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Agency: State Government of Vermont
State: Vermont
Type of Government: State & Local
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Posted: Apr 16, 2021
Due: Apr 26, 2021
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Paving 2021 Request Date: 4/16/2021 9:08:30 AM
Open Date:
Closing Date: 4/26/2021 1:00 PM
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Est. Dollar Value: $0.00
RFQ Number: 2021Center


PO Box 98
344 Route 15 West
Hyde Park , VT 05655

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Request for Proposal


Road Construction

Bid Description:
Center Road and Sterling View Loop
Special Instructions:
Contact Information:
Mark French
Phone: (802) 8884625
For additional information:
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INVITATION TO BID Summer 2021 pave No1 Center SVMHP1.pdf
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Responsibility of contractor

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2021 Paving Projects
Issued: April 14, 2021
Advertisement and Instructions to Bidders
You are invited to submit a bid for the 2021 Paving Projects. Paper copies of the bid documents are
available at the Town Clerk’s Office, 344 Route 15 West, Hyde Park, VT 05655.
All bids shall be accepted at the Town of Hyde Park, VT until 1:00 PM on Monday, April 26, 2021; then
immediately opened and read aloud. An award decision is anticipated to be issued on May 5, 2021 or as
soon as practical thereafter. NOTICE: The funding for this project may require work over both the 2021
and 2022 construction seasons. The project completion dates, escalation and penalty provisions are
described herein. Submitted bids must remain valid for 60 days from RFP submittal deadline.
Each bid shall be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked on the outside with the words “Sealed Bid
– 2021 Paving Projects”. Failure to submit bids on the required forms or on time may be cause for
rejection of the bid. Before submitting a proposal, bidders shall carefully examine this Invitation to Bid,
visit the work site, and fully inform themselves as to all existing conditions. Bidders shall include in their
bid a sum to cover the cost of all work necessary to complete the Project. Changes in scope may be
requested by the Town and confirmed in writing by both parties before work is done, noting any project
cost changes (or a statement that there is no cost change to the awarded amount).
All bids must be submitted on the attached BID FORM. No lines on the bid form may be left blank. A
Bid Bond or Certified Check is not required to accompany the Bid. A pre-bid meeting is not scheduled.
Bidders are encouraged to visit the site on their own time.
Full-depth reclaim of certain roads and paving per the below list. Emulsion to be applied between all
asphalt layers before application. Total final tonnage may vary slightly but for bid purposes, all bidders
must use the anticipated tonnage under this contract of 11,825 tons.
Road Paving List
1. Center Road from Morristown Town Line to McKinstry Hill Road (approx. 17,200 linear feet),
including approximate 2-foot driveway aprons and side road aprons – final apron lengths of all
aprons to be as directed by Road Foreman. Before paving, the Town may crack seal at its own
expense. Shim with 1.0” Type III bituminous asphalt and then pave with 3.0” of Type III asphalt
top course in two compacted lifts of 1.5” Type III top course wearing surface. 10,500 tons +/-.
2. Cleveland Corner Road, East from Center Road to end of pavement (approx. 1,175 ft length).
Full depth 10” reclaim of asphalt, leave in place and compact. Chloride applications are as
detailed herein. Pave with 2” Type II asphalt base and then 2” Type III top course wearing surface
in one lift. 700 tons +/-.
3. Cleveland Corner Road, West from Center Road to a point 150 feet west (currently paved apron
and gravel road surface). Full depth 10” reclaim of asphalt apron, grade and compact with
existing gravel road to create a long apron of 150 feet. Chloride applications are as detailed
herein. Pave with 2” Type II asphalt base and 2” Type III top course wearing surface each in one
lift. 100 tons +/-.
4. Sterling View Road Loop Full depth 10” reclaim of asphalt beginning just westerly of Maplewood
Drive intersection and westerly to and around the loop (approx. 1,100 feet). Chloride applications
are as detailed herein. Pave with 2” Type II asphalt base to full roadway width of 22-feet and
then pave with 1.50” Type III top course wearing surface, including 2-foot driveway aprons with
each layer, and excluding side roads Maplewood Drive and Rosewood Drive. 525 tons +/-. Town
may elect, at its own expense, to add additional gravel before base course of asphalt applied.
2021 Paving Projects – Center Rd/Sterling Loop – Hyde Park, VT
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#1 Center Road – Entire Length
#2 Cleveland Corners Road EAST
#3 Cleveland Corners Road WEST
#4 Sterling View Road Loop
2021 Paving Projects – Center Rd/Sterling Loop – Hyde Park, VT
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A. Width of Pavement: Where existing roadbed materials allow, Contractor shall provide for
widths specified herein.
B. Culvert Replacements: All culverts are replaced or will be replaced by Town and no drainage
work is included in this RFP.
C. Tack Emulsion: Tack emulsion shall be applied to all new or existing pavement layers before
applying a pavement layer.
D. Chloride: For reclaimed roads, chloride mix shall be for dust control as requested by the Town
and also applied:
To the gravel base materials after first reclaim at 0.75 gallons per square yard (3.9
liters per sq meter)
Contractor to reclaim a second time, then grade and roll before applying chloride to
seal at the rate of 0.25 gallons per sq yd (1.3 liters per sq. meter).
E. Aprons: Aprons for existing paved side roads or paved driveways, etc. shall receive an overlay
with minimum 2” asphalt paving of Type III bituminous concrete extend at least 24” from
the edge of travel lane’s edge of pavement. Longer paved aprons may be required, at
the direction of the Road Foreman.
F. Paint & Shoulder Gravel: This contract includes centerline paint striping if existing road is
striped. However, if the State of Vermont completed the municipal Class 2 centerline
paving work, then Contractor shall provide a deduct on the total contract amount due to
Contractor. The Town shall complete installation of roadway shoulder gravel work after
paving is complete at its own cost.
G. Contract: This Invitation to Bid becomes part of the contract with the selected contractor
unless amended in writing by both parties.
1. All materials and installation specifications shall be in accordance with the applicable Town of
Hyde Park 2019 Town Road and Bridge Policy (Road Policy). Where the Road Policy does not
provide enough direction, the Contractor shall rely on the Vermont Agency of Transportation
Standard Specification for Construction, latest edition (VTrans Specifications).
2. The entire work provided for in this Project are design/build in the field with input by the Town of
Hyde Park Road Foreman and shall be constructed and finished in every respect in a good
workmanlike and substantial manner. It is not intended that the Road Foreman shall show every
detailed piece of material, method or equipment, but such methods, parts and pieces as may be
in accordance with the best practices and regulatory requirements, even though not shown, shall
be furnished and installed. All materials and equipment shall be new unless specifically stated
otherwise in these Contract Documents or provided to the Contractor by the Town.
3. Wherever possible throughout the Contract Documents, the minimum acceptable quality of
workmanship and materials has been defined either by manufacturer's name or by reference to
recognized industry standards. To ensure that the specified quality of product is furnished and
installed in accordance with design intent, submittals of design data and materials shall be
provided for review for compliance to the specification, if requested by the Town.
4. The Contractor is responsible for traffic control. Traffic control shall comply with the Manual on
Uniform Traffic Control Devices, latest edition. The Contractor shall always maintain two
directions of travel around the work site unless the road is closed per a public notice from the
Town. The Contractor shall furnish all barricades, signs, and traffic control devices. The
Contractor shall provide trained personnel to conduct traffic safely and adequately through the
construction site for any local traffic.
5. The Contractor shall provide 2-day prior notification of mobilization to the project site.
6. The Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating access for residents and businesses located
within the project area. All work shall be completed within the Town ROW or public easements or
with landowner written permission allowing access as needed.
2021 Paving Projects – Center Rd/Sterling Loop – Hyde Park, VT
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7. The Contractor shall assume full responsibility for the protection of all buildings, structures, water
shut-offs, sewer and stormwater manholes, and utilities (both public and private) whether or not
they are visible. All damage, injury or loss to any public or private property, by the Contractor, or
any sub-Contractor, shall be replaced or restored to at least the original condition to the
satisfaction of the Town at the Contractor’s expense.
8. The work and the adjacent areas affected thereby shall be kept cleaned up so as always to be in
a neat and sanitary condition at all times and all rubbish, surplus materials, and unneeded
construction equipment shall be removed from the highway right-of-way when active construction
has ceased and all damage caused by Contractor immediately repaired so that the public and
property owners will be inconvenienced as little as possible.
9. Each road cut at begin and end of pavement shall be saw cut and keyed as directed by the Road
10. Erosion control and soil restoration of all disturbed areas outside the travel lanes shall be in
accordance with the State of Vermont “Low Risk Handbook for Erosion Prevention and Sediment
11. Dust control at the work site is the responsibility of the Contractor during the Work time and in
between Work times. Regular chloride applications to all exposed roadway gravel is required by
the Contractor as directed by the Town Road Foreman.
1. The project costs based on the amounts in the Bid Form shall constitute full compensation for all
materials, labor, tools, equipment and incidentals thereto, to perform the work in accordance with
these contract documents.
2. Payment for any item of work directed by the Road Foreman as allowed in these specifications
and normally required during the construction of the work herein specified shall be considered as
included in the Bid and will not be paid for as a separate Item.
3. General Requirements are considered incidental to the cost of construction.
4. One payment to Contractor is expected but multiple invoices may be submitted depending on
final work schedule and not more than monthly invoices will be accepted. Price adjustments for
escalation of asphalt only will be made to Contractor only.
a. Asphalt Work Payment is Based on Load Slips. Payment for work completed, via
submission of one or more invoices and supporting load slips, on a frequency of not more
than monthly. This item shall be inclusive of all contractor costs include all material, labor,
equipment, and other incidentals necessary to perform the task.
b. Reclaim Work based on final square yards completed and confirmed by the Municipality
– includes all costs including required chloride applications.
c. Additional costs not considered herein shall be reviewed and receive prior written Town
approval to be included as a Change Order to modify Contractor terms.
2021 Paving Projects – Center Rd/Sterling Loop – Hyde Park, VT
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The Contractor shall commence the Work covered by the Contract on the date of issuance of the Notice
to Proceed and shall complete the same prior to November 15, 2021 unless the period for completion is
extended by written contract change order, including any agreed upon extension of work to a second
construction season as determined by the Municipality. Contract work time is 6:00AM to 6:00PM Monday
through Friday. The Town may approve a request to work outside this contract time, if such a request is
determined to be in the best interest of the project.
1. The Contractor will furnish all equipment, and labor and other services necessary in conformance
with these contract documents for the construction and completion of the project as described.
2. The work shall be performed in accordance with the specifications herein and be in conformance
with the Town of Hyde Park’s 2019 Road and Bridge Standards. The work shall be performed at
the direction of the Town Road Foreman on a time & materials basis and
3. The contract will be awarded based on the lowest responsible Total Contract Bid Price in Words
written on the Bid Form. The Town reserves the right to negotiate the work, the extent of work,
and scope of work stated in this proposal as deemed necessary, to reject all bids, to waive any
informality and to award a contract deemed to be in the best interest of the Town of Hyde Park.
4. The Town of Hyde Park is exempt from sales tax on products permanently incorporated in work.
The Contractor may obtain sales tax exemption certificate number from the Town. The Contractor
shall pay all legal costs and assessed penalties for improper use of exemption certificate number.
5. The Contractor shall perform and complete in good and workmanlike manner all work required in
connection with the project. Failure to do so may result in the Town declaring the contract in
default. In the event of default, the Contractor will be liable to the Town for the cost of completion.
6. The Contractor guarantees for a period of one (1) year from the date of completion of the contract
that the work is free from defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. The Contractor shall
make all necessary corrections or repairs to correct any defects. All work shall be inspected by
the Town as deemed necessary and defects reported to the Contractor.
7. The Contractor shall indemnify and save harmless the Town and the Town's agents and
employees, from and against all losses and all claims, demands, payments, suits, actions,
recoveries, claims of outstanding indebtedness, attorneys’ fees, liens, and judgments of every
nature, and description brought or recovered against them by reasons of any act or omission of
the said Contractor, its agents, or employees, in the execution of the work or in guarding the
8. The Contractor shall assume primary responsibility for the supervision of work and shall perform
any liaison with all third parties for the furtherance of this project.
9. The Contractor shall have full and sole responsibility under this contract for any subcontracts
which the Contractor may let.
10. The Contractor agrees not to sublet or assign this work except in accordance with the bid
documents without the written consent of the Town.
11. The Contractor is responsible for compliance with all applicable State and Federal wage and labor
2021 Paving Projects – Center Rd/Sterling Loop – Hyde Park, VT
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