fewer than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the
then current term of the Contract. If the District fails to timely exercise any of the options to renew, all remaining
options to renew shall expire and terminate
1.3 Requirements
The term of this proposal shall be for a thirty-six (36) month agreement with two (2) successive twelve (12)
month extensions based on the needs of the District and mutual consent of both parties not to exceed five
(5) years total.
The Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD or District) is soliciting offers for the goods and/or
services specified in this document.
1. Questions concerning this solicitation document should be addressed, in writing, to
2. Questions must be submitted by the deadline to allow sufficient time for responses prior to receipt/opening
3. Responses to questions other than administrative questions will be provided to all potential offerors by
means of an addendum to the solicitation.
All vendors are encouraged to participate even if vendors are the sole source providers.
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 115881 CR-207346 (WAN) Wide Area Network Fiber (E-Rate Eligible)
This proposal is being issued in accordance with Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Part
200 and Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief (ESSER) requirements to procure vendors who
provide goods purchased by Dallas ISD using federal dollars. This proposal may be used with local, state,
federal, and grant-funded programs.
The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit offers that will allow the district to enter into a 36-
month, from the date of service initiation, agreement to provide Wide Area Network (WAN) services to all
district sites. The district is seeking a continuation of its existing services or other similar services that will
provide an equivalent level of service to all district sites.
The district is soliciting proposals from qualified Respondents to establish a contract through competitive
negotiation to provide the Dallas ISD with Wide Area Network (WAN) services that will provide transport
connections to all District campus and administration sites. The district intends to seek E-rate discounts for
this project and expects the majority of the services will be eligible for E-rate discounts. By responding to this
RFP, Respondents agree to comply with all E-rate rules.
The WAN services are part of the district's critical infrastructure; therefore, continuity of services is of critical
importance. The district's current contract expires June 30, 2025, so proposers should demonstrate their
ability to provide service to all locations on or before June 30, 2025. A 40-month service contract is
anticipated to start on March 1, 2024.
The District intends to award a contract to a single vendor for each section who can meet all requirements in
this RFP.
Respondents who submit a proposal in response to this RFP may be required to give an oral presentation of
their proposal. This provides an opportunity for the Respondent to clarify or elaborate on its proposal. This is
a fact-finding and explanation session only and DOES NOT include negotiation. Oral presentations are an
option of Dallas ISD IT Enterprise Architecture and Operations and may or may not be conducted. If deemed
necessary, Dallas ISD Procurement Services will schedule the time and location of these presentations.
Current WAN Architecture (Attached Diagram 1)
Dallas ISD's existing WAN consists of approximately 280 remote locations (schools and administration sites)
and two (2) data centers (5151 Samuell Blvd and 2909 N Buckner Blvd).
Each remote location has a direct 10-Gigabit per second (Gbps) fiber connection to each data center, in
what is known as a dual hub-and-spoke topology.
Remote locations use a single layer-3 MDF core switch (typically a Cisco 4500-X) which provides the inter-
VLAN routing for the site and also terminates the two 10 Gbps fiber WAN connections.
Both WAN links are active, and routing decisions are made via the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing
Fiber connections from the remote locations leading to the Samuell data center terminate at a fiber
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 115881 CR-207346 (WAN) Wide Area Network Fiber (E-Rate Eligible)
aggregation (aka pivot) site, the Cesar Chavez Learning Center (1710 N Carroll Ave). In turn, the Cesar
Chavez Learning Center then connects to the Samuell data center over an 80 Gbps aggregate connection.
Each data center has an active 100 Gbps Internet circuit to provide Internet access for the District. If one
circuit has an outage, traffic is routed through the other data center. The data centers have a 40 Gbps
aggregate connection between them at the core switch layer, plus another 10 Gbps connection at the edge
router layer.
In the future, Dallas ISD expects to be moving out of the Buckner data center and relocating to the Infomart
colocation facility (1950 N Stemmons Fwy). The timing of this move is yet to be determined, but the
Respondent's proposed design should include a district option to provide services to the Buckner location.
The district may or may not decide to exercise this option.
Respondent's must also include services to the Infomart colocation facility. Respondents have the option of
including Infomart as a possible WAN aggregation points but are not required to do so.
If the Buckner location is intended to be a WAN aggregation point in a Respondent's proposal, the proposal
must identify the cost, if any, of moving that aggregation point to the Infomart facility in the future. The district
may or may not decide to aggregate services at the Infomart facility in the future but desires the option to do
This RFP is requesting a continuation of the existing or similar services to the current locations at current
speeds. Respondent's must be able to provide services to ALL district sites by July 1, 2025 at the latest.
Preference will be given to vendors that provide service to all locations by July 1, 2024
Statement of Needs:
Dallas ISD's WAN should be cost-effective, adapt quickly to change, and offer a high degree of resiliency
and fault tolerance. To the extent financially feasible the district desires a solution that offers resiliency, path
diversity, and avoids a single point of failure to any site.All remote locations should have WAN links that
support a minimum 10 Gbps bandwidth.
Vendors should clearly explain if and how their proposed solution offers resiliency, provides diverse paths
and avoids single points of failure. The network should take into account the location of the two data centers
and the geographical diversity of the district.
The two (2) data centers should have three (3) direct 100 Gbps connections between them (two at the core
switch layer, plus another at the edge router layer). The District is not tied to a specific topology but desires a
network design that will provide a robust and resilient solution that avoids a single point of failure and ideally
offers physical path diversity. This solicitation is intended to provide WAN services over the short term with
little to no special construction. In the future the district will be issuing an RFP for a long-term WAN
Vendors should clearly identify if they believe any portion of their proposed network design is ineligible for E-
rate support.
Service Delivery Points Interface to Sites:
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 115881 CR-207346 (WAN) Wide Area Network Fiber (E-Rate Eligible)
The term Service Delivery Point (SDP) defines the point at which a service is delivered physically or logically
by a Service Provider to a Dallas ISD location. An SDP is an interface between the Service Providers
network and Dallas ISD network equipment.
Scope of Work:
The selected Service Provider shall provide WAN services to generally include:
1. A cost-effective robust and resilient network design that avoids single points of failure and
ideally offers physical path diversity.
2. An assured level of service with end-to-end visibility of all WAN circuits in order to provide
continuous (24/7) network monitoring and reporting of link status, latency, errors, and packet
3. Response to disruptions and outages with ready access to necessary technical staff and
materials according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Site Preparation:
The selected Service Provider will be responsible for the installation of the service entrance and Service
Delivery Point (SDP) into each of the Dallas ISD sites and must supply all hardware and software necessary
to light the WAN services.
The Service Provider will be responsible for any special construction and installation costs. In addition, the
Service Provider shall provide the SDP to a location designated by Dallas ISD regardless of the location of
the demark in the facility.
In most cases, Dallas ISD will desire the SDP to be located where the Site WAN Equipment is installed,
typically the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) of the facility. The Service Provider is responsible for incurring
the cost of all construction, cabling, and labor to install or otherwise extend the SDP to the location specified
by Dallas ISD.
The Service Provider is advised that limited on-premise space is available for Service Provider-owned-and-
operated equipment. Dallas ISD will authorize the use of a mutually agreed upon amount of floor space and
power at locations for the installation of the Service Provider's equipment without charge to the Service
Provider. All power requirements must be clearly indicated and communicated in writing to Dallas ISD 30
days prior to installation.
The Service Provider shall be responsible for the provision, installation, and configuration of any terminating
electronics (network interface device) required. Dallas ISD will provide Ethernet ports for the WAN
connections at each site. The Service Provider must provide the patch cord to connect their service to Dallas
ISD-owned Site WAN Equipment. Dallas ISD will provide AC power (110v) for the network interface device.
It will be the responsibility of the Service Provider to seek and receive approval from the appropriate owner
for any conduit or pathways installed into Dallas ISD facilities that may be used to service the facility, (i.e.,
demark to telephone poles on the street, etc.) Any charges that may be incurred for researching pathways
and any lease/rental charges from third parties for these facilities shall be the responsibility of the Service
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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