Agency: Town of Westwood
State: Massachusetts
Type of Government: State & Local
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Posted: Nov 6, 2019
Due: Nov 21, 2019
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Pool HVAC Project

Type Procurement Requests
Status Open
Date Available 11/6/2019
Due Date 11/21/2019
Contact Name Procurement Department
Contact Phone 781-320-1073
Contact Email
Pre Bid Meeting Date See , 0
Pre Bid Meeting Location
Awarded Date 11/21/2019
Awarded To
Document Name Type
IFB - Pool HVAC Project (External Document)
IFB # REC-20-B-003 pdf
Atch A Scope of Work pdf
Atch I- 1 pdf
Atch I - 2 pdf
Atch I - 3 pdf
Atch I - 4 pdf
Atch I - 5 pdf

Attachment Preview

Westwood Pool HVAC Project
Bid # REC-20-B-003
All Bids must be delivered by 12:00 pm on Thursday, November 21, 2019 to:
Procurement Department
Westwood Town Hall
580 High Street
Westwood MA 02090
Bids must be delivered in a manner such that the package is hand-delivered to a Westwood
Town Hall employee. If the bidder is using a delivery service, the package must be signed for by
a Westwood Town Hall staff to be considered properly delivered.
Bids received after the time and date established herein SHALL NOT be accepted or considered,
regardless of the cause for delay in the receipt of such proposal(s).
If, at the time of the scheduled proposal due date, the Westwood Town Hall is closed due to
uncontrolled events such as fire, wind, or building evacuation, the proposal opening will be
postponed until 12:00 noon on the next normal business day. Proposals will be accepted until
that date and time.
Submit the proposal in a sealed envelope clearly marked Bid # REC-20-B-003, Westwood Pool
HVAC Project.”
The proposal must include a Non-Collusion form, Tax Compliance Certificate and other
Attachments listed below.
The proposal must also include a Bid Signature Form. When the Bid Signature Form is
completed, it declares:
o The only parties interested in this bid are the Principals named herein.
o No officer, agent or employee of the Town of Westwood has a direct or indirect interest
in this bid.
Bid Form
o Each bid shall be accompanied by a bid deposit in the form of a certified, bank,
Treasurer’s or cashier’s check, or a bid bond issued by a surety company licensed by the
IFB # REC-20-B-003
Pool HVAC Project
Page 1 of 14
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the amount of (5%) if the total bid price, made
payable to the Town of Westwood.
o All bid deposits except that of the lowest responsible bidder shall be returned within
five (5) days, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays excluded, after the opening of the
o The Bidder whose Bid is accepted agrees to furnish the Contract Bonds, each in the sum
of the full amount of the Bid and/or Contract Price as determined by the Town, and duly
executed and acknowledged by the said bidder as Principal and by a surety company
qualified to do business under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and
satisfactory to the Town, as Surety, for the faithful performance of the Contract and
payment for labor and materials. The premiums for such Bonds shall be paid by the
o The bidder to whom the bid is awarded will be required to execute an Agreement within
sixty (60) calendar days from the date when the Notice of Award is received. In the
event the bidder fails to execute an Agreement with the Town, the Town may consider
the bidder to be in default, in which case the bid deposit shall become the property of
the Town.
o Should the bidder fail to fulfill any of his/her agreements as herein above set forth, the
Town shall have the right to retain as liquidated damages the amount of the bid check
or cash which shall become the Town’s property. If a bid bond was given, it is agreed
that the amount thereof shall be paid as liquidated damages to the Town by the Surety.
o In case of death, disability, or other unforeseen circumstances affecting the bidder,
which materially impairs the bidder’s ability to execute an Agreement and perform the
required service, such bid deposit may be returned to the bidder by the Town.
The proposal must be signed as follows: 1) if the bidder is an individual, by them personally; 2)
if the bidder is a partnership, by the name of the partnership, followed by the signature of each
general partner; and 3) if the bidder is a corporation, by the authorized officer, whose signature
must be attested to by the Clerk/Secretary of the corporation and the corporate seal affixed.
Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the bids submittal due date. However, bidders may not
withdraw or modify their bid for a period of ninety (90) days following the opening of bids.
The contract will be awarded within thirty (30) days after the proposal receipt. The time for
award may be extended for up to 45 additional days by mutual agreement between the Town
and the apparent lowest responsive and responsible bidder.
Questions concerning this invitation for proposals must be submitted in writing to:
Procurement Department, Westwood Town Hall, 580 High Street, Westwood MA 02090 or by
email at Questions may be delivered or mailed.
Written responses will be posted on the Westwood Town Hall website.
IFB # REC-20-B-003
Pool HVAC Project
Page 2 of 14
Bidders interested in this project should notify the Procurement Office at of their interest. They will be notified of any changes
to the bid when they are posted.
Site Visit . A highly recommended but non-mandatory Site Visit will be conducted on
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 10:00am. The site visit will begin in the Westwood Pool
Lobby offices located at 240 Nahatan Street, Westwood MA.
Any and/or all work is subject to available funds. The Town reserves the right to waive any
informalities in, or to reject, any or all bids should the Town deem it to be in the Town’s best
interest to do so.
The Town of Westwood may cancel this IFB, or reject in whole or in part any and all proposals,
if the Town determines that cancellation or rejection serves the best interests of the Town.
Below is a list of all Attachments. Bidders should note that Attachments C-H must be
completed and be submitted with the bid documents.
o Attachment A Scope of Work
o Attachment B Wage Rates
o Attachment C Bid Pricing Sheet
o Attachment D Labor Harmony and OSHA Training
o Attachment E Certificate of Non-Collusion
o Attachment F Tax Compliance Certificate
o Attachment G Signature Page
o Attachment H Reference Form
o Attachment I HVAC Plans. Note: Attachment I is broken into five (5) files
Attachment I-1 Pool HVAC Plans
Attachment I-2 Pool HVAC
Attachment I-3 Pool HVAC Insulation
Attachment I-4 - Pool HVAC Piping & Distrib
Attachment I-5 - Pool HVAC Equipment
The purpose of this IFB is to provide the labor, materials and equipment to replace a 40-ton, rooftop-
mounted, pool de-humidifier unit and 2HP circulator pump. The project will also reconnect those
units to the existing utilities and pool water circulation piping.
IFB # REC-20-B-003
Pool HVAC Project
Page 3 of 14
Attachment A, Scope of Work, contains a more detailed description of the project.
DCAMM General Category: General Building Construction
Delivery Requirements: All delivery charges shall be included in the price of the service.
The Delivery should be made to:
Town of Westwood
Recreation Department
240 Nahatan Street
Westwood MA 02090
Insurance Specifications:
Worker’s Compensation: - The Contractor shall, before commencing performances of this
contract, provide, by insurance, for the payment of compensation in the furnishing of other
benefits under General Laws, Ch. 152 to all persons to be employed under the Contract and
shall continue such insurance in full force and effect for the term of the Contract, all in
accordance with Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 149, S34A.
Bodily Injury Liability Including Death: - The Contractor shall take and maintain during the life
of the Contract insurance coverage in the amount of one million dollars on account of any one
person and one million dollars on account of any one accident and one million dollars aggregate
limit. Extra territorial and guest clause shall be included.
Property Damage Liability: - The Contractor shall take out and maintain during the life of the
Contract property damage liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars in the
Motor Vehicles Including Hired Vehicles: - The Contractor shall take out and maintain during
the life of the Contract motor vehicle insurance for bodily injury liability including death in the
amount of one million dollars on account of any one person and one million dollars on account
of any one accident. Additionally, property damage liability in the amount of one million dollars
on account of any one accident and one million dollars aggregate. The contractor covenants
and agrees to hold the town and its employees, agents and officials, harmless from loss or
damage for personal injury and/or property damage arising from or in connection with
operations under this Contract.
IFB # REC-20-B-003
Pool HVAC Project
Page 4 of 14
Indemnification Clause: - The Contractor acknowledges and agrees that they are responsible, as
an Independent Contractor, for all operations under this Contract and for all acts of his
employees and agents hereunder, and agrees that they will indemnify and hold harmless the
Town and its officers, Boards and its employees, from any loss, damage, cost, charge, expense
or claim which may be made against it or them or to which it or they may be subject by reason
of an alleged act, action, neglect, omission or default on the part of the Contractor or any of his
agents, servant, or employees and will pay promptly on demand all costs and expenses of the
investigation and defense thereof, including attorney’s fees and expenses. And, if any claim is
made, the Town may retain out of any payments, then, or thereafter due to the Contractor, a
sufficient amount to protect it completely against such claim, costs and expenses. The public
liability and property damage insurance and owners contingent policies, as the case may be,
shall include the above stated Indemnification Clause.
The Town shall pay and the Contractor shall receive the prices stipulated in the bid made a part
hereof as full compensation for everything performed and for all risks and obligations
undertaken by the Contractor under and as required by the Contract.
Unbalanced bidding is expressly prohibited and all unit bid prices will be compared for
reasonable conformance with the engineer's estimate. The Owner has the right to reject award
of a bid, or part thereof, to protect the public interest if it is apparent that a bid is
mathematically unbalanced, the bidder front-end loads its bid as to amount to an advanced
payment, there are extreme variations from the engineer's estimate or other bids received, if in
the opinion of the Owner, the unit prices create a reasonable doubt that that apparent low
bidder will actually result in the lowest cost to the Owner, and/or if the overall competitive
bidding process has been jeopardized.
Final payment for Work governed by unit prices will be made based on the actual
measurements and quantities accepted by the Engineer multiplied by the unit price for work
that is incorporated in or made necessary by the Work.
Bidders must provide all of the items described in Section II: Purchase Description/Scope of
Services and Attachment A, Scope of Services. Bidders must also comply with all Section I:
Proposal Submission Requirements. Missing information may cause the proposal to be
considered unresponsive.
IFB # REC-20-B-003
Pool HVAC Project
Page 5 of 14
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