ITB ? Resurfacing ? Fall 2023

Agency: Campbell County
State: Kentucky
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 42 - Fire Fighting, Rescue, and Safety Equipment
Posted: Jun 1, 2023
Due: Jun 21, 2023
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ITB – Resurfacing – Fall 2023

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Campbell County Fiscal Court
Invitation to Bid
Bid Information
A. Bid Title:
Resurfacing Fall 2023
B. Bid Posted:
June 1, 2023
C. Department:
D. Bid opening:
June 21, 2023 1:00 PM
E. Location of Open:
Campbell County Administration Building, Fiscal Court Chambers,
1st Floor, 1098 Monmouth Street, Newport, KY 41071
F. Bidder Information:
Bidders Name __________________________________________________________
Firm/Company _________________________________________________________
Firm/Co. Address _________________________________________________________
Firm/Co. Phone __________________________________________________ ____
Firm/Co. Email
II. Instructions to Bidders Terms and Conditions
The Campbell County Fiscal Court will accept bids for Resurfacing until the above-mentioned time
and date.
A. Authority
1. This Invitation for Bids is issued in accordance with applicable provisions of the Campbell
County Administrative Code Chapter 4 Purchasing and Contracts.
2. This is not an order. Please read all instructions, terms, and conditions carefully.
B. Transmission
1. Bids should be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to;
Campbell County Finance
1098 Monmouth Street - Suite 322
Newport, KY 41071
1 of 12
2. The envelope must be clearly marked with the bid title.
3. Bids will be received at the CCFC Finance department until the date specified.
4. Late bids, those not clearly marked, or those that do not follow the instructions will not be
5. Campbell County Fiscal Court will not be held responsible for any premature opening or
failure to open any bid not properly addressed and identified as stated above.
C. Instructions
1. Bid forms must be signed in blue ink.
2. One original and one copy of the bid must be submitted. Keep a copy of the bid for your
3. A list of qualifications and a minimum of three reference are required. Please refer to
Section VII.
4. Bidders should verify their bids before submission. Errors in preparing the submission
confers no right of withdrawal or modification after open.
5. Bidders are responsible for all costs associated with the preparation of response to the
invitation for bids. Campbell County is not liable for any costs incurred by bidders in their
response to this request.
6. A pre-bid or pre-award visit to bidder may be required at the discretion of the Owner.
D. Pricing
1. Firm prices are required.
2. All prices quoted must be F.O.B. destination shown in shipping instructions on specification.
3. Insert time discounts, if any. Time discounts will not be a factor in award determination.
4. Quotations must be submitted on the bid price sheet indicating unit price, total extension of
each item, and grand total of bid.
5. Unit prices should be based on the bid specification instructions. Please direct questions to
the County at 859-547-1827 prior to submitting a bid.
6. Trade discounts must be deducted by the vendor in calculating the unit price. The unit price
must be net.
E. Warranty
The selected Bidder shall provide warranty on any services and materials found to be defective
or faulty due to imperfect or bad workmanship/materials within one year from the date of
completion at no additional cost to the County. This warranty does not change or void any
warranties expressed or implied to which the purchase is subject.
F. Regulatory Compliance
1. Pursuant to the provisions of KRS 45A.343, the contractor or vendor is required to reveal to
Campbell County Fiscal Court any final determination of a violation of KRS Chapters 136,
139, 141, 337, 338 and 342 by the contractor or vendor within the previous five (5) years;
and further that said contractor or vendor has been and is in continuous compliance with
the provisions of KRS Chapters 136, 139, 141, 337, 341, and 342 for the duration of the
contract. The failure of a contractor or vendor to reveal a final determination of a violation
to a local government, or to comply with the statutory requirements, is considered grounds
for cancellation of a contract and disqualification of the contractor or vendor from eligibility
for any Campbell County Fiscal Court contracts for a period of two (2) years.
2. All bidders must possess all federal, state, and local qualifications licenses to provide
products or services in Campbell County, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the United
2 of 12
States. Please note: Insurance requirements in Section III, Item N of the bid specifications
must be met by the awarded bidder.
a. Including, but not limited to
i. Business license issued by the Occupational License Department of
Campbell County (see attached application)
ii. Hazardous Communication Program (OSHA)
iii. Workers’ Compensation Certificate
iv. Liability Insurance
v. Listed on current KYTC list of pre-approved bidders
3. Successful bidder shall comply with the Kentucky Human Rights Act, HRA 344.150-344.270
as amended and any rules and regulations promulgated therewith, including, but not limited
to the Equal Employment Opportunity EEO 45.550 45.640 which is incorporated herein by
reference. Furthermore, the successful bidder shall comply with the Employment
Discrimination Act, EDA 344.040, 344.050 as amended.
4. The scoring of this bid is subject to reciprocal preference for Kentucky resident bidders.
Bidders not claiming resident bidder status need not submit the corresponding affidavit.
G. Bonds
1. Bid bonds, performance bonds, and payment bonds as prescribed by KRS 45A.430, 435, 440
are required for any bids/proposals that exceed $99,999. Each bid, or the combination of
submitted bids, over $99,999 must be accompanied by a 5% bid bond of the grand total of
the bid. The bid bond of the successful bidder will be retained until a performance bond has
been executed and approved, after which the bid bond will be returned. The successful
bidder will be required to post a performance bond in the amount of 100% of the bid if
awarded a contract over $99,999. Bonding and surety requirements may vary by
project/commodity. Please contact Owner for more information.
H. Reserved Rights
1. Campbell County Fiscal Court reserves the right to reject any or all bids, including without
limitations the right to reject any or all nonconforming, non-responsive, incomplete,
unbalanced, or conditional bids, to waive formalities, and to reject the bid of any Bidder if
CCFC believes that it would not be in the best interest of Campbell County Fiscal Court to
make an award to that Bidder. CCFC also reserves the right to negotiate with the apparent
qualified Bidder to such an extent as may be determined by Campbell County Fiscal Court.
2. CCFC reserves the right of renewal for any service and maintenance contracts that may be
needed for a minimum of two (2) one (1) year periods.
3. In the event the successful bidder fails to commence substantial work on the project within
thirty (30) days and the County does not waive this requirement, the County shall have the
option to reject the bid and to void the contract, and in such event to either accept the next
lowest and best bidder or to negotiate with the best qualified bidder
4. In the event the successful bidder fails to complete the project by the completion date and
the County has not waived this requirement in writing, the County shall receive from the
bidder (or withhold from the bidder, at its option) liquidated damages of 1% per project per
calendar day.
5. All the terms and conditions of these instructions to bidders and the specifications for this
project shall constitute, the part of, and incorporate into, the contract between the County
and the successful bidder.
I. Award
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It is the intent of Campbell County Fiscal Court to award a contract to the lowest responsible
bidder meeting specifications. CCFC reserves the right to determine the lowest responsible
bid/offer in any way determined to be in the best interests of Campbell County. Award will be
based on the following factors (where applicable): (a) adherence to all conditions and
requirements of the bid/proposal specifications; (b) price; (c) qualifications of the bidder,
including past performance, financial responsibility, general reputation, experience, service
capabilities, and facilities; (d) delivery or completion date; (e) product appearance,
workmanship, finish, taste, feel, overall quality, and results of product testing; (f) maintenance
costs and warranty provisions; and (g) repurchase or residual value.
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III. Bid Specifications
A. Site visit to all projects STRONGLY encouraged by bidders.
B. Video of entire project(s) will be taken by contractor prior to any work taking place. Pictures of
each driveway entrance/apron will be made as well, prior to any work beginning. Video and
pictures will be made available to the county.
C. All materials, equipment, construction procedures and any or all regulations that would pertain
to a similar project let to contract by the Department of Transportation, KYTC.
D. All equipment (including but not limited to; road broom, grader, rollers, self-propelled paver,
safety edge block, etc.) shall meet the current specifications and be approved for similar
projects let to contract by the Kentucky Department of Transportation and Bureau of Highways.
E. All cost of preparation (sweeping, cleaning, grading, trackless tack coat, cutting key-ways at all
intersections, milling of bridges, membranes, posting of project date signs and no parking signs
on streets to be milled and/or resurfaced, traffic control, temporary traffic control signs, etc.)
shall be incidental to the cost of the mix laid. Contractor is responsible for installing advanced
warning signs prior to project in order to inform local traffic of expected start date.
F. Contractor will provide all necessary traffic control and flagging for project.
G. Minimum three-day notice will be provided to residents by contractor via signage and/or letters
prior to starting project.
H. Once contractor is onsite all work will be performed until project completion. If contractor must
leave jobsite no further charges will be added.
I. Bituminous concrete surface and/or base estimate based on per road calculations including;
road preparation, trackless tack coat, application, placement, rolling, and flagging as measured
by bidder.
J. Each road considered its own unique project.
K. Bituminous concrete base and bituminous concrete surface shall be based upon the current
Campbell County & Municipal Planning and Zoning Commission Subdivision Regulations,
Appendix B.
L. Trackless tack coat shall be as per Section 406 of the 2019 Edition of the Kentucky Standard
Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. Uniform and complete coverage is expected.
Trackless tack coat must be fully cured prior to asphalt application.
M. Key Ways to be made will be marked in white paint by county. Key ways will be made at all
intersections and driveway entrances as needed. All debris from key ways WILL BE swept up and
N. Bridges - If bridge is part of the project - All bridges are to have key ways cut and not resurfaced
unless otherwise noted. Note (1) Bridge is to be milled to top of original deck and inspected.
Do not damage bridge deck. After CCRD inspection and, if needed, repair, membrane shall be
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