2024-007 RFQ Chip Seal Aggregate for 2024

Agency: Kitsap County
State: Washington
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 56 - Construction and Building Materials
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Posted: Jan 19, 2024
Due: Feb 29, 2024
Solicitation No: 2024-007
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2024-007 RFQ Chip Seal Aggregate for 2024 Closes 02/29/2024 @3:00 PM

2024-007 RFQ Chip Seal Aggregate for 2024

2024-007 Legal Ad

2024-007 Addendum 1

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THURSDAY, February 28TH 2024 3:00 PM
Mailing Address:
614 Division Street MS-7
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Physical Address:
4th Floor Administration Building
619 Division Street
Port Orchard, WA 98366
THURSDAY, February 28TH 2024 3:15 PM
619 Division Street
Port Orchard, WA. 98366
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Kitsap County Purchasing Office will receive sealed bids for
Manufacture of Aggregate for Bituminous Surface Treatment (herein referred to as CHIP SEAL
AGGREGATE) before the date and time indicated above at the Kitsap County Administration Building,
619 Division Street, Port Orchard, Washington. Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud in the Kitsap
County Administration building, Commissioners Chambers located at 619 Division Street, Port Orchard,
Washington. After the review process has been completed, a bid tabulation will be available for public
Bidders must correctly prepare and submit all required documents to the Kitsap County Purchasing
Office. The following documents are required for a complete bid package. Every item must be complete
in all respects, including authorized signatures. Bidders shall acknowledge receipt of all addenda in the
spaces provided. Failure to include all items may be cause for the bid to be considered irregular and
thereby rejected:
Certificate of Liability Insurance
Washington State Contractor’s Registration
Bid Sheet
Addendum Receipt, if any
Each bid shall be submitted in separate envelope and sealed when mailed or hand delivered. The bid
number and title of the project (as indicated above), the date & time of the bid opening, and the name
& address of the bidder shall be clearly shown on the outside of the envelope. You may respond by mail
or hand-deliver to the Kitsap County Purchasing Office.
The Kitsap County Purchasing Office reserves the right to reject any or all bids for good cause, in whole
or in part, to waive any irregularities in any bid, and to delete certain items listed in the bid as set forth
herein. In the event that all bids are rejected, the Purchasing Office may call for new bids.
The Bidder is not required to submit a bid for all items listed in the proposal, but only for those bid items
for which they wish to be considered.
Kitsap County will award to the most responsible Bidder submitting the most advantageous bid to the
County based on the quantities identified in the proposal. The most advantageous bid to the County is
determined from the unit price, transportation costs, and product availability.
This invitation to bid does not commit Kitsap County to pay any costs incurred by any Bidder in the
submission of a proposal, or in making necessary studies or design for the preparation thereof, or for
procuring or contracting for the items to be furnished under the invitation to bid.
The Purchasing Office is located in the County Administration Building, 4TH Floor, 619 Division Street,
MS-20, Port Orchard, Washington. Additional information may be found in the Kitsap County web site
Kitsap County Bids (kitsapgov.com). For answers to questions, please call Glen McNeill at (360)337-
4789, or email gsmcneill@kitsap.gov
The Washington State Inter-local Cooperative Act 39.84 provides that other governmental agencies may
purchase goods and services on this solicitation or contract in accordance with the terms and prices
indicated, if all parties are willing.
Bids received after THURSDAY, February 28TH 2024 3:00 PM, will not be considered.
1). The Contractor shall provide for the manufacturing of crushed, screened and washed Chip Seal
Aggregate material. All aggregate shall be manufactured in accordance with section 9-03.4 of
the current WSDOT Standard Specifications, 3/8”- No.4 gradation or noted below as Alternate.
Kitsap County will consider the following various options under this contract, and which are
included in the Contract Proposal / bid sheet:
A. Contractor shall provide for the procurement and manufacture of 3/8” – No.4 Chip Seal
Aggregate, including haul to each of the County Road shops, in the appropriate quantity.
2). Stockpile location for the Road Maintenance shop is located at:
Central Kitsap Road Shop - 1971 Seabeck Hwy NW, Bremerton, WA 98312
South Kitsap Road Shop 2339 SE Cedar Road, Port Orchard, WA 98366
3). The Contractor shall manufacture 3825 Ton of 3/8”-No.4 Chip Seal Aggregate, meeting the
specification of section 9-03.4 of the WSDOT Standard Specifications.
Finished Virgin Chip Seal Aggregate product shall be clean, CUBICAL IN NATURE, uniform in
quality, contain at least one (preferably two, or more) fractured face, and be free of wood, bark,
roots, and other deleterious materials.
All Asphalt Pre-Coated Crushed Screenings:
Aggregates for Asphalt Pre-Coated Crushed Screenings shall conform to the requirements listed,
in this bid, under Material Specifications for grading and quality.
Non Coated Aggregate
a. An aggregate source shall be determined prior to mixing and submitted for material
b. Aggregates for pre-coating shall be stockpiled and used exclusively for this process.
c. The County will perform acceptance testing based on random samples. Frequency will be
a minimum of one sample per pile or one sample per 1000 TONS.
a. All aggregate coating shall be conducted in dry weather conditions unless otherwise
approved by the County.
b. Aggregate shall be pre-coated with liquid asphalt using PG64-22 grade binder or approved
c. Application of the oil shall be through an asphalt hot mix plant.
d. Liquid asphalt coating shall be uniform and applied at a rate of between 0.8 to 1.0 percent
by weight is optimum. Any coated materials produced that do not meet the above
specified application rates of liquid asphalt will be subject to rejection.
e. The liquid asphalt temperature, just prior to mixing, with dry aggregate, should be 325°F.
During mixing the dryer drum temperature should be between 190°F to 220°F. Mixing of
aggregate with hot asphalt -, Material should be between 225°F to 250°F when mixing is
complete with a uniform coating over 95 percent of the aggregate surface. The County
reserves the right to reject any material that does not pass a visual inspection or meet an
expectation of adequate coating on the aggregate.
f. Any debris or extraneous material that becomes part of the finished product shall be
removed prior to deliver or pick up as directed by the County. It shall be the
responsibility of the supplier to remove any extraneous debris or material at no cost to
the County.
a. All pre-coated aggregate material delivered or picked up under this contract shall be clean
and free of dust and debris prior to delivery to each stockpile site as directed by the
b. The County will perform acceptance testing based on random samples. Frequency will be
a minimum of one sample per pile or stockpile location.
c. Pre-Coated Aggregates delivered to each stockpile location will be inspected for
cleanliness, as specified, by a representative of the County.
d. Pre-Coated Aggregates rejected at the point of delivery will be removed at the
contractor’s expense as directed by the County. It shall be at the County’s discretion to
determine if the pre-coated material meets expectations and is acceptable for use.
Rejected Materials
a. All pre-coated aggregate material loads rejected by Kitsap County Road Operations Staff
for not meeting specifications shall not be billed by the awarded vendor.
b. It is the vendor’s employee’s responsibility to notify appropriate vendor staff regarding
the rejected material loads at the delivery site.
c. The County may extend a courtesy call to the vendor regarding the rejected material
loads. However, the County is not responsible to notify the vendor by phone or email of
a rejected load when the vendor’s driver is notified at the time of delivery.
4). The following quantities of material will be transported to each Road Maintenance shop:
Central Kitsap Road Shop
Quantity and Type
2100Ton 3/8” – No. 4 Chip Seal
South Kitsap Road Shop
Quantity and Type
1725Ton 3/8” – No. 4 Chip Seal
5). Promptly after receiving the contract award, the Contractor shall notify the Road
Superintendent of all proposed material sources. If Contractor proposed sources are unable to
provide acceptable or uniform products, the Contractor shall locate other sources and obtain
approval for them. All materials and articles incorporated into this contract:
1. Shall meet the requirements of the contract and be approved by the Road
2. Shall derive from one source. Mixing of aggregates from different pit sites MAY
3. May be inspected or tested at any time during their preparation and use.
4. Shall be rejected if they become out of compliance by contamination, or
gradation, before transport, OR UPON THE OBSERVATION AT THE TIME OF
6). Samples and Tests for Acceptance. All field and laboratory materials testing by the County will
follow methods described in the Washington State Department of Transportation Materials
7). The Contractor shall prepare suitable stockpile locations adjacent to the manufacturing area.
Manufactured material meeting the gradation requirements shall be stockpiled in accordance
with section 3-02 of the current WSDOT Standard Specifications. Kitsap County shall prepare
stockpile locations at two of the three Road Maintenance shops, including provision of a loader
and operator at these locations to shape the piles.
8). The Contractor shall provide a loader and operator at the location of aggregate manufacture to
load County trucks. A loader and operator shall be available during normal working hours (7:00
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