Request For Proposals For Outdoor Advertising On MIRA Property (RFP No. 21-FA-002)

Agency: Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority(MIRA)
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Posted: Nov 12, 2020
Due: Jan 28, 2021
Solicitation No: RFP No. 21-FA-002
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+ Request For Proposals For Outdoor Advertising On MIRA Property (RFP No. 21-FA-002)
Request For Proposals

Request For Proposals
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Proposal Forms in Word

RFP Attachment 2 – Proposal Form
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RFP Attachment 3 –Background Questionnaire
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RFP Attachment 4 – Questionnaire concerning Affirmative Action, etc.
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RFP Attachment 5 – Affidavit Concerning Nondiscrimination
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RFP Attachment 6 – Iran Certification Form
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RFP Attachment 7 – Acknowledgement Of Receipt Of Notice Of Campaign And Solicitation Limitations
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Attachment Preview

(RFP Number 21-FA-002)
Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority
200 Corporate Place, Suite 202
Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067
I. Request for Proposals:
A. Background and Scope
B. RFP Projected Timeline
C. Notice of Interest
D. Availability of RFP
E. Proposal Contents
F. Proposal Submittal Procedures
G. Proposal Opening
H. Proposal Open and Subject to Acceptance
I. Proposal Evaluation
J. Contract Award
K. Affidavit Concerning Consulting Fees
L. Contractor’s Certification Concerning Gifts
II. Additional Terms and Conditions:
A. Definitions
B. Binding Effect
C. MIRA Reserved Rights
D. Communications With MIRA Staff and Board Members
E. Addenda And Interpretations
F. Modification or Withdrawal of A Proposal
G. Proposal Preparation and Other Costs
H. Proposer’s Qualifications
III. Attachments and Forms
1. Billboard Advertising Agreement
2. Proposal Form
3. Background Questionnaire
4. Questionnaire Concerning Affirmative Action, Small Business Contractors And
Occupational Health And Safety
5. Affidavit Concerning Nondiscrimination
6. Iran Certification Form
7. Acknowledgement of Notice Of Campaign Contributions And Solicitation
I. Request for Proposals:
A. Background and Scope
The Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority (“MIRA”) is a State of Connecticut (“State”)
quasi-public entity created pursuant to Public Act 14-94. MIRA has the responsibility for the
planning, design, construction, financing, management, operation and maintenance of solid
waste disposal, volume reduction, resource recovery and related facilities considered to be
necessary, desirable, convenient or appropriate in carrying out the State’s solid waste
management plan.
MIRA owns a parcel of real property located on Reserve Road in Hartford, Connecticut (the
“Reserve Road Property”) that contains a site (the “Reserve Road Site”) that is duly licensed
under the Laws and Regulations to contain one (1) two-sided billboard for advertising purposes.
This billboard is in a prime location visible from the Charter Oak Bridge where Exit 29 off
Interstate 91 northbound merges onto Route 5/15 northbound. According to the Connecticut
DOT traffic volumes on this section of Route 5/15 are approximately 44,000 vehicles per day.
An existing licensee owns an existing billboard on the site which they are responsible for
removing at the end of the current license agreement. MIRA is seeking proposals from potential
licensees (each a “Proposer”) interested in entering into a licensing agreement to enter the
Reserve Road Property to construct/erect at Proposer’s sole expense and in accordance with all
applicable industry standards and the Laws and Regulations, a new billboard at the Reserve Road
Site, or, if they can come to terms acceptable to the existing licensee and MIRA, take over
ownership of the existing billboard on the Reserve Road Site..
In addition MIRA operates an integrated system of solid waste facilities including a recycling
facility on Murphy Road in Hartford; and active transfer stations in Essex, Torrington, and
Watertown. In addition, MIRA also owns and maintains several properties on which there are
currently-inactive facilities, as well as owns real estate on which others own and operate a solid
waste facility. As part of their proposal Proposers can propose alternate forms of advertising
such as smaller fence-mounted bulletin boards, or other off-premise signs on one or more of the
MIRA properties.
Any bulletin boards or other outdoor units shall be erected and insured at Proposers sole cost and
This RFP contemplates that Proposers could utilize billboard for any advertising content that is
legal to advertise on public property in the State of Connecticut and in the local municipality in
which the billboard is located and for any activity that is legal in the State of Connecticut,
excepting as follows (hereafter the “Restrictions”):
MIRA, as a quasi-public construct of the legislature does not want it’s property used for
political advertisements that support or oppose i) candidates for political office or ii) a
specific piece of legislation; and
MIRA does not want its property used for advertisements that are pornographic in nature,
either for the advertisement of “adult” venues (including but not limited to strip clubs,
adult bookstores, etc.) or the use of pornographic graphic sexual images to advertise other
products or causes.
Proposers should include in their proposal additional language to further clarify the Restrictions
and MIRA will negotiate with the successful proposer to refine such language in the Agreement.
The successful proposer will be responsible at its sole cost and liability for the content of its
advertising including ensuring the legality of its advertisements.
B. RFP Projected Timeline
The following is the projected timeline for the RFP process:
RFP Documents Available
Thursday, November 12, 2020
Deadline for Written Questions
3pm, January 14, 2021
Response to Written Questions
January 22, 2021
Proposals Due at MIRA
January 28, 2021
Proposal evaluation including If it conducts interviews, MIRA expects to
clarifications, interviews and do so between Monday February 8 and
Thursday February 11, 2021
Pending approval by the MIRA Board of
Selection and Notice of Award Directors (expected to be presented to the
Board for approval at the March 2021
Board Meeting).
Expected Agreement Effective Date
Expect to have executed
approximately April 1, 2021.
C. Notice of Interest
Potential Proposers should express their interest in this RFP by providing their contact
information in writing to MIRA as soon as possible following publication of this RFP. This may
be done by writing or e-mailing MIRA’s Contract and Procurement Manager as follows:
Mr. Roger Guzowski
Contract and Procurement Manager
Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority
200 Corporate Place, Suite 202
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
This notice of interest information should include the full legal name of the interested entity,
address of the interested entity, and the following information regarding a contact person(s):
name, title, telephone number, and e-mail address.
MIRA will use this notice of interest information to notify the proposer regarding the availability
of addenda and other information related to this RFP.
D. Availability of RFP
Complete sets of this RFP and all Attachments may be obtained on the World Wide Web at on the “Current Bids, RFP and RFQ” page, under the “Business Links”
section of the website. The RFP and Attachments can be accessed by selecting the link titled:
The RFP and all Attachments and forms are in PDF format. Applicable forms are also available
for downloading in Microsoft Word format for ease of completion at the same place on MIRA’s
website where the PDF of the RFP is located. MIRA encourages firms to make use of the
downloaded Word forms.
The RFP, Attachments and forms are also available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to
4:30 p.m. at MIRA’s offices, 200 Corporate Place, Suite 202, Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067.
Anyone intending to pick up the documents at MIRA’s offices must contact Roger Guzowski at
(860) 757-7703 at least 24 hours in advance. There is a charge of $30.00 for anyone picking up
the documents at MIRA’s office. Payment should be made by check payable to “Materials
Innovation and Recycling Authority.” Please note that these available days, times and lead times
may be impacted any pandemic, weather, or other emergency response protocols then in effect.
E. Proposal Contents
All Proposals shall be structured to include the following (in the order presented):
1. Title page, including the title of this RFP, the name of the Proposer and the date
the proposal is submitted;
2. Cover letter, signed by a person authorized to execute the Agreement on behalf of
Proposer, which includes the following:
The name of the Proposer;
The legal structure of the Proposer (e.g., corporation, joint venture, etc.);
This is the opportunity summary page. You are currently viewing an overview of this opportunity and a preview of the attached documentation. For more information, please visit the Publication URL Web page.
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