2017-RM1-08B (Reissuance)- Pre-Qualification Selection of Grant Evaluators for Miami Dade College Addendum 3

Agency: Miami Dade College
State: Florida
Type of Government: State & Local
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
Posted: Apr 17, 2019
Due: Apr 30, 2019
Solicitation No: 2017-RM1-08B
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2017-RM1-08B (Reissuance)- Pre-Qualification Selection of Grant Evaluators for Miami Dade College


Opening Date: April 30, 2019


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RFP # 2017-RM1-08B
Request for Proposal (RFP) No. # 2017-RM1-08B
Pre-Qualification Selection of Grant
Evaluators for Miami Dade College
OPENING: April 30, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.
Proposals will be accepted in the Purchasing Department, Kendall Campus, Room 9254, 11011 S.W
104th Street, Miami, FL 33176 prior to 3:00 P.M. EST, on April 30, 2019. Proposals received after
3:00 P.M. will be returned to the vendor unopened. The time will be based on the time kept in the
Purchasing Department.
Purchasing Director:
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RFP # 2017-RM1-08B
1.0 Purpose, Scope, Terms
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope of Services
1.3 Possible Types of Grants/Granting Agencies
1.4 Terms
2.0 Background Information
2.1 The College
3.0 Schedule of Events
3.1 Timeline
4.0 Proposal Instructions
4.1 Form of Vendor Response
4.2 Contact with College Personnel
4.3 Rules, Regulations and Requirement
4.4 Change of Proposal
4.5 Withdrawal of Proposal
4.6 Modifications of Proposal
5.0 Evaluation Process
5.1 Evaluation Committee Meetings
5.2 Presentation and Interviews
5.3 Response to RFP
5.4 Selection Criteria
5.5 Acceptance/Rejection of Proposals
5.6 Protest of RFP Document
5.7 Protest of Intended Decision
5.8 Contract Requirement
5.9 Public Record
6.0 Required Information
6.1. Requested Forms to Submit with Proposal Response
6.1.1 Proposal Cover Sheet
6.1.2 Non-Discrimination in Employment Form
6.1.3 Public Entity Crimes Form
6.1.4 Addendum Acknowledgement
6.1.5 Performance Evaluation Surveys (References)
6.1.6 Grant Evaluator Profile and Requested Questions
6.2 Company Information
6.3 Proposed Project Personnel
6.4 Subcontractors
6.5 Small/Local Business Enterprise
6.6 Legal Issues
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RFP # 2017-RM1-08B
6.7 Indemnification Agreement
6.8 Additional Information or Services
6.9 Request to Waive Requirement
7.0 Scope of Services (Technical Proposal)
7.1 Understanding of Requirements
7.2 Timeline
7.3 Formative Evaluation
7.4 Summative Evaluation
7.5 Communication
7.6 Technical Issues
7.7 Cost Proposal
7.8 Added Value
8.0 General Terms and Conditions
8.1 Contract
8.2 Modification of the Contract
8.3 Assignment of the Contract
8.4 Paragraph Headings
8.5 Applicable Law
8.6 Contractor’s Relationship to the College
8.6.1 Contractor as Independent Contractor
8.6.2 College Representative(s)
8.7 Termination
8.7.1 Termination without Cause
8.7.2 Termination with Cause
8.7.3 Suspension
8.7.4 Default
8.7.5 Non-Appropriations
8.8 Specification Deviations
8.9 Publicity Release
8.10 Contract Terms
8.11 Invoicing for Services
8.12 Bankruptcy
8.13 Official Notices
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RFP # 2017-RM1-08B
1.1. Purpose
On June 20, 2017 the College’s Board of Trustees approved a listing of
prequalified grant evaluator service providers under RFP-2017-RM1-08. The
service period under this prequalification was for one year a with four (4) year
renewals. Presently, we are on the 1st year renewal of the prequalification
listing, year two will commence on July 1, 2019. The College’s Purchasing
Department is reopening the prequalification period to allow any
additional firms that would be interested to submit their proposal
response to the College. Firm’s that are already prequalified under RFP-
2017-RM1-08 do not have to reapply, only new proposers that are
interested in getting prequalified may apply and send in their proposal
for review.
This opportunity is only open to companies that have not been previously
prequalified under the College’s RFP prequalification process. An Evaluation
Committee has the responsibility to determine if to add any proposers to the
prequalification listing of service providers. Any additional service provider
that is selected by the Evaluation Committee shall be added to the prequalified
listing of service providers and can provide services to the College after July 1,
2019 for an additional three years.
The Resource Development Department of the College continuously submits
proposals to a variety of federal, state, and local agencies. These proposals
require an evaluation section which outlines how an external evaluator will
provide the formative and summative evaluation for specific project
deliverables and services. The evaluator will contribute significant intellectual
capital—because sponsoring agencies require up to a separate five-page
proposal, line item budget, and budget narrative.
It is the goal of the College, that through this RFP pre-qualification process,
the College may screen and generate a pool of professional grants evaluators
that may be utilized by the College. Evaluators will be selected based upon
best fit for the type of grant application, capabilities and experience of the
evaluator, capacity, and cost.
1.2 Scope of Services
The College requires grant’s evaluators’ applicants to demonstrate experience
relative to their ability to provide the following:
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RFP # 2017-RM1-08B
Develop a detailed evaluation plan that is consistent with project goals,
that complies with grantor agency regulations, and that incorporates
best practices in evaluation design, research, and management.
Coordinate with College program personnel and MDC’s Institutional
Research during development of the evaluation plan section of the grant
proposal and upon its award. The pre-award writing must be a pro-bono
Create a schedule of communication with the project team. Provide
telephone, email, video conferencing, and onsite consultations
concerning evaluation of the grant project, including, but not limited to,
status of the evaluation, barriers to address toward meeting evaluation
objectives, program outcomes, and continuous improvement.
Attend at least one in-person evaluation conference hosted by the
College and any grantor required meetings, webinars, and other forms of
Provide assistance in determining data needs, sources, tracking
methods, collection needs and benchmarks. Design or select data
collection instruments.
Create an evaluation management plan which includes an evaluation
activity timeline, a schedule of site visits, and report dates.
Work in cooperation with faculty and staff, as well as key partners, to
implement the approved evaluation plan.
Conduct project site visits and coordinate with program personnel on
any interviews or surveys that may be needed for data collection.
Create a plan for using data to assess progress toward quarterly, yearly,
and final measures and to ensure that MDC staff are notified of any
deviation from the terms of the grant award and to provide feedback for
continuous improvement.
Assist staff in understanding how to monitor progress and use results
and in how to think empirically and use evaluation data for planning
and decision making.
Coordinate with program personnel to develop and finalize interim
evaluation reports and a final evaluation report 30 days prior to the
agency due dates for such reports.
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