Architectural & Engineering services for modifications to the existing Planet Fitness Kueber Center

Agency: University of Louisville
State: Kentucky
Type of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Posted: Oct 4, 2019
Due: Oct 18, 2019
Solicitation No: RFP259-PSC
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RFP-PSC Detail:
Architectural & Engineering services for modifications to the existing Planet Fitness Kueber Center

RFP-PSC Number: RFP259-PSC

Issue Date: 10/04/19

Closing Date & Time: 10/18/19 @ 2:00PM EST

Amber Horn
Asst. Director, Procurement Services
University of Louisville


RFP-PSC Document

Sample University of Louisville State PSC

Attachment Preview

1. 10/04/2019
3. Service: The University of Louisville Athletics Association desires to procure Architectural & Engineering services for
modifications to the existing Planet Fitness Kueber Center, located at 2431 South Floyd Street, Louisville, KY.
4. Due Date:
October 18, 2019
5. Time Due:
2:00 PM, EST
6. Email:
Proposals should be sent to the Procurement Services Department by the following method:
Department Name: Procurement Services
Address: 2215 S. Brook Street, Room 100, Louisville, KY 40208
Attention: Amber Horn
Equal Employment Opportunity All parties must be in compliance with executive order 11246 of September 24, 1965 as amended by
executive order 11375 of October 13, 1967.
I hereby swear (or affirm) under penalty for false swearing as provided by KRS 523.040:
1. That attached Request For Proposal has been submitted without collusion with , and without any agreement, understanding or planned
common course of action with, any other vendor of materials, supplies, equipment or services described in the Request For Quotation
designed to limit independent competition.
2. That the proposer is legally entitled to enter into the contract with the University of Louisville, an agency of the Commonwealth of
Kentucky, and is not in violation of any prohibited conflict of interest, including those prohibited by the provisions of KRS 45A.325,
to 45A.340, 45A.990 and 164.990 and 164.821 (7).
3. That I have fully informed myself regarding the accuracy of the statements made above.
1) Scope of Services:
The University of Louisville Athletics Association desires to procure Architectural & Engineering services for
modifications to the existing Planet Fitness Kueber Center located at 2431 South Floyd Street, Louisville
Kentucky. Kueber Center houses training facilities and offices for its Division I men’s basketball, women’s
basketball and women’s lacrosse programs. The scope of the project includes expansion of the existing
building footprint to include new weight room, locker rooms and associated support areas as well as renovation
of office areas and other existing internal spaces. Architectural & Engineering services include programming,
schematic design, design development and construction documentation in preparation for competitive bid for
construction services with the option to extend bid & award and construction administration services. The
anticipated total project cost is approximately $7 - $8M. Architectural & Engineering services will begin upon
award of contract to the successful firm.
2) Required Proposal Submittals:
a. Proposal Format
i. Proposals shall be prepared on 8.5” X 11” paper, with all text clear of binding. The text type size
shall not be less than a 12 point font. Use of 11” X 17” fold-out sheets for large tables, charts or
diagrams is permissible but should be limited. The proposals must be indexed and all pages
sequentially numbered throughout or by section. Binders and covers will be at the proposer’s
discretion, however, elaborate graphics and expensive paper and binding are not necessary or
encouraged. The proposal should be prepared so to be clear and understandable when
reproduced in black and white. All text and exhibits should be succinct and relevant to the RFP
requirements. Provide one (1) original (clearly marked), seven (7) copies of the proposal and a
flash drive with the proposal information.
b. Letter of Transmittal
i. The letter of transmittal shall be addressed to Amber Horn, Procurement Services Assistant
Director and must, at a minimum, contain the following and be no longer than five (5) pages.
1. Identification of the offering firm(s), including name, address, and telephone number of
each firm.
2. Acknowledgement of receipt of RFP addenda, if any.
3. Signature of person authorized to bind the offering firm to the terms of the Proposal.
c. Consultant Team Organization
i. In this section, provide an organizational chart showing the interrelationship of all team members
and key personnel. The area of responsibility of each team member is to be identified. Provide
any sub-consultants’ company name, address, contact person, and telephone number. Describe
our previous experience working with each sub-consultant.
d. Joint Offers
i. Where two or more consultants desire to submit a single proposal in response to this RFP, they
should do so on a prime subcontractor basis rather than as a joint venture. The University
intends to contract with a single firm and not multiple firms doing business as a joint venture.
e. Qualifications and Experience
i. Identify similar major projects undertaken by the consultant team within the last five (5) years.
Document the team member’s actual responsibility on each project. The Proposer should
indicate their participation in the design of similar facilities, including facilities of similar
capacity within a housing environment. Proposer should identify their role in the design of
projects included, and whether outside “design consultants” or other consultants were involved
in those projects.
ii. The prime consultant should describe no more than ten (10) projects and the sub-consultants no
more than five (5) projects each.
iii. The sub-consultant’s projects should be similar to the work they will perform on this project.
For each project, provide the client’s name, address and telephone number for a constant person
currently available who is familiar with the firm’s performance on each project listed. The
contact should be familiar with the firm’s key personnel.
iv. The Proposers should include all appropriate basic services design disciplines, whether via in-
house or consulting staff, such as Architecture and Project Management, Structural Engineering
(see below), Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering as well as
specialty consultants for Acoustical/Sound Reinforcement Design. Special Consultants required
may be arranged per the University’s request and based on final scope as negotiated.
v. Proposers are advised to demonstrate type of expertise on their project team in a way to achieve
best value for the expansion project.
vi. Identify a minimum of 25% participation by Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) & Women
Business Enterprises (WBE) firms on the project team. Provide certified documentation of their
MBE or WBE status and an outline of their level of participation expressed as an estimated
percentage of the total scope of work. An MBE is defined as a business which is certified as
being at least 51% owned and operated by persons of African American, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific
Islander, American Indian of Alaskan native heritage. A WBE is defined as being at least 51%
owned and operated by females.
vii. Successful proposers will be required to submit documentation of contractual relationship with
MBE and/or WBE consultants included in proposal. The University has established a goal of a
minimum 25% participation by MBE/WBE business on all A/E teams.
f. Key Personnel
i. For each of the key personnel shown in the organizational chart, provide a one to two page
resume. Three pages may be used to describe the experience of the project manager. The
project manager’s experience on similar projects and a demonstrated ability to lead and manage a
diverse consultant team is highly important. Include in the project manager’s resume a summary
of technical expertise and experience.
ii. Provide a matrix showing the key personnel’s experience on the project identified in the above
section. Denote the role the key personnel has on the project (i.e., project manager, task leader,
engineering, planning, technical support, etc.)
g. University’s Rights
i. The University may investigate the qualifications of any proposer under consideration, require
confirmation of information furnished by a proposer, require additional evidence of
qualifications to perform the work described in this RFP, and request an audited financial
statement in order to determine a potential firm’s capabilities.
3) Method of Award:
a. Scoring Criteria Scoring in each category is 1-10 (10 being the highest score). The University in
evaluating A/E proposals will be seeking a “best value” in terms of the merit of the A/E team’s ability to
provide services throughout the duration of the project.
i. Team Qualifications 20%
1. Comprehensiveness, Appropriateness & Experience of Firms - The Consultant Team
should include member representation selected to ensure successful project outcome,
providing a balance of comprehensive knowledge, experience and availability of
qualified personnel to perform required professional services competently and
a. Experience to undertake and successfully complete similar project for building
expansion projects.
b. Recent and reoccurring experience in providing services on projects of similar
scope and complexity.
ii. Prime Consultant Firm 15%
1. Prime consultant firm’s current and recurring experience for Programming, Designing
and Construction Administration on college athletic facilities expansions or other
building expansions, including the Prime consultant firm’s demonstrated successful
experience in leading multi-firm teams.
iii. Personnel Qualification 15%
1. Qualifications and recent professional experience of all INDIVIDUAL team members
with emphasis on projects of similar scale and complexity.
iv. Project Manager’s Relevant Experience – 20%
1. The Project Manager’s experience with programming, planning, managing and
coordinating all aspects of a project of this scale and complexity in a professionally
competent manner.
v. Responsiveness of Work Plan 15%
1. Understanding of preliminary project information
2. Methods for project management & delivery
vi. MBE/WBE Participation 15%
1. The University has established a goal of 25% of the total procurement cost for
MBE/WBE business for this contract.
4) Contract Period :
Desired contract start immediately after the award to run through completion of the project.
No services are to be provided prior to the start date indicated on the fully executed Personal Services Contract
(sample provided).
A/E RFP Issue Date:
A/E Questions Due:
A/E Proposals Due:
A/E Short List Announcement:
A/E Short Listed Firms Q&A Session:
A/E Short Listed Firms Interviews:
A/E Selection Announced and Letter of Intent:
A/E Begin Programming and Design Services
October 4, 2019
October 9, 2019
October 18, 2019 before 2:00 PM, EST
week of October 28, 2019
week of November 4, 2019
week of November 11, 2019
week of November 18, 2019
week of December 2, 2019
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