Tamper Proof Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Agency: U.S. Government Publishing Office
State: Pennsylvania
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 75 - Office Supplies and Devices
Posted: Apr 12, 2019
Due: Apr 23, 2019
Solicitation No: 1201-S
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Program/Jacket Number: 1201-S
Title: Tamper Proof Pressure-Sensitive Labels
Bid Opening Date: April 23, 2019
Contract Type: Term Contract
Scope: These specifications cover the production of die-cut, tamper proof, pressure-sensitive labels requiring such operations as composition, printing, serial numbering, packing, and distribution.
Quantity: 6,000,000
GPO Office: Philadelphia, PA
Files: 1201S

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Program 1201-S
Specifications by: DP
Reviewed by: DR
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Philadelphia, PA
For the Procurement of
Tamper Proof Pressure-Sensitive Labels
as requisitioned from the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) by the
the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Services Administration (TSA)
Single Award
TERM OF CONTRACT: The term of this contract is for the period beginning Date of Award and ending March
31, 2020 plus up to four (4) optional 12-month extension period(s) that may be added in accordance with the “Option
to Extend the Term of the Contract” clause in Section 1 of this contract.
BID OPENING: Bids shall be publicly opened at 11:00 a.m., prevailing Philadelphia, PA time, on April 23, 2019.
BID SUBMISSION: Submit bid in pre-addressed envelope furnished with solicitation or send to: U.S. Government
Publishing Office, Customer Services, Philadelphia Regional Office, Agency Procurement Facsimile Services,
Southampton Office Park, 928 Jaymor Road, Suite A-190, Southampton, PA 18966-3820. Facsimile bids in
response to this solicitation are permitted. Facsimile bids may be submitted directly to the GPO, Fax No. (215) 364-
6476. The program number and bid opening date must be specified with the bid. Refer to Facsimile Bids in
Solicitation Provisions of GPO Contract Terms, GPO Publication 310.2, as revised January 2018. Hand delivered
bids are to be taken to: U.S. GPO, Southampton Office Park, 928 Jaymor Road, Suite A-190, Southampton, PA
18966, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., prevailing Philadelphia, PA, time, Monday through Friday.
The contractor is to follow the submission instructions in the Bid Submission/Opening area. If further instruction
or assistance is required, call (215) 364-6465.
BIDDERS, PLEASE NOTE: The GPO 910 “BID” Form is no longer required. Bidders are to fill out, sign/initial,
as applicable, all pages of SECTION 4. – SCHEDULE OF PRICES.
GPO has issued a new GPO Publication 310.2, GPO Contract Terms - Solicitation Provisions, Supplemental
Specifications, and Contract Clauses (Rev 1-18). Prospective bidders should carefully read this publication as the
applicable terms within become an integral part of this contract. The document is posted at
https://www.gpo.gov/how-to-work-with-us/vendors/forms-and-standards along with a list of major revisions.
This is a new program; no abstract available.
For information of a technical nature, contact Diane Peluso at 215-364-6465 x4 or email dpeluso@gpo.gov.
Tamper Proof Pressure Sensitive Labels
1201-S (03/20)
Page 2 of 12
GPO CONTRACT TERMS: Any contract which results from this Invitation for Bid will be subject to the
applicable provisions, clauses, and supplemental specifications of GPO Contract Terms (GPO Publication 310.2,
effective December 1, 1987 (Rev. 1-18)) and GPO Contract Terms, Quality Assurance Through Attributes Program
for Printing and Binding (GPO Publication 310.1, effective May 1979 (revised 8-02)).
GPO Contract Terms (GPO Publication 310.2) – https://www.gpo.gov/docs/default-source/forms-and-standards-
GPO QATAP (GPO Publication 310.1) – https://www.gpo.gov/docs/default-source/forms-and-standards-files-for-
QUALITY ASSURANCE LEVELS AND STANDARDS: The following levels and standards shall apply to
these specifications:
Product Quality Levels:
(a) Printing (page related) Attributes -- Level III.
(b) Finishing (item related) Attributes -- Level III.
Inspection Levels (from ANSI/ASQC Z1.4):
(a) Non-destructive Tests - General Inspection Level I.
(b) Destructive Tests - Special Inspection Level S-2.
Specified Standards: The specified standards for the attributes requiring them shall be:
Specified Standard
P-7. Type Quality and Uniformity
O.K. PDF Proofs/Furnished Sample
P-9. Solid and Screen Tint Color Match
Pantone Matching System
OPTION TO EXTEND THE TERM OF THE CONTRACT: The Government has the option to extend the term
of this contract for a period of 12 months by written notice to the contractor not later than 30 days before the contract
expires. If the Government exercises this option, the extended contract shall be considered to include this clause,
except, the total duration of the contract may not exceed five (5) years as a result of, and including, any extension(s)
added under this clause. Further extension may be negotiated under the "Extension of Contract Term" clause. See
also "Economic Price Adjustment" for authorized pricing adjustment(s).
EXTENSION OF CONTRACT TERM: At the request of the Government, the term of any contract resulting
from this solicitation may be extended for such period of time as may be mutually agreeable to the GPO and the
ECONOMIC PRICE ADJUSTMENT: The pricing under this contract shall be adjusted in accordance with this
clause, provided that in no event will any pricing adjustment be made that would exceed the maximum permissible
under any law in effect at the time of the adjustment. There will be no adjustment for orders placed during the first
period specified below. Pricing will thereafter be eligible for adjustment during the second and any succeeding
performance period(s). For each performance period after the first, a percentage figure will be calculated as
described below and that figure will be the economic price adjustment for that entire next period. Pricing
adjustments under this clause are not applicable to reimbursable postage or transportation costs, or to paper, if paper
prices are subject to adjustment by separate clause elsewhere in this contract.
Tamper Proof Pressure Sensitive Labels
1201-S (03/20)
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For the purpose of this clause, performance under this contract will be divided into successive periods. The first
period will extend from Date of Award through March 31, 2020, and the second and any succeeding period(s) will
extend for 12 months from the end of the last preceding period, except that the length of the final period may vary.
The first day of the second and any succeeding period(s) will be the effective date of the economic price adjustment
for that period.
Pricing adjustments in accordance with this clause will be based on changes in the seasonally adjusted “Consumer
Price Index For All Urban Consumers - Commodities Less Food” (Index) published monthly in the CPI Detailed
Report by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The economic price adjustment will be the percentage difference between Index averages as specified in this
paragraph. An index called the variable index will be calculated by averaging the monthly Indexes from the 12-
month interval ending three (3) months prior to the beginning of the period being considered for adjustment. This
average is then compared to the average of the monthly Indexes for the 12-month interval ending December 31,
2018, called the base index. The percentage change (plus or minus) of the variable index from the base index will
be the economic price adjustment for the period being considered for adjustment.
The Government will notify the contractor by contract modification specifying the percentage increase or decrease
to be applied to invoices for orders placed during the period indicated. The contractor shall apply the percentage
increase or decrease against the total price of the invoice less reimbursable postage or transportation costs and
separately adjusted paper prices. Payment discounts shall be applied after the invoice price is adjusted.
SECURITY CONTROL PLAN: The contractor shall maintain in operation, an effective security system where
items by these specifications are manufactured and/or stored (awaiting distribution or disposal) to assure against
theft and/or the product ordered falling into unauthorized hands.
Contractor is cautioned that no Government provided information shall be used for nongovernment business.
Specifically, no Government information shall be used for the benefit of a third party.
The Government retains the right to conduct on-site security reviews at any time during the term of the contract.
The plan shall contain at a minimum:
(1) How Government files (data) will be secured to prevent disclosure to a third party prior to and after termination
of contract;
(2) Explain how all accountable materials will be handled throughout all phases of production;
(3) How the disposal of waste materials will be handled;
(4) How all applicable Government-mandated security/privacy/rules and regulations as cited in this contract shall
be adhered to by the contractor and/or subcontractor(s).
This proposed plan is subject to review and approval by the Government and award will not be made prior to
approval of same. The Government reserves the right to waive some or all of the plan.
WARRANTY: Contract Clause 15, "Warranty", of GPO Contract Terms (GPO Publication 310.2, effective
December 1, 1987 (Rev. 6-01)) is amended for the solicitation to the effect that the warranty period is EXTENDED
from 120 days to one calendar year from the date the check is tendered as final payment. All other provisions
remain the same.
PREAWARD SURVEY: In order to determine the responsibility of the prime contractor or any subcontractor,
the Government reserves the right to conduct an on-site preaward survey at the contractor's/subcontractor's facility
or to require other evidence of technical, production, managerial, financial, and similar abilities to perform, prior to
the award of a contract. As part of the financial determination, the contractor in line for award may be required to
provide one or more of the following financial documents:
1) Most recent profit and loss statement
2) Most recent balance sheet
3) Statement of cash flows
Tamper Proof Pressure Sensitive Labels
1201-S (03/20)
Page 4 of 12
4) Current official bank statement
5) Current lines of credit (with amounts available)
6) Letter of commitment from paper supplier(s)
7) Letter of commitment from any subcontractor
The documents will be reviewed to validate that adequate financial resources are available to perform the contract
requirements. Documents submitted will be kept confidential and used only for the determination of responsibility
by the Government. Failure to provide the requested information in the time specified by the Government may
result in the Contracting Officer not having adequate information to reach an affirmative determination of
POSTAWARD CONFERENCE: The total requirements of the job as indicated in these specifications will be
reviewed by Government representatives with the contractor's representatives at the GPO Philadelphia Regional
Office or by conference call, immediately after award.
and a purchase order issued to the contractor to cover work performed. The purchase order will be supplemented
by an individual print order for each job placed with the contractor. The print order, when issued, will indicate the
quantity to be produced and any other information pertinent to the particular order.
ORDERING: Items to be furnished under the contract shall be ordered by the issuance of print orders by the
Government. Orders may be issued under the contract from Date of Award through March 31, 2020 plus for such
additional period(s) as the contract is extended. All print orders issued hereunder are subject to the terms and
conditions of the contract. The contract shall control in the event of conflict with any print order. A print order
shall be "issued" upon notification by the Government for purposes of the contract when it is electronically
transmitted or otherwise physically furnished to the contractor in conformance with the schedule.
REQUIREMENTS: This is a requirements contract for the items and for the period specified herein.
Shipment/delivery of items or performance of work shall be made only as authorized by orders issued in accordance
with the clause entitled "Ordering". The quantities of items specified herein are estimates only, and are not
purchased hereby. Except as may be otherwise provided in this contract, if the Government's requirements for the
items set forth herein do not result in orders in the amounts or quantities described as "estimated", it shall not
constitute the basis for an equitable price adjustment under this contract.
Except as otherwise provided in this contract, the Government shall order from the contractor all the items set forth
which are required to be purchased by the Government activity identified on page 1.
The Government shall not be required to purchase from the contractor, requirements in excess of the limit on total
orders under this contract, if any.
Orders issued during the effective period of this contract and not completed within that time shall be completed by
the contractor within the time specified in the order, and the rights and obligations of the contractor and the
Government respecting those orders shall be governed by the terms of this contract to the same extent as if
completed during the effective period of this contract.
If shipment/delivery of any quantity of an item covered by the contract is required by reason of urgency prior to the
earliest date that shipment/delivery may be specified under this contract, and if the contractor will not accept an
order providing for the accelerated shipment/delivery, the Government may procure this requirement from another
The Government may issue orders which provide for shipment/delivery to or performance at multiple destinations.
Subject to any limitations elsewhere in this contract, the contractor shall furnish to the Government all items set
forth herein which are called for by print orders issued in accordance with the "Ordering" clause of this contract.
Tamper Proof Pressure Sensitive Labels
1201-S (03/20)
Page 5 of 12
Submitting invoices for payment via the GPO fax gateway (if no samples are required) utilizing the GPO barcode
coversheet program application is the most efficient method of invoicing. Instruction for using this method can be
found at the following web address: https://winapps.access.gpo.gov/fms/vouchers/barcode/instructions.html.
Invoices may also be mailed to: U.S. Government Publishing Office, Office of Financial Management, Attn:
Comptroller, Stop: FMCE, Washington, DC 20401.
For more information about the billing process refer to the General Information of the Office of Finance web page
located at https://www.gpo.gov/how-to-work-with-us/vendors/how-to-get-paid.
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