Countywide Fuel System Upgrade

Agency: Marin County
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 91 - Fuels, Lubricants, Oils, and Waxes
Posted: Apr 23, 2018
Due: May 15, 2018
Solicitation No: 41CAP17020
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Countywide Fuel System Upgrade
Category: Professional Services
Proposal Number: 41CAP17020
Location: Eight sites located throughout the County.
Issue Date: April 3, 2018
Project Description: Design services for the upgrade of eight fuel locations, including fuel management system(s), tank gauging, and pump replacement. Includes providing construction management services.
Project Information: Request for Proposal [PDF]
Prebid Conference Information: Pre-Proposal Site Inspection - Wednesday, April 25, 2018
- Fuel Facility Site Tour Agenda [PDF]
Submission Due By: May 15, 2018, 5:00 PM
Contact: Dorren Hill
Delivery Address: Dorren Hill
Capital Planning & Project Manager
Marin County Department of Public Works
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 404
San Rafael, CA 94903

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Marin County Fuel Management System and
Infrastructure Upgrade Project
Eight County Locations
Issued April 3, 2018
Proposals Due:
May 15, 2018
Prior to 5:00 PM
Dorren Hill
Capital Planning & Project Manager
Marin County Department of Public Works
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 404
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 473-6526
The County of Marin seeks qualification statements and proposals from qualified firms to
provide Architectural / Engineering (A/E) design and construction management (CM)
services specializing in fuel system infrastructure and fuel fleet management
systems/software. Complete A/E and CM services are required for the evaluation,
coordination, design, specifications, construction drawings, permitting, bidding assistance,
and CM necessary to facilitate the installation and construction to upgrade all eight existing
County of Marin fuel facilities. The fuel facility upgrades include, but are not limited to:
Fuel system compliance and condition evaluations (tanks, electrical, shut offs, etc.)
All new fuel dispensers and nozzles
New tank monitoring/gauging equipment, including digital connection to headend
location at General Services Administration (GSA) facility
New canopy over diesel dispensers at Nicasio Yard
Installation of security camera system at main GSA site
Fuel management system hardware/software network equipment
Evaluation of existing 10k AST diesel tank at Nicasio Yard and recommendation for
recondition or replacement
Installation of a new countywide fleet fuel management system/software (to be
Evaluation of existing canopy at main GSA site and recommendations for refurbish
or replacement
In July 2016, the County of Marin procured Stantec Consulting Services Inc. to evaluate
various fuel management systems and fuel system infrastructure needs for the County’s fleet
fuel needs and produced a report (Stantec July 6, 2016 report attached as appendix A.). The
Stantec report is for reference and planning only.
Although the Stantec report recommends a specific fleet fuel management system the
County is not committed to a specific system at this time. The selected A/E firm is expected
to review the Stantec report and interactively collaborate with County fleet fuel stakeholders
to choose the best option for the County’s unique fuel management needs. The Stantec
report included with this RFP has been redacted in part. The full un-redacted copy will be
provided to the proposer selected for this project.
The County of Marin has approximately 500-600 vehicles in its fleet which are fueled at the
various sites. Additionally the County serves a variety of non-County customers (external
users) including Whistlestop Buses (local paratransit), San Rafael School District, Marin
Transit, Marinwood Parks, and others. County customers (internal users) include Roads
Division, general fleet vehicles, and Fire and Sheriff’s Departments. The County alone
maintains a fleet of approximately 500 vehicles ranging from automobiles, trucks,
construction equipment (end loaders, backhoes, etc.), fire trucks of various types and sizes,
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and Sheriff Department vehicles. The County currently operates eight fleet fueling facilities.
Five of the sites have fuel management systems, three sites do not. The County dispenses
approximately 550,000 gallons of gasoline and 87,000 gallons of diesel annually to both
"internal" and "external" customers through the current fuel management systems at five
sites. Approximately 105,000 gallons of gasoline is transacted at the sites without fuel
management systems. Approximately 48% of the gasoline sold goes to county vehicles. The
balance of the fuel transacted goes to non-County “external” users. The County desires a
secure and precise means of tracking and managing all fuel transactions.
The specific nature of the scope of work for the project is outlined in this Request for
Proposals (RFP). A schedule for Proposer selection is outlined in section “V. Schedule”.
The A/E firm must consider current Federal and State codes for accessibility and comply
with all aspects of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Uniform Building Code
(UBC), Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, California Electrical Code,
California Fire Code, California Health and Safety and Underground Storage of Hazardous
Substances Code, NFPA Code for Motor Fuel Dispensing and Repair Garages, BAAQMD.
In general consider all applicable codes as currently adopted by the authorities having
The County also has a Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) that has a specific set of
requirements for fuel systems upgrades. The successful proposer will be required to provide
information showing successful coordination with CUPA’s in other California Counties, and
a familiarity with their design and submittal requirements. For Marin County CUPA forms
go to:
The County has eight fueling locations. These facilities and the existing fueling systems are
noted below:
Marin County Civic Center, General Services Administration (GSA) facility, located
at Six Peter Behr Drive, San Rafael, CA. 94903
o One, 10,000-gallon UST (gasoline)
o Note: gasoline and diesel facilities are found in separate areas of the site and
should be considered individual systems.
o One, 6,000-gallon UST (diesel)
o Tank Monitoring System: VR TLS-350
o Fuel Management System: Petrovend K-800
Hick Valley Fire Department, 7330 Red Hill Rd, Petaluma, CA 94952
o One, 1,500-gallon, Split AST (500 gasoline / 1,000 diesel)
o Tank Monitoring System: None
o Fuel Management System: None
Point Reyes Fire Department, 4th and B Streets, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
o One, 2,000-gallon AST (gasoline)
o One, 1,000-gallon AST (diesel)
o Tank Monitoring System: None
o Fuel Management System: Petrovend K-800
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Nicasio Yard, 5600 Nicasio Valley Rd, Nicasio, CA 94946
o One, 4,000-gallon AST (gasoline)
o One, 10,000-gallon AST (diesel)
o Tank Monitoring System: Incon TS 1000
o Fuel Management System: Petrovend K-800
Woodacre Fire Department, 33 Castle Rock Rd, Woodacre, CA 94973
o One, 4,000-gallon AST (2,000 gasoline / 2,000 diesel)
o Tank Monitoring System: None
o Fuel management System: Petrovend K-800
Marin City Substation, 850 Drake Ave., Marin City, CA 94965
o One, 1,000-gallon AST (gasoline)
o One. 500-gallon AST (diesel)
o Tank Monitoring System: None
o Fuel management System: Petrovend K-800
Tomales Fire Station, 599 Dillon Beach Rd, Tomales, CA 94971
o One, 1,500-gallon, split AST (500 gasoline / 1,000 diesel)
o Tank Monitoring System: None
o Fuel Management System: None
Throckmorton Fire Station, 816 Panoramic Highway, Mill Valley, CA 94941
o One, 1,000-gallon, split AST (250 gasoline / 750 diesel)
o Tank Monitoring System: None
o Fuel Management System: None
Appendix B provides general site information about each location. The County will conduct
a non-mandatory Pre-proposal inspection of all eight (8) sites on Wednesday, April 25,
2018. It is highly recommended that firms interested in this project attend this inspection.
The County has been allocated approximately $700,000 for a new countywide fleet fuel
management system/software and numerous fuel infrastructure upgrades across each of the
eight fuel sites. Besides staying within our budget, the goal is to implement the best options
for both fuel infrastructure and fleet fuel management system upgrades for the system.
Conduct site surveys, collect data, and attend stakeholder meetings to define the
project needs. Develop no more than two preliminary concepts for proposed fuel
management system/software and fuel infrastructure construction upgrades. Further
develop a preferred concept. Prepare preliminary cost estimates for proposed fuel
management system/software and fuel infrastructure construction upgrades, and then
refine the cost estimate for the preferred concept.
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Consultant should anticipate planning during conceptual phase of the project will be
highly interactive, meeting and collaborating with Fleet Manager, Fire Department,
County staff, IT, Safety Officer, and other stakeholders to define all fuel
management system and fuel system infrastructure upgrades. Consultant will assist
in defining accountability strategy(s) for each fuel “user type” and “vehicle type”
having access to fuel dispensers, both internal and external “user types”, on-road,
off-road, and jerry can “vehicle types”.
Based on the system data collected from the County and field visits, assist the
County in conducting a fuel system compliance survey (BAAQMD, tanks, electrical,
shut offs, etc.) to ensure that all aspects of the upgraded system will be in accordance
with existing requirements. Other surveys should include electric capacity for new
equipment (as compared against the electrical system and infrastructure in place at
each site), feasibility of wireless networking, and requirements for hardwire and/or
underground conduit.
Meet with the Owner, as necessary, during concept design. The purposes of the
meetings are to discuss the status of the project, review and revise budgets, and
review and approve design concepts
A written program shall be developed detailing findings during Concept / Schematic
phase. The written program along with refined cost estimates will require approval
before moving to design development and construction documents phase.
Based on the approved written program, and selection of preferred concept, develop
plans for review, incorporating elements for each site, including structural,
mechanical, electrical, computer, and networking systems. Prepare and provide 50%,
90% and 100% construction drawings, specifications, and associated cost estimates.
Develop and provide detailed construction drawings covering layout plan, site plan,
section details, structural details, wiring diagrams, underground conduit, and other
details covering the various types of infrastructure installations (example: Canopy
and diesel tank at Nicasio yard). The drawings shall also include elevations,
foundation, canopy plans (if required), detail plans, schematic drawings, and detail
sheets associated with mechanical systems and utilities.
Develop a project construction/installation logistic and sequencing schedule. The
logistic and sequencing schedule will be developed as a game plan to minimize fuel
site down times and establish alternate means of vehicle fueling on a site-by-site
basis during construction and/or systems installations. Development of an efficient
logistic and sequencing schedule shall be coordinated with Fleet Manager, Fire
Department, County staff, IT, and other stakeholders. The logistic and sequencing
schedule document shall be part of the bidding documents as a suggested path for
contractors to factor into their bids.
Prepare a set of contract documents in order to publicly advertise and let bids for
construction of the Project. Contract documents shall consist of bidding
specifications, end user training requirements, technical specifications, construction
drawings, and all testing requirements. Procurement of chosen Fuel Management
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