Food Warehouse and Commodity Distribution

Agency: State Government of Arkansas
State: Arkansas
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 89 - Subsistence (Food)
  • M - Operation of Government Owned Facilities
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
Posted: Feb 5, 2021
Due: Mar 19, 2021
Solicitation No: 710-21-0019
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description agency opening date/time bid number buyer
Food Warehouse and Commodity Distribution Arkansas Department of Human Services 03/19/2021 02:00 PM CDT 710-21-0019

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Department of Human Services
Office of Procurement
700 Main Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Bid Number:
Solicitation Issued:
Food Warehouse and Commodity Distribution
Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education (DCCECE)
Bid Submission
Date and Time
March 19, 2021
10:00 am CST
Bid Opening Date
and Time:
March 19, 2021
2:00 pm CST
Bids shall not be accepted after the designated bid submission date and time. In accordance with Arkansas Procurement Law and
Rules, it is the responsibility of vendors to submit proposals at the designated location on or before the bid submission date and time.
Bids received after the designated bid submission date and time shall be considered late and shall be returned to the vendor without
further review. It is not necessary to return no bidsto the Office of Procurement.
United States
mail (USPS):
Carrier (UPS,
FedEx or USPS
Bid’s Outer
Arkansas Department of Human Services
Attn: Office of Procurement
700 Main Street Slot W345
Little Rock, AR 72201
Arkansas Department of Human Services
Attn: Office of Procurement
P.O. Box 1437 Slot W345
Little Rock, AR 72203-1437
Arkansas Department of Human Services
Attn: Office of Procurement
112 West 8th Street, Slot W345
Little Rock, AR 72201
Delivery providers, USPS, UPS, and FedEx deliver mail to OP’s street address on a schedule
determined by each individual provider. These providers will deliver to OP based solely on the street
address. Prospective Contractors assume all risk for timely, properly submitted deliveries.
Seal outer packaging and properly mark with the following information. If outer packaging of bid
submission is not properly marked, the package may be opened for bid identification purposes.
• • • Bid number Date and time of bid opening Prospective Contractor's name and return address
OP Buyer:
Email Address:
DHS Website:
OSP Website:
Margurite Al-Uqdah
Buyer’s Direct Phone Number:
DHS’s Main Number:
Bid Solicitation Document
Bid No. 710-21-0019
This Invitation For Bid (IFB) is issued by the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Office of
Procurement (OP) on behalf of the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education DCCECE) to obtain
pricing for the provision of warehousing and commodity distribution services that shall be utilized for the
storage, handling, and distribution of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) commodity foods in
the State of Arkansas.
In accordance with Arkansas Code §19-11-249, this proposal and resulting contract is available to any State
Agency or Institution of Higher Education that wishes to utilize the services of the selected proposer, and the
proposer agrees, they may enter into an agreement as provided in this solicitation.
A. A Term contract will be awarded to a single vendor.
B. Any resultant contract of this Bid Solicitation shall be subject to State approval processes which may include
Legislative review.
C. The term of this contract shall be for one (1) year. The anticipated starting date for the contract is date. Upon
agreement by the vendor and agency the contract may be renewed by the Office of Procurement (OP) on a
year-to-year basis, for up to four (4) additional one-year terms or a portion thereof not to exceed a total
aggregate contract term of five (5) years.
The OP, as the issuing office, is the sole point of contact throughout this solicitation process. Vendor questions
regarding this Bid Solicitation should be made through the State’s buyer as shown on page two of this document.
Vendor’s questions will be answered as a courtesy and at vendor’s own risk.
Bids submitted by the opening time and date shall be opened at the following location:
Department of Human Services
Office of Procurement
700 Main Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Vendors wishing to attend the bid opening must report to the main entrance location, Arkansas Department of
Human Services, Donaghey Plaza South Building, 700 Main Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 and check in with
the receptionist. All attendees are required to obtain security clearance upon entrance to the building by submitting
a current, valid photo ID, preferably a driver’s license, to the Security Officer at the reception area. The Security
Officer will issue a visitor’s badge which must be worn at all times. Before leaving the bid opening, visitors are
required to return the visitor’s badge to the Security Officer and retrieve their ID. The receptionist is to contact the
buyer, for the vendor, for more detailed directions to the bid opening location.
When circumstances warrant, DHS may elect to conduct the bid opening entirely via video conference. If DHS
makes this election, DHS shall post a link to the video conference on its website. If the bid opening will be
conducted entirely via video conference, individuals will not be permitted to attend in-person.
A. The words “must” and “shall” signify a Requirement of this solicitation and that vendor’s agreement to and
compliance with that item is mandatory.
B. Exceptions taken to any Requirement in this Bid Solicitation, whether submitted in the vendor’s bid or in
subsequent correspondence, shall cause the vendor’s bid to be disqualified.
Page 2 of 35
Bid Solicitation Document
Bid No. 710-21-0019
C. Vendor may request exceptions to NON-mandatory items. Any such request must be declared on, or as an
attachment to, the appropriate section’s Agreement and Compliance Page. Vendor must clearly explain the
requested exception and should reference the specific solicitation item number to which the exception applies.
(See Agreement and Compliance Page.)
A. The State Procurement Official has made every effort to use industry-accepted terminology in this Bid
Solicitation and will attempt to further clarify any point of an item in question as indicated in Clarification of Bid
B. The words “bidder,” “vendor,” and “contractor” are used synonymously in this document.
C. The terms “Invitation for Bid”, “IFB” and “Bid Solicitation” are used synonymously in this document.
A. Bid Response Packet
1. An official authorized to bind the vendor(s) to a resultant contract must sign the Bid Signature Page.
2. Vendor’s signature on this page shall signify vendor’s agreement that either of the following shall cause
the vendor’s bid to be disqualified:
a. Additional terms or conditions submitted intentionally or inadvertently.
b. Any exception that conflicts with a Requirement of this Bid Solicitation.
3. The following items shall be submitted with the Bid Response Packet in a sealed envelope:
a. EO 98-04 Disclosure Form (Attachment A).
b. Copy of Vendor’s Equal Opportunity Policy. (See Equal Opportunity Policy.)
c. Signed addenda to this IFB, if applicable. (See Requirement of Addendum.)
d. Documentation that vendor meets the minimum qualifications outlined in this IFB. (See Minimum
4. DO NOT include any other documents or ancillary information, such as a cover letter or
promotional/marketing information. Submit one (1) electronic copy of the response packet, excluding
the Official Bid Price Sheet, preferably on a flash drive and one (1) hard copy. To the extent
possible, all electronic files should be a single document in PDF format.
B. Official Bid Price Sheet. (See Pricing.)
5. Vendor’s original Official Bid Price Sheet must be submitted in hard copy format.
6. Vendor should also submit one (1) electronic copy of the Official Bid Price Sheet, preferably on a flash
drive, in a single PDF file.
7. The Official Bid Price Sheet, including the hard copy and electronic copy, must be separately sealed from
the Bid Response Packet and should be clearly marked as “Pricing.” Vendor must not include any pricing
in the hard copies or electronic copies of the Bid Response Packet.
The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Office of Procurement (OP) extends the following bid
submission accommodation to our Prospective Vendors in order to mitigate some of the difficulties presented by
the current COVID-19 outbreak.
Prospective Bidders may elect to submit electronic bids via thumb drive, only, as long as the following conditions
are met.
A. All bids must be received by the Bid Submission deadline specified on page 1 of the Bid Solicitation Document.
B. All required response documents must be submitted on a USB flash drive clearly labeled “Response Packet” and
Page 3 of 35
Bid Solicitation Document
Bid No. 710-21-0019
sealed in a separate envelope from pricing.
C. Pricing must be submitted on a separate, clearly marked USB flash drive and sealed in an envelope separate
from the Response Packet and clearly marked “Pricing.”
D. By signing the Electronic Submission Signature Page [and Section 1 Vendor Agreement and Compliance pages
in the Response Packet], Bidder acknowledges and agrees that if the USB flash drives are damaged,
malfunction, or the information on them is incompatible with DHS computers or electronic devices or otherwise
cannot be accessed or is unusable, the submission will be considered non-responsive and will be disqualified.
E. In order to mitigate this risk, Bidder may elect to submit bids according to the requirements specified in section
1.8 “Response Documents” of the Bid Solicitation Document or submit additional USB flash drives as backup.
A. Vendor must sign all Agreement and Compliance Pages relevant to each section of the Bid Solicitation
Document. The Agreement and Compliance Pages are included in the Bid Response Packet.
B. Vendor’s signature on these pages shall signify agreement to and compliance with all requirements within the
designated section.
A Contractor may submit written questions requesting clarification of information contained in this Bid Solicitation.
Written questions should be submitted by 4:00 p.m., Central Time on February 19, 2021. Submit written
questions by email to the buyer as shown on page one (1) of this Bid Solicitation.
B. The attached response template (Attachment B) must be used for submission of all written questions. All
questions should include the information specified in the response template. Written questions submitted in a
different format may not be answered by DHS.
C. Contractor’s written questions will be consolidated and responded to by the State. The State’s consolidated
written response is anticipated to be posted to the OP website by the close of business on or about March 5,
D. Answers to verbal questions may be given as a matter of courtesy and must be evaluated at contractor’s risk.
A. Vendor must complete, sign and submit the Proposed Subcontractors Form included in the Bid Response
Packet to indicate vendor’s intent to utilize, or to not utilize, subcontractors.
B. Additional subcontractor information may be required or requested in following sections of this Bid Solicitation.
Do not attach any additional information to the Proposed Subcontractors Form.
C. The utilization of any proposed subcontractor is subject to approval by the State agency.
A. Vendor(s) must include all pricing on the Official Bid Price Sheet(s) only. Any cost not identified by the
successful vendor but subsequently incurred in order to achieve successful operation shall be borne by the
vendor. The Official Bid Price Sheet is provided in the Bid Response Packet.
B. To allow time to evaluate bids, prices must be valid for one hundred eighty (180) days following the bid
C. Failure to complete and submit the Official Bid Price Sheet shall result in disqualification.
D. All bid pricing must be in United States dollars and cents.
E. The Official Bid Price Sheet may be reproduced as needed.
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Bid Solicitation Document
Bid No. 710-21-0019
F. The Official Bid Price Sheet and accompanying price justification must be separately sealed from the Bid
Response Packet.
A. A joint bid submitted by two (2) or more vendors is acceptable. However, a single vendor must be identified as
the prime contractor.
B. The prime contractor shall be held responsible for the contract and shall be the sole point of contact.
A. By submission of this bid, the vendor certifies, and in the case of a joint response, each party thereto certifies
as to its own organization, that in connection with this bid:
1. The prices in the bid have been arrived at independently, without collusion.
2. No prior information concerning these prices has been received from, or given to, a competitive
B. Evidence of collusion shall warrant consideration of this bid by the Office of the Attorney General. All vendors
shall understand that this paragraph may be used as a basis for litigation.
A. Submission documents pertaining to this Bid Solicitation become the property of the State and are subject to
the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
B. In accordance with FOIA and to promote maximum competition in the State competitive bidding process, the
State may maintain the confidentiality of certain types of information described in FOIA. Such information may
include trade secrets defined by FOIA and other information exempted from the Public Records Act pursuant to
C. Prospective Contractor may designate appropriate portions of its response as confidential, consistent with and
to the extent permitted under the Statutes and Rules set forth above, by submitting a redacted copy of the
D. By redacting any information contained in the response, the Prospective Contractor warrants that it has formed
a good faith opinion having received such necessary or proper review by counsel and other knowledgeable
advisors that the portions redacted meet the requirements of the Rules and Statutes set forth above.
E. Under no circumstances will pricing information be designated as confidential.
F. One (1) complete copy of the submission documents from which any proprietary information has been redacted
should be submitted on a flash drive in the Bid Response Packet. A CD is also acceptable. Do not submit
documents via email or fax.
G. Except for the redacted information, the redacted copy must be identical to the original hard copy, reflecting the
same pagination as the original and showing the space from which information was redacted.
H. The Prospective Contractor is responsible for identifying all proprietary information and for ensuring the
electronic copy is protected against restoration of redacted data.
I. The redacted copy will be open to public inspection under FOIA without further notice to the Prospective
J. If a redacted copy of the submission documents is not provided with Prospective Contractor’s Bid Response
Packet, a copy of the non-redacted documents, with the exception of financial data (other than pricing), will be
released in response to any request made under FOIA.
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