Dunn Park Playground Equipment Question submittal deadline - JULY 20, 2021

Agency: City of Woonsocket
State: Rhode Island
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted: Jul 16, 2021
Due: Jul 30, 2021
Solicitation No: 6026
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6026 Dunn Park Playground Equipment Question submittal deadline - JULY 20, 2021 Planning Dept. Friday, July 30, 2021 @ 1:00 PM

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City of Woonsocket
BID No. 6026
Contract Specifications
Prepared By:
City of Woonsocket
Department of Public
Works, Planning & the
Parks & Recreation
JULY 09, 2021
(401) 762-6400
Sealed bids/proposals will be accepted, and time stamped upon receipt in the Finance
Department, City of Woonsocket, 169 Main Street, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 02895, until
the time indicated on the attached Advertisement for Bids, for the commodities, equipment or
services listed in the specifications. Bid/Proposals will be publicly read at the time specified
in the advertisement.
Timeline: the following timeline is subject to revision:
RFP Issued
Question submittal deadline
Question responses posted
Proposal submittal deadline
Public Opening
Interviews (if necessary)
Selection of firm
July 09, 2021
July 20
July 21
July 30
July 30
August 4, 2021
August 6
Proposals shall be submitted with 4 copies and one flash drive. Supplemental information, drawings,
warranties, literature, and material to be provided with the bid shall be on the bidder's own form.
Envelopes containing bids must be sealed and addressed to the Finance Department, Office of
Purchasing, City of Woonsocket, 169 Main St, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, 02895, and must be
marked with the name and address of the bidder.
Any bidder may withdraw the bid by written request at any time prior to the advertised time for
opening. Telephone bids, faxed bids, amendments or withdrawals will not be accepted.
Unless otherwise specified, no bid may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days from the time
of bid opening.
Negligence on the part of the bidder in preparing the bid confers no rights for the withdrawal of the
bid after it has been opened.
Proposals received prior to the time of opening will be securely kept, unopened. No responsibility
will be attached to an officer or person for the premature opening of a proposal not properly
addressed and identified.
Any deviation from the Specifications MUST BE NOTED IN WRITING AND ATTACHED AS
PART OF THE BID PROPOSAL. The bidder shall indicate how the bid will deviate from
The City is exempt from the payment of the Rhode Island Sales Tax under the 1956 General Laws
of the State of Rhode Island, 44-18-30, Paragraph 1, as amended.
The City is exempt from the payment of any excise tax or federal transportation taxes. The price of
the bid must be exclusive of taxes and will be so constructed.
The City shall make such investigations, as it deems necessary, to determine the ability of the bidder
to perform the work. The bidder shall furnish the City with all such information and data for the
purpose as may be requested. Insurance certificates listing other subcontracting or related firms other
than the actual bidder are not acceptable. At the time the bid is submitted to the City all bidders must
provide insurance certificates listing the actual bidder as the insured party. The City of Woonsocket
must be listed as an additionally insured party and as a certificate holder. The minimum amounts of
insurance coverage must be listed as $2,000,000.00 for general liability and
$1,000,000.00 for automobile liability. Workers compensation insurance must be provided per RI
general law (see Table A).
No interpretation on the meaning of the Plans, Specifications or other Contract Document will be
made to any bidder orally. Every request for such interpretations should be in writing, addressed to
the Finance Director, P.O. Box B, Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895, and to be given consideration
must be received at least seven (7) days prior to the date fixed for the opening of the bids. Fax
transmissions will be accepted with written follow up by bidder.
Any and all interpretations and supplemental instructions, which if issued, will be mailed by regular
mail to all prospective bidders (at the respective address furnished by the bidder for such purpose),
not later than 48 hours prior to the date fixed for the opening of bids (unless such addenda postpone
the opening of bids). Failure of bidder to receive any such addendum or interpretations shall not
relieve any bidder from obligation under his bid submitted. All addenda so issued shall become part
of the Contract Document.
All purchases related to this bid are to be delivered within the City of Woonsocket. Delivery is to be
supplied with a Purchase Order. No extra charges for delivery, handling or other services will be
honored. Only inside delivery and set-up, where required, will be accepted. TAILGATE
DELIVERIES WILL BE REFUSED. The vendor must notify the City of Woonsocket 24 hours prior
to delivery. All claims for damage in transit shall be the responsibility of the successful bidder. The
City will not make payment on damaged goods, they must be replaced, or adjustments made at the
option of the City. The City of Woonsocket is only represented by the Finance Director in these
matters and said director shall be the only entity to negotiate any settlements. Deliveries must be
made during normal working hours.
9. Bid price is to include the cost of uncrating, unwrapping, assembling, and setting in
place where noted.
10. Bid price is to include installation where noted.
11. Bidder must comply with all State Labor Laws for Public Works projects.
12. The successful bidder must have all current taxes paid which are owed to the City of
Woonsocket and State of Rhode Island.
13. In accordance with Rhode Island General Law 37-13-7, contracts in excess of $1,000.00
shall require compensation based on prevailing wages for construction, alteration
and/or repair, painting and decorating.
14. In accordance with Rhode Island General Law 37-13-14, bidders for public
works/building contracts in excess of $5,000.00 shall furnish a performance bond, upon
conditional award of the contract, at 100% of the contract price, conditioned upon
faithful performance of the contract. A Labor and Materials Bond, at full contract
value, is required upon conditional award of the contract.
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