05-12-2023 [R-24017-24] Low Dose CT Vehicle for Mobile Lung Cancer Screening Testing

Agency: The University of Oklahoma
State: Oklahoma
Type of Government: State & Local
  • Q - Medical Services
Posted: May 12, 2023
Due: Jun 9, 2023
Solicitation No: R-24017-24
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[R-24017-24] Low Dose CT Vehicle for Mobile Lung Cancer Screening Testing

Title: R-24017-24

Description: Low Dose CT Vehicle for Mobile Lung Cancer Screening Testing

Campus: HSC

Type: Request for proposal.

Contact: Brandi Wolff ( Brandi-Wolff-1@ouhsc.edu )

Issue Date: May 12, 2023

Close Date: June 9, 2023 at 14:00 CT



Addendums, Attachments, Etc.


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The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma invites interested parties to submit
Bids for the Goods or Service identified below. Please read carefully. All communications,
clarifications, questions, or any other matter relating to the Solicitation must be made only
through the University Contact. Bids must be submitted to OUBIDS@ouhsc.edu.
Solicitation Title: Low Dose Mobile Lung CT Scanner Vehicle
Solicitation No.: R-24017-24
Issue Date: 05/12/2023
Request for Proposal
Invitation to Bid
Solicitation Schedule of Events (all times Central)
Pre-Bid Conference
Site Visit
(Locations, Date, Time) N/A
Check if Mandatory
Pre-Bid Question Deadline May 26th, 2023 Deadline 2:00 pm
Answers Available
June 2nd 2023
Bid Deadline
June 9th 2023 Deadline 2:00 pm
Interview/Demonstration TBD
Tentative Award Date
Bid must be emailed to OUBIDS@ouhsc.edu
University Contact:
Address (Street, City, Zip):
Contact Email:
University Information
Brandi Wolff
840 Research Parkway Suite 170
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Solicitation Packet
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Solicitation Packet
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1. Overview, Purpose, and Summary
The Board of Regents of The University of Oklahoma (University) invites interested suppliers to submit
Proposals to supply the University with a Low Dose CT vehicle for Lung Cancer Screening.
The overall objective is to increase the delivery and uptake of LCS through a comprehensive, statewide
program of mobile LCS outreach that will enable Oklahomans to be screened in their home communities. For
those whose LCS tests positive, Oklahoma LUNG SCAN will connect directly to state-of-the-art services for
diagnostic follow-up testing and, if needed, cancer treatment.
Tasks for the Building Phase that begins July 1, 2023, include building the first Oklahoma LUNG SCAN
mobile unit equipped with an LDCT scanner and designed to meet patients where they live. The delivery
window for the unit is 12 months.
Tasks for the Full Implementation Phase, funded through Stephenson Cancer Center efforts, include: (a) fully
deploying the mobile unit, focusing 70% of LCS efforts on at-risk, rural communities and scanning 20 to 25
patients per day, three days each week, for a total of 60 to 75 scans per week, which translates to an estimated
capacity of 2,640 to 3,300 screenings per year with the mobile unit operating at 44 weeks per year.
Goals: Connecting patients with positive LCS to state-of-the-art services for diagnostic follow-up testing and,
if needed, cancer treatment; (e) linking participants who smoke to tobacco cessation services, including the
Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and the TSET Health Promotion Research Center Tobacco Treatment Research
Program; (f) administering surveys to persons who have and have not been screened to assess barriers and
facilitators to LCS and clinical trials participation; (g) monitoring participation in Oklahoma LUNG SCAN.
2. Project Schedule
Must be delivered before June 30th 2024.
3. Expected Budget. (Based on the University’s understanding, expectations, background, and knowledge of
scope, the Expected Budget is neither a minimum nor maximum amount for this Solicitation.)
Solicitation Packet
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Please review the SOLICITATION SPECIFICATIONS for additional criteria, requirements, and information.
Solicitation Packet
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(“Instructions”) govern the bidding and selection process for the University’s acquisition of Goods and Services
through a competitive process. Compliance with the Instructions is material to determining whether a Bid is
responsive. Bidders should read all parts of these Instructions carefully. All terms, conditions, provisions,
requirements, and language may be stated or phrased differently than in previous Solicitations, irrespective of
past interpretations, practices, trade usage, or customs. In no event shall the Bidder’s failure to read and
understand any Solicitation, Contract, Contract Document, or other documents, part, specification, or requirement
included with, referenced in, or incorporated into a Solicitation provided by the University constitute grounds for
a claim during or after a Solicitation or Contract award. Please see the University’s Formal Competition policy
located here (Policies and Procedures (ou.edu)) for more information.
The Solicitation Instructions are available for review and download at the following link
Solicitation Instructions
Bids are required to be structured into separate, labelled, and easily identifiable sections using the Bid packet
structure below. A Bid submitted using any other structure may be determined to be non-responsive as set forth
in the Instructions. Any section of the Bid packet that is not applicable to the Bid shall have a page inserted to
denote the section is not applicable. As way of example, if business references are not required, the Bid should
contain a page after the “Business References” section heading that reads “Not Applicable”, “N/A” or some
similar notation. All forms, attachments, and other required documents referenced in the Solicitation are
available for review and download at the following link Solicitations (ou.edu).
Section Two- Response to Specifications and Requirements shall be limited to 35 pages.
Section One – Administrative Documents
o A completed and executed Bid Proposal Cover Page
o All documents requested in this Solicitation Packet or the Bid Proposal Cover Page
o A brief summary of the company and marketing information and materials relevant to the Solicitation.
o Signed Amendment(s), if any, located at the same online link as the Solicitation. The Bidder shall
acknowledge agreement with each Amendment, if any, by inserting the Amendment in this section,
signed by or on behalf of the Bidder.
Section Two - Response to Specifications and Requirements
o The Bid shall show the ability of the Bidder to meet or exceed the qualifications, specifications, and other
matters set forth in the Solicitation.
o The Bid must reflect for each requirement or specification whether they can be met by an out-of-the-box
solution or whether customization is required.
o If service level agreements are required, the proposed service level agreements shall be inserted in this
o A list of all Subcontractors included as part of a submitted Bid.
Solicitation Packet
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This is the opportunity summary page. You are currently viewing an overview of this opportunity and a preview of the attached documentation. For more information, please visit the Publication URL Web page.
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