2018-2019 Fire Station Landscape Maintenance Bid

Agency: Woodlands Township
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 89 - Subsistence (Food)
Posted: Jun 20, 2018
Due: Aug 3, 2018
Solicitation No: C-2018-0388
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Bid Number: C-2018-0388
Bid Title: 2018-2019 Fire Station Landscape Maintenance Bid
Category: Equipment, Materials and Other Services
Status: Open

The Woodlands Township is requesting bids for all materials, labor, equipment, supplies, etc. for the landscape maintenance of eight (8) Fire Stations and the Emergency Training Center at standards and frequencies based on the specifications in the bid documents. The contract will include services based on the outlined maintenance specifications for a term of 15 months beginning October 1, 2018 and ending December 31, 2019.
Publication Date/Time:
6/20/2018 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
8/3/2018 1:00 PM
Pre-bid Meeting:
07/06/2018 4:00 p.m.
Contact Person:
John McGowan
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The Woodlands Township
2018-2019 Fire Station Landscape Maintenance Bid
C 2018- 0388
Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, licensing, and supervision necessary for the
landscape maintenance of eight (8) Fire Stations and the Emergency Training Center at standards and
frequencies based on the specifications in the bid documents. The contract will include services based
on the outlined maintenance specifications for a term of 15 months beginning October 1, 2018 and
ending December 31, 2019.
1. Sealed bids, addressed to The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department, 2801
Technology Forest Drive., The Woodlands, Texas 77381, Attention: John McGowan, Assistant
Director of Parks and Recreation must be received at the above address no later than August 3,
2018 12 p.m. CST for furnishing all labor, materials, supplies, equipment, licensing, supervision
and performing all work necessary for park and facility maintenance at the specifications based
on the bid documents in The Woodlands Township, Montgomery and Harris Counties, Texas.
Bids shall be submitted in sealed envelopes using the blank Proposal forms furnished with this
bid package. Sealed envelopes shall be marked in the upper left hand corner as follows: 2018-
2019 Fire Department Landscape Maintenance Bid C-2018-0388 “Bidder’s Vendors Name”.
2. A mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting will be held at The Woodlands Township Town Hall, 2801
Technology Forest Blvd, The Woodlands, TX 77380, July 6, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. In order to
prepare for the pre-bid meeting contractor should familiarize themselves with the parks and
recreation system. Questions should be submitted in written form to John McGowan, Assistant
Director of Parks and Recreation via email jmcgowan@thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov preferably
one week prior to the Pre-Bid Meeting. Responses to questions and/or clarifications prior to the
Pre-Bid will be formalized and released at the Pre-Bid Meeting.
3. Prospective Bidders may obtain a bid package including specifications and bidding documents
from The Woodlands Township website, online at www.thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov/bids.
4. Bidders should carefully examine the bid documents, specifications and other documents, visit
the sites of the work, field verify qualities and site and fully inform themselves as to all
conditions and matters which can in any way affect the work or the cost thereof. Should a
bidder find discrepancies in or omissions from specifications, or other documents, or be in doubt
as to their meaning, he should at once notify The Township and obtain clarification prior to
submitting a bid.
5. INTERPRETATIONS AND ADDENDA- All questions about the meaning or intent of the Bidding
Documents and the Contract Documents shall be submitted in writing to John McGowan,
Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation via email at jmcgowan@thewoodlandstownship-
tx.gov. Interpretations, questions, or clarifications will be considered by the Township and if
necessary be responded to by issuance of an Addendum. Questions received less than seven (7)
days prior to the bid opening date may not be answered. Only answers issued by Addenda will
be binding. All addendums will be posted on The Woodlands Township website
2018 2019 Pathway Park Maintenance C-2018-0388
Page 1
6. Addenda to the specifications shall be considered part of the contract documents. Bidder shall
acknowledge receipt of addenda on the Bid Proposal Form. Oral and other interpretations or
clarifications will be without legal effect.
7. The Woodlands Township reserves the right to reject any or all bids, including without limitation
the rights to reject any or all nonconforming, non-responsive, unbalanced or conditional bids
and to reject the bid of any bidder if The Woodlands Township believes that it would not be in
the best interest of the project to make an award to that bidder, whether because the bid is not
responsive or the bidder is unqualified or of doubtful financial ability or fails to meet any other
pertinent standard or criteria established by The Woodlands Township.
8. The Woodlands Township also reserves the right to waive all informalities and defects in the
bids and the bidding process not involving price, time of submittal or changes in the work and to
negotiate contract terms with the successful bidder. Discrepancies between the multiplication
of units of work and unit prices will be resolved in favor of the unit prices. Discrepancies
between the indicated sum of any column of figures and the correct sum thereof will be
resolved in favor of the correct sum. Discrepancies between words and figures will be resolved
in favor of the words. In case of ambiguity or lack of clarity in stating the prices in the bid, The
Woodlands Township reserves the right to consider the most advantageous bid thereof or to
reject the bid.
9. Please be advised that in accordance with State of Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176,
Bidder must submit Form CIQ (example attached) with the bid submission.
10. In compliance with State of Texas Government Code, Section 2252.908, the successful business
entity awarded a contract by the Board of Directors of The Woodlands Township must complete
Form 1295 – “Certificate of Interested Parties” – and must provide a signed and notarized
printed copy of the form and a separate certification of filing. The form can be found at
11. Contractor certifies that Contractor is not currently engaged in, and agrees for the duration of
this Agreement not to engage in, the boycott of Israel as defined by Section 808.001 of the
Texas Gov’t. Code, nor is it engaged in business with Iran, Sudan, or foreign terrorist
organization as identified by the Texas Comptroller’s office under Sections 806.051, 807.051 or
2252.152 of the Texas Gov’t. Code.
12. Any qualification pertaining to the bid items shall be cause for rejection of bid.
13. The Contractor’s bid shall include the sum total of the base bids, individual bid forms and unit
prices as outlined in the Bid Tabulation Form.
14. All companies bidding on this project must include the information outlined in the ITEMS TO BE
INCLUDED IN BID SUBMITTAL such as performance bond, statement of qualifications, list of
subcontractors, list of equipment, references, list of proposed equipment, licenses, financial
statements and other items requested in this bid document.
15. Contract is subject to Award of Bid and approval by The Woodlands Township Board of
Directors. Based on Board approval the contract period is October 1, 2018 through December
31, 2019. Bidders will be notified of bid results within 30 days of bid receipt. Bid price must be
valid for 30 days.
18. It is understood, that in addition to the items outlined in this bid package, the parks and
recreation system is continually growing and the successful contractor is capable of handling
2018 2019 Park and Landscape Maintenance Services Bid C-2018-0388
Page 2
contract additions throughout the 15-month contract to the same standards, frequencies and
expectations outlined herein. All contract additions will be based on the unit prices as submitted
19. Contractor is required to provide The Woodlands Township a performance bond in the full
amount of the contract prior to the commencement of work, with premiums fully paid in
advance by the contractor. The bonds will be on forms and drawn on sureties acceptable to The
Woodlands Township and are included in the total project cost (s).
20. Within ninety (90) days before the expiration of the Initial Term (December 31, 2019), The
Woodlands Township may give written notice to Contractor of its desire to extend the
Agreement (the “Renewal Notice”) for an additional year or years. (the “Renewal Term”). If The
Woodlands Township delivers the Renewal Notice, the Parties shall within thirty (30) days from
the date of receipt of the Renewal Notice, use good faith efforts to negotiate the terms and
conditions of the Renewal Term. Any agreed upon Renewal Terms shall be in writing and
executed as a Modification of the Agreement. In the event the Parties are unable to agree upon
the terms and conditions for the Renewal Term, then the Agreement shall expire upon the
expiration of the current Term or otherwise terminate pursuant to the terms of the Agreement.
The desire and intent of The Woodlands Township is to maintain the landscaping and grounds in world-
class condition with little to no frustration on the part of The Woodlands Township or its residents. The
selected contractor will provide MONTHLY REPORTS documenting how the execution of the standards
are being maintained that this level. To achieve this objective, The Woodlands Township submits these
qualifying factors, inspection procedures, responsibilities/liabilities and industry performance standards.
a. Contract payment will be on a monthly basis, based on a detailed invoice provided to The
Township from the selected Contractor. The billing of services are on a per unit or per month
price which are submitted as a total monthly price.
b. Work shall be conducted between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The
Township may direct specific times for certain work to be performed as to not to interfere with
park, school, facility and/or pathway activities.
c. Additions to the Contract, i.e. new services are based on unit prices as agreed upon in the bid
(refer to Supplemental Unit Price Form), The Township will request a proposal for additional
services and will add it to the contract, at their discretion.
d. Any measurements contained herein should only be used as an estimate. Contractor is
responsible for accurate measurement of all items. All potential bidders should examine areas
included in this bid to ensure accurate measurements and price quotes.
e. Contractor must ensure adherence to all Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.
f. Contractor will be required to provide proper and verifiable insurance in the amounts identified
in the bid packet.
g. Proper and verifiable licenses to include, but are not limited to:
State Texas Licensed Irrigator
State of Texas Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Licenses shall be provided with the contract and not later than 10 days after an employee
change has been made
Copies of the certifications should be included in the bid submittal as supplemental
2018 2019 Park and Landscape Maintenance Services Bid C-2018-0388
Page 3
a. Unless otherwise specified, Contractor shall provide a schedule for recurring (daily, weekly,
monthly) grounds maintenance (mowing, trash, etc.) for each location. This schedule will be
utilized to conduct random site checks to ensure adherence to specifications and expectations.
Contractor shall submit a monthly work schedule that outlines work (weekly, monthly) for the
upcoming month no later than one week prior the start of the month. Contractor must notify in
written form (e-mail, fax, etc.) in the event that they are not able to adhere to the established
schedule during any particular week.
b. For non-recurring (quarterly, bi-annually, annually, irregular schedule, as needed) grounds
maintenance Contractor shall submit a monthly work schedule that outlines work for the
upcoming month no later than one week prior the start of the month.
c. This schedule will be utilized to conduct random site checks to ensure adherence to
specifications and expectations. Contractor must notify in written form (e-mail, fax, etc.) in the
event that they are not able to adhere to the established schedule during any particular week.
d. Any variations to the schedule may arise due to the following issues:
a. Inclement weather conditions;
b. Emergencies as designated by The Township;
c. Maintenance activities/noise may cause disruption.
e. If a variation to the schedule prevents work to be carried out, Contractor will be required to
notify The Township. The Contactor will be required to resume work as soon as possible in
accordance with the annual schedule.
f. Contractor will be provided various schedules maintained by The Woodlands Township in order
to schedule maintenance accordingly.
The Contractor is to provide inspections and reports as indicated below. Inspections and reports are
to be done by a competent and seasoned professional.
Inspection procedures:
a. Daily Report- Daily reports (email and/or phone) are provided to the Township when the
Contractor becomes aware of acts of vandalism, safety issues, irrigation issues, etc. The primary
point of contact for daily reports is the Parks Superintendent.
b. Monthly Report (12 times per year) - The Contractor shall provide a monthly inspection for all
the facilities which shall include the verification of services performed (time and date), and
issues of concern (i.e. weeds, damage, disease, vandalism, rodents, safety hazards and Acts of
God). Contactor and the Township shall mutually agree as to the format of these weekly
inspection reports. The monthly invoice shall not be processed without the Monthly Report.
c. Additional reports are required to be made by the Contractor as conditions warrant.
d. The contractor must be able to respond and communicate via electronic mail daily.
a. Contractor must ensure the public’s safety when performing services.
b. Contractor shall adhere to image standards - meaning each production employee will be in a
uniform (shirt, pants and cap) and vehicles will be clean and marked with company name.
c. Contractor shall behave and operate in an environmentally and professionally sound way as to
not create damage or cause exposure by virtue of negligence or omission.
2018 2019 Park and Landscape Maintenance Services Bid C-2018-0388
Page 4
d. Contractor shall ensure that equipment is properly maintained in accordance with the
manufacturer’s specifications and are maintained so to not danger the operator or any person in
the vicinity of operations.
e. Contractor is responsible for repairing damage to the irrigation system caused by Contractor i.e.
irrigation boxes being damaged or destroyed by mower blades.
f. Contractor is responsible for damage to persons and property caused during the performance of
contracted work.
g. Contractor is responsible for responding to emergencies as deemed by The Township.
Contractor shall provide an emergency response number(s), office and mobile number.
Contactor must respond to the emergency in an appropriate amount of time as deemed by the
h. Contractor is responsible for the legal disposal and cost of debris removal.
i. All maintenance operations shall be performed by the approved contractor or sub-contractor. A
list of sub-contractors shall be submitted with the bid.
j. No live tree removal (including understory and shrubs in the existing landscape or the
surrounding “natural” area) shall take place without the permission (written or oral) of the
k. Contractors must include a detailed EQUIPMENT LIST necessary to complete the work outlined
in these specifications and submit with the bid and annual schedule.
l. The Contractor will be held responsible for any damages to trees, plants, shrubs, fences, walls,
brick, pavers, glass, etc. that is caused by the Contractors errors or their failure to comply with
the requirements of these specifications and will be assessed a fee. Values will be based on The
Township’s assessment and/or appraisal in accordance to Council of Tree and Landscape
Appraisers or other mutually agreeable source.
m. Contractor is responsible for applying all chemicals in a safe manner consistent with the label
directions and federal and state laws and regulations. Application rates and frequencies are
determined by the manufacturer's recommendations. Chemical mixing and application shall be
supervised by a Licensed Pesticide Applicator. Records must be maintained according to
applicable licensing regulatory body. These records shall be provided to The Township in the
monthly reports.
n. Contractor is responsible for public notification when pesticides are to be applied 72 hours in
advance. Notification as is to include when, what, where, and how much. Verification of
completion is to be noted.
o. If through inspection and verification, in The Woodlands Township opinion, work as defined by
the specifications has been carried out to an insufficient standard, the work shall be carried out
again by the Contractor without creating a backlog to other maintenance schedule and at the
expense of the contractor.
p. In the event the contractor fails to accomplish any task under this scope of work, The
Woodlands Township will provide reasonable notice to take corrective action. If the Contractor
does not perform the service, The Woodlands Township may, at its option, cause the non-
performed tasks to be accomplished through another source and deduct the cost of such from
the amount normally due to the contractor for that monthly period based on the Unit Prices
q. Performance Bonds- Due no later than December 31 for the next contract year
5. Project A- Fire Station Maintenance Standards- Please see Attachment A for address of the fire
2018 2019 Park and Landscape Maintenance Services Bid C-2018-0388
Page 5
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