2020-0220-PW/CW Canoncito-Eldorado Waterline Project Addendum 4

Agency: Santa Fe County
State: New Mexico
Type of Government: State & Local
  • H - Quality Control, Testing, and Inspection Services
Posted: Jul 22, 2020
Due: Jul 23, 2020
Solicitation No: 2020-0220-PW/CW
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RFP 2020-0220-PW/CW Canoncito-Eldorado Waterline Project
Addendum 2 Response to Questions and Additional Information
Addendum 3 Canoncito-Eldorado Waterline Project
Addendum 4 Responses to Questions
Addendum No. 1 Date Changes and Additional Information
Jack and Boring Specifications
Plan (Part 1 of 3) and Specifications
Plan (Part 2 of 3) and specifications
Plan (Part 3 of 3) and Specifications
Pre-proposal Agenda for 6/24/2020
Request for Proposals for the Canoncito Eldorado Waterline Project
Technical Specifications

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Henry Roybal
Commissioner, District 1
Anna Hansen
Commissioner, District 2
Rudy N. Garcia
Commissioner, District 3
Anna T. Hamilton
Commissioner, District 4
Ed Moreno
Commissioner, District 5
Katherine Miller
County Manager
July 22, 2020
RFP# 2020-0220-PW/CW
Construction Services for the Canoncito-Eldorado Waterline Project
Dear Proponents,
This addendum is issued to reflect the following immediately. It shall be the responsibility of
interested Offerors to adhere to any changes or revisions to the IFB as identified in this Addendum
No. 4. This documentation shall become permanent and made part of the departmental files.
Please note that the Santa Fe County Public Works Department and the Purchasing Division
for the County have provided additional information relating to the Request for Proposals #
Responses are shown in bold.
1. Question #4. According to the Santa Fe County public work website, bulk water is available
at the bulk water station for $.02 per gallon. Will this be acceptable as the independent
water source?
Response: Proposed water source is acceptable.
2. Question 9. This answer is still unclear. Do lines 2, 3 and the Tank have to be completed by
December 2020?
a. NOA will probably not occur until mid-August of 2020,
b. After Submittal submission and country review and approval, 30 days.
c. Material order and delivery, 30 days, assuming pipe is available at time of order.
d. The earliest that construction can start is October 2020
This means that 22,000 lf of pipe, a 157,000 tank, and a pump house must be constructed,
tested, inspected, and activated in 2 months.
Response: The goal by December 14, 2020 is to provide active water service connections
to the Canoncito Regional Water Service Improvements Phase II Project at the
following four locations along the Old Las Vegas Highway; Calle Canoncito, Fournier
Court, Red Hills Lane and Calle Gurule
3. Does Phase III in the answer refer to Line 3? In the RFP Page 7, Description of Work
sequence, Line 2, Hondo Storage Tank, and Line 3 are referred to as Phase 1.
Response: Not entirely. Phase III and II in the answer to question 9 of Addendum 3
refers to the Santa Fe County project titles. This advertised Project titled, “Canoncito-
Eldorado Waterline Phase I and III” is being constructed concurrently with a separate
Santa Fe County project titled, “Canoncito Regional Water System Phase II”.
There are two phase numbering systems involved in the County waterline projects.
Roman numeral Phase numbers refer to the way the County packaged the waterline
segments into the two contracts. Phase I is the Line 1 segment. Phase III is Line 2 plus
Line 3 plus the Pump Station, and the Storage Tank. Both Phase I and Phase III
segments are packaged into this advertised Project.
The second phase numbering system involves Arabic numerals 1 and 2. These phases
are described on page 7 of the RFP and describe the order of construction of the pipe
segments within the advertised Project. Phase 1 is to be constructed first in order to
deliver water from Eldorado to Canoncito as quickly as possible. Phase 1 consists of
Line 2 plus Line 3 plus the Pump Station, and the Storage Tank. The next phase,
Phase 2, consists of Line 1.
4. Does Phase I refer to line 1?
Response: Yes. As explained in the previous response, Phase I in the project title refers
to Line 1. Phase 1 described on RFP page 7 refers to Line 2 plus Line 3 plus the Pump
Station and the Storage Tank.
5. Add #3 calls out the “6” PRV relief line will be placed alongside the 6” DIP stub-out line in
one single 14” casing” Unfortunately the Outside Diameter of the 6” Ductile Iron Pipe Bells
will be 9.52”. These will not fit in a single 14” Casing. Please clarify.
Response: The Jack and Bore specification 33 05 23.01 calls for a ductile iron pipe
inside casings shall be a push-on style bell with gasket-type integral restraint such U.S.
Pipe Field Lok 350® or American Ductile Iron Pipe Fast-Grip®. The O.D. of each bell
is 8.66”. This will require a nominal 24” casing (23” I.D.). This will allow
approximately 1.8” spacing on each side and between the two pipes for runner depths
of the casing spacers.
Change the note on Sheet W-229 at the dual pipe casing from 14” to 24”.
6. Drawing W-507 calls for installation of an inflow preventor mounted on the air valve. We
believe this should be the ValMatic Series 1300 FloodSafe instead of the vent pipe FrostSafe
Series 1500 listed in 40 27 02.09 Paragraph 2.02.H. Please confirm.
Response: Yes, FloodSafe units are needed in the air valve stations and FrostSafe units
are needed in the PRV Vault.
Change Keyed Note 6 for the three over-the-pipe air valve station details on sheet W-
507 to the following:
Add the following paragraph 2.02 I. to Section 40 27 02.09 Miscellaneous Valves:
“I Inflow Preventor:
1. Type: Automatic float-operated device mounted on vertical end of air valve
vent pipe to prevent contaminated water from reaching the air valve outlet.
2. Conformance:
a. Tested per ASSE-1063.
b. Non-toxic: NSF/ANSI 61 certified.
c. Lead-Free: NSF/ANSI 372 compliant
3. Design: Dual float check valve chambers in series for redundancy, with
heavy duty basket containing a 24-mesh stainless steel screen on end of
assembly sized to provide open area three times the nominal pipe size area.
4. Connection to Piping: NTP to match size of air valve outlet.
5. Materials:
a. Chamber Bodies: ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12 ductile iron, fusion
bonded epoxy.
b. Float Checks and Trim: Type 316 stainless steel.
c. Resilient Seats: EPDM with fiberglass reinforcement.
d. Basket Screen: Type 304 stainless steel.
6. Accessories: Wall bracket, fusion bonded epoxy.
7. Acceptable Manufacturer:
a. Val-Matic Series 1300 FloodSafe®, Elmhurst, IL.,
b. Or Engineer reviewed equivalent.”///
Please add this Addendum #4 to the original proposal documents and refer to proposal
documents, hereto as such. This and all subsequent addenda will become part of any resulting
contract documents and have effects as if original issued. All other unaffected sections will
have their original interpretation and remain in full force and effect. Offerors are reminded
that any questions or need for clarification must be addressed to Coralie Whitmore, Senior
Procurement Specialist at cgwhitmore@santafecountynm.gov
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