Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

Agency: University of Louisville
State: Kentucky
Type of Government: State & Local
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
Posted: Jan 9, 2019
Due: Jan 16, 2019
Solicitation No: RP-052-19
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RFP Detail: Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

RFP Number: RP-052-19

Issue Date: 12/14/18

Closing Date & Time: 1/16/19 @ 2:00PM

Phil Wiesemann
Buyer Senior
Phone: (502) 852-8227
Fax: (502) 852-7160


RFP Document

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Equipment Maintenance & Repairs
Phil Wiesemann
The University of Louisville’s – Department of Procurement Services will receive sealed Proposals at the address
listed herein until the time and date shown below.
Deliver By U.S. Mail:
Department of Procurement Services
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Delivery by Courier or Overnight Carrier:
University of Louisville
Department of Procurement Services
2215 S. Brook Street
Louisville, KY 40208
Proposals will not be opened and read publicly. Proposals and any subsequent negotiations shall be held confidential until a final contract agreement is
awarded, at which time the file shall be made a matter of public record and may be reviewed by any requesting party.
I hereby swear (or affirm) under the penalty for false swearing as provided by KRS 523.040:
1. That I am the Offeror (if the Offeror is an individual), a partner in the Offeror (if the Offeror is a partnership), or an officer or employee of the bidding
corporation having authority to sign on its behalf (if the Offeror is a corporation):
2. That the attached Request for Proposal covering University of Louisville’s - Department of Procurement Services, RP-052-19 have been arrived at by the
Offeror independently and have been submitted without collusion with, and without any agreement, understanding or planned common course of action with,
any other vendor of materials, supplies, equipment or services described in the Request for Proposal, designed to limit independent bidding or competition:
3. That the contents of the proposal(s) have not been communicated by the Offeror or its employees or agents to any persons not an employee or agent of the
Offeror or its surety; on any bond furnished with the proposal(s) and will not be communicated to any such person prior to the official proposal(s):
4. That the Offeror is legally entitled to enter into the contracts with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and is not in violation of any prohibited conflict of interest,
including those prohibited by the provision of KRS 45A.325, 45A.330 to 45A.340, 45A.990 and 164.821(7).
5. Offeror and its affiliates are duly registered with the Kentucky Department of Revenue to collect and remit the sales and use tax imposed by KRS Chapter 139
to the extent required by Kentucky law: and will remain registered for the duration of any contract awarded. Furthermore, Offeror is not delinquent on any
state taxes or fees owed to the Commonwealth of Kentucky and will remain in good standing for the duration of any contract awarded.
6. That I have fully informed myself regarding the accuracy of the statements made above.
1. Any agreement of collusion among Offerors or prospective Offerors which restrains, tends to restrain, or is reasonably calculated to restrain competition by
agreement to bid at a fixed price, or to refrain from bidding, or otherwise, is prohibited.
2. Any firm/person who violates any provisions of Kentucky Revised Statue 45A.325 shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by a fine not less than five
thousand dollars ($5,000) not more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or be imprisoned not less than one year nor more than five years, or both such fine and
In submitting this proposal, it is expressly agreed that, upon acceptance by the Department of Procurement Services of any or all items/services
proposed, a contract shall thereby be created to the awarded proposer with respect to the items/services accepted.
Name of Company:
Payment Terms:
Shipping Terms:
FOB Destination, Freight Prepaid
and Added to Invoice
Federal Employer ID:
This offer is valid for ________________
calendar days from the date this proposal
is received
Print Name:
E-Mail Address:
Web Address:
RP Number: RP-052-19
Please be advised that our company does not wish to submit a proposal in response to the above-mentioned
proposal for the following reason(s):
Too busy at this time
Not engaged in this type of work
Project is too large or small
Cannot meet mandatory specifications (Please specify below)
Other (Please specify)
Company Name
Street Address
Authorized Signature and Date
City, State, Zip
Please return to:
University of Louisville
Department of Procurement Services
Service Complex Bldg
Louisville, KY 40292
The scope of the service the vendor provide is first is preventative maintenance programs on
various types of equipment inclusive of certifying that all factory installed safety equipment is
functioning properly at the time the PM. Frequency of PMs is determined by the RRF
management and may range from quarterly to annually depending upon the type of
equipment. All equipment which have factory installed or other installed safety equipment
will be PMed and safety checked quarterly. Prices will be for each PM performed. The types of
equipment covered are: Large (walk-in) cabinet washers, Tunnel type conveyer belt washers,
Bottle washers, Sipper Tube washers, both large (walk-in) steam sterilizers and smaller cart
loaded (autoclaves), Clean steam generators, Glassware washers, Laboratory Fume Hoods,
Chemical Dumping Stations, ETOH Gas Sterilizers, Bedding dispensers and Dust collectors and
other misc. laboratory equipment. It is expected that all PMs’ will be kept on schedule with
work well documented in equipment logs and attached labels to indicate PM is up to date.
Work to be covered in TUNNEL WASHER PMs’ are:
Ask In-User for areas that need attention.
Drain and flush all chamber holding tanks, back flush all screens, traps and sieves
Inspect, Adjust and lubricate drive track, operating mechanism and safety clutch
Inspect Clean and lubricate wash, rinse, DI pumps, drier blower and motors (Check for leaking seals)
Pull all plumbing strainers (steam and water) and clean or replace screen
Clean and delime recovery heat source and note general condition
Check and adjust steam assisted drier and hot water supply systems
Check all curtains, hold-down mechanisms and side-access doors (latches, hinges, lift cylinders and seals)
Run washer with all options and note temperature loss and recovery spans, Verify temperature and timer
Clean and seal all accessible exterior surfaces
Check out control panel (bulbs, lenses, switches, and recorders)
Validate to NIST (annually, unless otherwise specified all temperature, pressure, timer and PH functions
Check and verify operation of all safety switches, cables, and push buttons
Notify In-Users of all found issues and provide solution for approval
Provide detailed report of finding and recommendations to area manager
Work to be covered in RACK WASHER PMs’ are:
Ask In-User for areas that need attention.
Check the oil level of all gear boxes, fill if needed
Grease all bearings, bushings, and other moving parts that can be lubricated
Run washer through a typical cycle, checking time of operation against independent clock and test
temperatures for proper operation
Clean all air filters and replace, if necessary. Check for vent filters, drier filters, airline filters
Check all hoses and flexible couplings for signs of deterioration.
Check and oil all hinges and latches
Check drive belts, pulleys, drive cylinders and cables for wear and adjustment
In machine is equipped with air for control, check all air piping, tubing and fittings to be certain they are not
With machine drained, remove screens, grating, and other obstructing machine parts. Check for loose parts,
heavy soiled debris, utensils, etc., which may have fallen into tanks and remove.
Remove and physically clean all in-line water strainers and steam strainers. If slow heating is reported, remove
steam trap element for cleaning.
Check and verify operations of all safety switches, cables, and push buttons.
Notify In-Users of all found issues and provide solution for approval
Provide detailed report of finding and recommendations to area manager
Work to be covered in AUTOCLAVE/STERILIZER PMs’ are:
Ask In-User for areas that need attention.
Delime and clean chamber drain and screen
Clean and back flush all traps, strainers, and check valves
Clean, inspect, and lubricate door seal and seal surface at jacket
Clean lube, and adjust door locks, hinges, slides, guides, and counterbalance
Inspect, clean, and lube pumps, motors, oilers, and driers
Inspect all controllers and timers (observe complete short cycle and reset)
“Certify” temperature (Fed. And OH EPA, cycle @ 121ºC. ±2º) with NIST traceable thermometer
Check and inspect pressure regulators, safety valves, solenoid Valves, heat exchangers and filters
Clean and seal all accessible exterior surfaces
Check for pressure / vacuum leaks
Calibrate recording thermometers, pressure/vac gauges and transducers to NIST traceable (Annually,
unless otherwise specified
Notify In-Users of all found issues and provide solution for approval
Provide detailed report of finding and recommendations to area manager
The second part of the RFP is to provide parts and repair service for afore mentioned
equipment when necessary. Necessary is defined as "machine down" situations. Response
time to a "machine down" situation is to be no less than a 24 hr. turnaround time with 4 to 6
hour or same day service most desired. Pricing for these services will be separate from the
work described in the scheduled PMs’. Pricing should reflect normal business hours (M-F 8-5)
but an outside normal business hours price for emergency situations should they arise. All
replacement parts or outside contract work such as welding, etc. are to have customer
approval prior to ordering and installation. Successful bidder must provide references to
verification of ability to provide expected services and to provide sufficient well trained and
experienced technicians.
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