RFP JKJ-207354 Lawn Equipment, Parts, and Services **SOURCING #120874**

Agency: Dallas Public Schools
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 37 - Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
Posted: Oct 26, 2023
Due: Nov 2, 2023
Solicitation No: RFP JKJ-207354
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RFP JKJ-207354 Lawn Equipment, Parts, and Services **SOURCING #120874**

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9400 North Central Expressway, Suite 1510, Dallas, TX 75231
Request For Proposal 120874
JKJ-207354 Lawn Equipment, Parts, and Services
Dallas ISD rev 1.0
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Request For Proposal 120874 JKJ-207354 Lawn Equipment, Parts, and Services
Email JKELLYJOHNSON@dallasisd.org
1 Header Information
1.1 General Information
First Advertisement Date/Issue Date
Second Advertisement Date
Pre-Proposal Meeting
Questions Deadline
Questions Response from the District
Solicitation Due
Anticipated Evaluation & Sel
Anticipated Approval/Award
10-SEP-2023 08:00:00
17-SEP-2023 08:00:00
25-SEP-2023 11:00:00
27-SEP-2023 17:00:00
29-SEP-2023 17:00:00
12-OCT-2023 14:00:00
19-OCT-2023 10:00:00
21-DEC-2023 19:00:00
A pre-proposal meeting will be held at 11:00 AM CST via TEAMS video conference on Monday,
September 25, 2023. Please submit (in writing) any questions regarding this RFP. Only written
questions will be considered. It is highly encouraged that all potential proposers participate and
attend the pre-proposal.
Join TEAMS Meeting: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/join-a-meeting
Meeting ID: 229 783 570 875
Passcode: qKqb8u
1.2 Terms
Initial Term: 3
Renewal 1: 1
Renewal 2: 1
Any contract that results from this solicitation and upon Mutual Agreement of the awarded vendor and the
District, may be extended not to exceed a total of 5 years(s). If either party intends not to renew the Contract,
that party must give written notice to the other party no fewer than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the
then current term of the Contract. If the District fails to timely exercise any of the options to renew, all remaining
options to renew shall expire and terminate
1.3 Requirements
The term of this proposal shall be for a three (3) year agreement with two (2) successive one (1) year
extensions based on the long-range needs of the District and mutual consent of both parties not to exceed
five (5) years total.
The Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD or District) is soliciting offers for the goods and/or
services specified in this document.
1. Questions concerning this solicitation document should be addressed, in writing, to
2. Questions must be submitted by the deadline to allow sufficient time for responses prior to receipt/opening
3. Responses to questions other than administrative questions will be provided to all potential offerors by
means of an addendum to the solicitation.
All vendors are encouraged to participate even if vendors are the sole source providers.
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 120874 JKJ-207354 Lawn Equipment, Parts, and Services
This proposal is being issued in accordance with Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations (2CFR) Part 200
and ESSER (Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief) requirements to procure vendors who provide
goods purchased by Dallas ISD using federal dollars. This proposal may be used with local, state, federal,
and grant-funded programs.
This Request for Proposal (RFP) will be for the purchase of electric, diesel, and gas lawn equipment, parts,
and services. This contract is for equipment that is intended for the maintenance and care of lawns and
grounds areas as well as parts, repair, and leasing for this equipment.
Minimum Equipment Specifications
A. General. This specification intends to obtain a Lawn Mower and all the necessary components suitable for
the service demands of the Dallas ISD Maintenance Department. All equipment furnished shall be subject to
approval by the Dallas ISD.
B. Vendors proposing must be approved by the manufacturer to sell, install, and service the brand of
equipment submitted
C. Maintenance services will be on an as-needed basis
D. Repairs will be on an as-needed basis
E. Legal Requirements. The equipment to be furnished shall meet these specifications, including all
equipment accessories, and must comply with the requirements of:
1. The Dallas, Texas Vehicle Code
2. The Federal Vehicle Safety Standards
3. The Texas Industrial Safety Orders
4. Federal and State Noise Pollution Standards
F. Technical Specifications (includes, but is not limited to the below items in various sizes):
1. Spark Plug Electrode Gap
2. Throttle Cable
3. Valve Clearance
G. Decode the following:
1. Combustion Chamber
H. Clean the following:
1. Air Filter
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 120874 JKJ-207354 Lawn Equipment, Parts, and Services
2. Air Intake Screen
3. Choke Shutter
4. Cooling Inlets
5. Fuel Tank
6. Fuel Tank Filter
7. Muffler Spark Arresting Screen
8. Recoil Starter Rope
9. Cylinder Fins
10. Cutting Blades
11. Battery
12. Underside of Deck
I. Lubricate the following:
1. Drive Shaft
2. Gear Housing
3. Machine Fittings
4. Axle Spindles
5. Front Axle Pivot
6. Lift Pedal
7. Mower Deck Spindles
J. Commercial-Grade Lawnmowers
1. Stand-on
2. Ride-on
3. Walk-Behind
K. 2-Cycle and 4-Cycle Power Equipment
1. Augers
2. Blowers/Vacuums
3. Brush Cutters
4. Chainsaws
5. Trimmers Pole Saw/Pruners
L. Commercial Grade Battery Electric Lawn Equipment
1. Lawnmowers
2. Blowers
3. Trimmers
4. Chainsaws
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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Request For Proposal 120874 JKJ-207354 Lawn Equipment, Parts, and Services
The Offeror shall furnish to the District all information and data requested by the District to determine the
Offeror's qualifications and responsibilities. The requested information must be provided using the PDF
version of the solicitation where indicated--do not reference other parts of the Offer or other documents. All
answers must be complete and stand-alone. Failure to follow directions using the PDF version of the
solicitation may result in the Offer being disqualified or deemed nonresponsive. The Offerors shall familiarize
themselves with the relevant conditions in the material and labor markets prior to the submission of an offer.
By submitting an offer, Offeror represents that it has familiarized itself with existing and future market
conditions and agrees to perform in full accordance with the Offer. The Offeror must comply with any
insurance, bid bond, or liability requirements of the District as noted elsewhere in this solicitation document.
The Offeror must include pertinent literature/documentation for the proposed products/goods or services. If
Offeror requires a credit application or similar documentation to conduct business with Dallas ISD after
awarding of any Contract, those documents must be submitted at the time of Offer submission.
Dallas ISD prefers responses to be submitted online via our electronic system. Please register with the
iSupplier portal https:https://www.dallasisd.org/domain/143 This process takes up to a week, Dallas ISD
asks the vendor to please register as early as possible to allow time for electronic responses. Submissions
may be submitted manually. Manual submissions must be delivered to the Procurement Services
Department, in a sealed envelope by the date and time stated. No fax or email submissions will be
accepted. Only one format is needed. The manual submission shall consist of one (1) original hard copy.
The Offeror may submit a manual response by paper via mail/FedEx/UPS etc. before the cutoff date and
time at the following address:
Dallas ISD
Procurement Services
9400 N Central Expwy, Ste 1510
Attn: Staff Member and BID NUMBER
Dallas, Tx 75231
Does the vendor agree and understand?
Circle one from the response values below:
Dallas ISD rev 2.0
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